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Tehran Subway 5August!
Ppl chants Death to the dictator
According to a report, published today by the state run Iranian news website "Borna news", 24 people were hanged in the prison of Rajaee Shahr, at Karaj (west of Tehran), Thursday July 30.
The report that was quoting Tehran’s vice-prosecutor Mahmoud Salar-Kia, wrote: All the 24 were sentenced to death convicted of drug trafficking, and their sentence had been aproved by the Iranian supreme court.

  • Iran Evening News Report:Radical flow movement toward Hashemi,Mousavi,Khatami and Karoubi trial
After the first session of reformists trial now hard-liners and right factions in parliament and some newspaper and news sites close to hard-liner demanding for senior reformists such as Mousavi and others to be trialed because they are the main reason of all recent riots and after people like Abtahi who were not as big as Khatami or Hashemi trialed and confessed to their participating in velvet coup now it is their seniors turn to be in court and trial because of their acts.
  • After the first court session, reformists were accused of "Velvet Coup de'tat" and had asked the court to summon political faces such as Akbar Rafsanjani, Mohammad Katami, Mehdi Karrobi and Mir hussein Musavi
Many think the main reason for others like Abtahi's trial was to set the basis for other's trial. It has been said that " Abtahi and others were just gravels, the focus is the heads of the operation"
Mohammad Taghi Rahbar had asked for Mir hussein Musavi's trial and called it "crucial" to be done as soon as possible, and stated: "To be fare all those who played a role in this coup de'tat including the heads of the operation should be prosecuted" he also adds: "who are these people that are asking others to come out to Mosala and Behesht Zahra (cemetery)? are they even related to the dead?" they had also asked to prosecuation of Mir hussein musavi as the head of the operation and Krrobi, Khatami and Rafsanji for following his path.

  • Evidence of Kahrizak Detention being illegal
Hamid Derakhshan Nia surrogate of Tehran Province Court has released documents that indicate Kahrizak detention was known as non-standard two years ago by the judiciary authorities.
These documents are publishing after Revolution and Tehran Public Court denied the Derakhshan Nia's statement regarding Kahrizak camp being non-standard .Earlier Ahamdi Moqadam,Iran Police Commander had said that this detention was ruling under inspection of police.
He also has claimed that detainees have being kept there for just 3 days and after that they have being transferred to Evin.Ahmadi Moqadam also said there(Kahrizak detention) definitely were some shortness and lack of standards from Police side and all will be following up by police and blamed ones will be encountered.He also said they will build a new detention there which will be under inspection of prison Affairs Organization .

  • Extensive change of security and military authorities
While most of political group and parties are busy with post-election protests and big number of protesters , political activists and journalists getting arrested actually in the background there are some extensive changes in managers , security and military and police generals across the country.
Some parliament representatives yesterday said that just a week after dismissing Ejeiee from Ministry of Information, the 9th government president also dismissed two of senior and experienced managers of this ministry.These two were dismissed after being in that ministry for almost 20 years.There are more changes in Army generals and also police and militia high level and senior generals.

  • Support of Iranian protesters by Noble prize winners
45 Nobel prize winners by publishing an open letter ,condemned human rights violations after the presidential election in Iran and supported protesters.At the same time ,signatories of this letter announced their support to Shirin Ebadi Iranian Noble prize winner and human rights activist.
Noble winners have written ,addressed to Shrin Ebadi , government oppositions and Iran brave women and men : Do not feel that you have been left alone.Do not lose your hope.World knows that its moral and material survival is related to yours.

  • Parliament news: couple of hours ago ISNA news's former managing director has been arrested.
In reports from fraction news station of Imam's path "parliament news" Mir mohammad Hossein Zadeh, whome is the current ISNA's management advisor has been in conduct in selection of ISNA's director.It's been said the reason for his arrest is cooperation with this site.

This arrest took place at ISNA office and his computer and some other belongings have been confiscated.Hasan-Zadeh, whom have turned in his position as director sometime ago is one of Abolfazh Fateh founder of ISNA news and director of Mir hussein musavi's propagandistic and information committee.

  • Esmaeel Safarian Nasab one of the top ten rich people in the world and everything about a $ 18 billion freight truck
In the case of exit of $ 18 billion ,investment from Iran to Turkey is just one name in the top : Esmaeel Safarian Nasab an Iranian businessman.

He actually transferred $ 18.5 billion , last year October to Turkey and is one of top ten rich people in the world . He transferred $ 10 billion of his money in cash and the rest of that in the form of Gold bullion and in a freight truck which is denied by Iran Customs Office . But according to his lawyer he already did transferred this money. The reason his name is not in the list of the richest people in the world might be the fact that The source of making these huge amount of money is not available and also he did not transfer the money officially and from bank to bank.

  • Public relations of intelligence ministry has announced: "subsequent to news based on exportion of 18.5 billion dollars from the country in forms of cash and gold to turkey, all causes of this news have been unreal and based on a lie and needed information have been taken from them, also adds they are going to be introduced to the court of law
In an announcement from intelligence ministry they stated in accordance to their investigations the news regarding the exit of 18.5 billion dollars has been forged and is nothing but a lie. bscure soldiers of Imam Zaman, with god help are keeping their national belongings safe and will not let anyone aggress this countries belongings.
It is more suitable that news stations and others look at the situation with more intelligence and refrain from forwarding unsupported and un-assessed news.

  • Court order communication for Zanjan University students
Based on this order , Bahram Vahedi, Sourena Hashemi, Arash Rayeji , Payam Shakiba and Mohammad Hasan Joneidi each has been sentenced to one year prison ,the accusations are public minds Anxiety and Stimulation of illegal gathering intended to country security disrupt.

Alireza Firouzi an other student of Zanjan Uni has been sentenced to one year and 4 months prison and his accusations are public minds Anxiety and Stimulation of illegal gathering intended to country security disrupt and act against Islamic Republic holy Regime.
The above students were accused right after and because their efforts to prevent unethical action of deputy of Zanjan Uni about one of female students.Mohammad Ali Dadkhah who is arrested in post-election unrest is lawyer of two of them.

  • Issuing definitive court orders for Farzad Hasanzadeh and Mohammad Zera'ati students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
Revolution court of Mashhad issued the definitive orders for Farzad Hasanzadeh and Mohammad Zera'ati leftist ,freedom and equality fighters of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad .
According to Amirkabir newsletter , branch 6 of revolution court charged them with act against country internal security and propaganda against regime and sentenced these two student activists to one year punishing prison which is suspended for 5 years duration.

  • Zahedi: Students were throwing Koktel Molotov
Mehr: Science and research ministry said guilty students in the recent unrest have to admit to their mistakes and they will be punished for their actions.
Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi in regard to the increase of the summoning university students to the disciplinary committee said, I don’t agree with this statement; guilty students in the recent unrest have to admit to their mistakes and they will be punished for their actions.

He added; some under the name of students which we hope they are not were throwing Koktel Molotov. These types which we aren’t even sure if they are students will be punished in a different way.

  • Iraqi government rejected Rajavi request
Rajavi had requested for a meeting with Iraqi government but not in Iraq which now has been rejected by government and the reason is Iraqi government has said that this group-Mojahedin is a terrorist group and they will not have a meeting with them and also considering some of UN laws regarding Al-qaeda and Mojahedin group being terrorists and any form of financial support or propaganda for them is illegal , rejected Rajavi's request.

  • Bankruptcy of Sea and Aluminum Industries after Iran Khodro (Automaker) Industry
Numerous accounting frauds are subjects which has kept the stockholders busy these days!
The first big attempt to privatization; which made the must unpleasant experience in the stock market was transferring of Sadra (Sea IND). This year after the yearly close, the company wasn’t able to distribute any profit amongst its stockholders.

Loss in the Aluminum Industry has reached the point in Iran; where the authorities have signed a new bill to shut down the old lines of revival in the next 4 months. All these problems begin due to poor privatization of this industry.

  • According to news Our sources in the afternoon of Mordad 12th (8/3/09), number of Iran khodro's workers whom had closed the road and chanted their requests are facing termination, they had closed. Details on this matter has not been revealed. We must add that crisis have met with Iran khodro, and many are facing expulsion at this point.
  • In accordance to new, published on Mordad 13th (Aug 3rd) Workers of Simin Nasaji factory of Esfahan have been arrested due to a protest which was formed to oppose lack of paycheck for the past 6 months
One of these workers states this factory is almost bankrupt and has almost 40% workers and supervisors at this point but 60% have been layed off. he also adds the one that still have their jobs do not get paid, I must add the owners of this factory have been given a 3 billion tomans loan but have decided to use the money for other matters. In accordance to workers, they have held meetings at their offices and have talked about this matter but as of yet nothing has been done.

  • A new list of detainees during the recent weeks
A news list of arrested people, some confirmed and others with no news of their situation has been published to be sent to human right organizations and also for public information.

1- Mohammad Ali Housaini, 20 year old, his school diploma, arrested on Monday Mordad 12th at Vanak, unknown captivity place
2- Nima Estakhri 27 year old, self employee arrested at Valie Asr, unknown captivity place
3- Hamed Saidi, 28 year old, bachelor in music, arrested on Monday Mordad 12th, unknown captivity place
4- Babak Ghader Poor, 25 year old, Associate in Electrical, arrested on Monday Mordad 12th, unknown captivity place
5- Ehsan Alimardani, 26 year old, self employee, arrested on Monday Mordad 12th at Vanak, unknown captivity place
6- Mohammad Hesam Kashefi 26 year old, bachelor in social sciences arrested Thursday Mordad 8th around the Mosala area, unknown captivity place
7- Bahram Kalantari, 19 year old, student, arrested Thursday Mordad 8th at Hafte Tir, unknown captivity place
8- Ali Amorlahi, 20 year old, computer software student arrested Thursday Mordad 8th at Vanak, unknown captivity place
9- Mohamma Mehdi Boroojerdi, 19 year old, arrested Thursday Mordad 8th at Fatemi, unknown captivity place
10- Siavash Mohammad Zadeh, 31 year old, bachelor in accounting, arrested on Thursday Mordad 8th, at the Maftah station and was beating down by the riot police, unknown captivity place
11- Ahmad Najafi Bakaie, arrested on Thursday Mordad 8th and transferred to Evin prison
12- Ebrahim Kamani, 29 year old, Friday Mordad 26th arrested at Enghelab Sqr and transferred to Evin prison
13- Arman Chavoshi, 22 year old associate in agricultural, arrested Friday Mordad 26th at Vali Asr and was transferred to Evin prison
14- Farhad Karimi Tabrizi, 23 year old accounting student arrested on Friday Tir 26th at Enghelab and at this time no news from him
15- Hamed Sedighi 30 year old, arrested on Thursday 18th Tir, at Amir abad and was transferred to police staton 148 and then to Evin prison
16- Navid Mousavi, 28 year old, bachelors in architect, arrested on Thursday Tir 18th, at Enghelab and transferred to Evin prison
17- Nader Khani Poor, 24 year old agricultural student, arrested on Thursday 18th Tir, at Amir Abad and transferred to Evin prison
18- Nariman Salehi Nasab 26 year old, bachelor in management, arrested on Saturday Khordad 30th and transferred to Evin prison
19- Mehdi Shakeri, participated in peaceful demonstration on Monday khordad 25th, his name has been confirmed by Evin prison, but he hasn’t been in touch with his family during this time

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