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Iran Uprising Blogging:Monday 10 August

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We condemn prison and lash verdicts against the detainees whom were arrested at the beginning of May 2009 (during workers-day demonstration) in Sanandaj. Three of the arrested protesters of workers-day were sentenced to 6 months in prison and 40 lashes.

  • Three arrested workers during the workers-day demonstration; Faaegh Kaikhosravi (member of free workers union),Shiva SobhaniandMansoor Karimianwere sentenced to 6 month in prison and 40 lashes by the branch 105th of Sanandaj’s court.
The text of this order reads as; this verdict can be changed to 3 years in prison. According to this verdict, Babak Ojailani and Shab-boo Khalili also arrested during the worker-days demonstration in Sanandaj were not charged.

We condemn prison and lashes verdicts against the detainees whom were arrested at the Mayday 2009 (during workers-day demonstration) in Sanandaj. The possibility of changes in this verdict to 3 years is prison is to put pressure on works to be quit and bare the unfair situation which exists within the workers –class life today.

The free worker union of Iran, consider the demonstration of workers-day demonstration as a basic right of workers and asks all the workers, unions and worker groups in Iran and globe to protest against this verdict to be null, and to ask for unconditional release of Faaegh Kaikhosravi, Shiva Sobhani and Mansoor Karimian and to stop prohibiting and limiting the first of May demonstrations.
  • Summon of Two Worker Activists of Haft-Tappe Neishekar
Ali Nejati and Rahim Bes-haghi, worker activists and members of worker syndicate of Haft-Tappe Neishker were summoned to revolutionary courts of Dezfool and Shoosh (cities in southern Iran). Ali Nejati has been arrested once before due to propaganda against the regime and disturbance at the factory. He has been summoned to report to the revolutionary court of Ahvaz. Also, Rahim Bes-haghi, the other worker activist has been summoned to revolutionary court of Shoosh due to compliance against him by the factories managers.
  • 24 People died in Tehran due to Starvation
According to some numbers and static reports by Beheshte Zahra organization, 24 Tehran citizens have died in the past 24 months due to starvation. According to Iran’s environmental reports, based on the received numbers from Beheshte Zahra organization during the past 4 months 4 people have died; two men and two women. Also, in the past 12 months 20 Tehran citizens have died due to the same reason. Starvation has a direct relationship with poverty, which according to some experts the numbers in other cities and villages can be even higher.
  • Members of News-Reporters Committee met with Alireza Davood’s Parents
Alireza Davoodi was deprived from education due to his activities and was arrested in Isfahan’s Shahin Shahr back in Bahman 24th 1387. He was then released by bail of 100 million Toomans ($100,000.00) and died at the age of 26 on Mordad 7th 1388. Since there are lots of doubts about the cause of his death, the news-reporters committee decided to meet with his parents and find out more about his death. According to Alireza’s family, he was tortured while in prison and therefore, he end up with severe depression.

He has to be on bed-rest at the hospital and had a good recovery. However, on Mordad 7th, Alireza’s aunt gets notified by the hospital authorities that Alireza had a heart-attack and they need his father to transfer him to a different hospital. By the time the family gets to the hospital, Alireza has passed a way. The family has hired a lawyer and is still in research to find the cause of death.
  • Boroujerdi: The food served for the prisoners of section 209 is the same as a Minister’s food!
The chief of national security and foreign politics committee, reports the recent visit they had of one of the detention centers. In answering to some of the questions he said: prisoners of section 209 eat the same food as the security minister. Boroujerdi in regard to the special committee’s job said: today we will visit another detention center. However, he didn’t mention the name of the next visit place. Also, Boroujerdi in regard to Saeed Hajjarian’s situation said: Hajjarian is living at the house with a pool!!! In response to Mostafa Tajzades situation, another detainee of the recent unrests said: I don’t have any new news about him.
  • Saffar: Saeed Hajjarian and Behzad Nabavi’s Case Related to Rajaiee’s Terror is not Closed yet
Asre Iran: Mohammad Housain Safar Herandi reported a possible trail for Saeed Hajjarian and Behzad Nabavi due to involvement in terror of Mohammad Ali Rajaee and Mohammad Javad Bahonar former president and prime minister of Iran. At the year of 1360 (1981) after the terror of Rajai and Bahoner, some rumors were circulating around about the involvement of these two in exploding the office of prime minister, however they weren’t able to prove the charges against them.
  • Ahmadi Nejad: Western Sovereignty with Unreal news can Display the best Human Characters as hermit and corrupted
The president of Iran said, reports and news reporting is an era of connection between people and building cultures. He specifically pointed to the western countries with their unreal news bombing and spreading lies and said: they can display the most corrupted person as a hero and the best human character as hermit and corrupted. According to Mehr news, Dr. Mahmum Ahmadi Nejad Saturday night on Journalist day visited the young journalist club and insisted that “today we have to spread the godly words and thoughts and be able to face and destroy the unreal and nasty news.
  • Ahmadi Nejad: TV and Radio must promote the States Politics
ISNA: The president of Iran said, reports and news reporting is an era of connection between people and building cultures. He also added that reporting is based on human culture, thoughts and the Islamic Republic’s desires as miracle and the only way to fight against the western’s sovereignty and success in facing the world’s dictatorships. He insisted; news can give hope, calming, disappointing, or disturb the order of a society.

He added that with little news you can make a huge deal out of a small issue which can end up as a national matter.
Ahmadi Nejad continued; media has a heavy responsibly in Islamic Republic of Iran and by pointing to the necessity of honesty, bravery, loving the other human beings said: Radio and TV as a media are responsible to promote the State’s politics.
  • A senior member of Sentry Army: Islamic Republic is Insured for at Least another 20 Year
Yadollah Javani, the chief of sentry army office said: By revealing the face of traitors, the Islamic Republic has overcome another huge danger, which has insured the IRI for another 20 years. Mr. Javani’s statement is related to the suppression of the people’s protest against the 10th presidential election in Iran, which Mahmud Ahmadi Nejad was introduced as the winner. He said, what became obvious during the election, which put the IRI and the Muslim people of Iran in trouble for few days was the result of years of hard work of two internal and external flows to change the religious government with the leadership of Supreme Leader.
  • Announcement Published on Hashemi’s Site in regard to Elimination of this Friday Prayer’s Imamate
Hashemi Rafsanjani’s website removed the news of Imamate of Hashemi Rafsanji in this Friday’s prayers. Yesterday, his website published news about his Imamate of this Friday’s prayer. This happens while Hojat-ol-Islam Moradi the chief of the Imamate of the Tehran Friday prayers in an interview with Fars news said: Tehran’s Friday prayers committee has no news as who will be the Immam/speaker for this weak and as usual the name of the person will be announced on Tuesday.
  • Authorization of Murder, Death, and Lies
They came in the morning and sat down and displayed power by being tough. They are the agent and commander of crime: spiritual and non spiritual, armed and non armed, liars, Billionaires torturers and rapist, oppressors, murderers of Nedas, Sohrabs, Taranhes, Kianooshs and etc….
This evening they got slapped again, so hard and heavy that you could hear the reflection all over Tehran’s alley’s and streets.
I was at Vanak, so crowded that it took me 30 minute to pass a distance which normally takes me about 5 minute, due to heavy traffic. Plain cloths are everywhere and some of them are gathered by the Day Hospital. The same crowed of people, mid-age women more than mid-age men, and young boys and girls. Fight and escape at Vali Asr Street towards the Abbas Abad. I’ve also heard that people were gathered at Azadi Sqr. Usually when a certain place is not announced to protest at, people gather in different part of the city and continue with their protests.
13 detainees form Kianoosh Aasa’s 40th day mourning has been released. This group of detainees which amongst them are family members and friends of Kianoosh were released on bail yesterday Mordad 17th. However, some of the other arrested people at the 40th mourning are still in prison. According to reports majority of them are university students from Tehran and Sanandaj whom traveled to Kermanshah to attend Kinaoosh’s 40th mourning.
  • Police Chief Responsible for Murders at Kahrizak Detention Center
Hamidreza Katoozian, congress representative by announcing this news that the police chief is the responsible person for “murders which took place at Kahrizak” said: the chief of police is not presenting any information in regard to responsible persons. Iran’s police have announced; few “guilty” officers of this detention center which with out permeation “tortured” the detainees will be dismissed form their position and turned into law authorities. The identities of either one of these officers have not been announced yet!

Latest Headlines:

>Iran hits back at Western criticism of trials

TEHRAN — Iran hit back on Monday at Western criticism of the mass trials of election protesters, saying it would strongly resist such “foreign intervention” in its domestic affairs.

Iran has put around 110 people in the dock over the protests unleashed since the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in June, including a French woman lecturer and two local employees of the British and French embassies.

Western governments have branded the court proceedings “show trials.”

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Hassan Ghashghavi described the criticism as “illegal and surprising,” and said statements by the embassy employees in court smacked of foreign meddling...Continue

>Probe urged into Iran jail ‘rape

A defeated opposition candidate in Iran’s presidential election has called for an investigation into allegations some protesters were raped in prison.

In a letter to former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Mehdi Karroubi said senior officials had informed him of the “shameful behaviour” taking place.
Mr Karroubi wrote that both male and female detainees had been raped, with some suffering serious injuries.
He asked Mr Rafsanjani to consult the Supreme Leader about the allegations.

About 200 people arrested during the mass protests sparked by June’s disputed election, which saw President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad re-elected by a wide margin, are still being detained...Continue

>Iran admits torturing election protesters

Officials in Iran have admitted that some of the election protesters who were arrested in June have been tortured while in custody.
The admission comes as a second mass trial of the alleged ringleaders of the protests gets underway.
Among the 100 defendants appearing in court this weekend are a 24-year-old French teacher and local staff from the British and French embassies.

They are accused of spying and plotting to overthrow the regime following the presidential election in June.

Iranian opposition leaders Mir Hossein Moussavi and former president Mohammad Khatami have criticised the mass trials, saying many have made confessions after being tortured...Continue

>Freeing woman held in Iran is 'top priority': France

PARIS (AFP) – President Nicolas Sarkozy has set as a "top priority" the release of a young French lecturer on trial in Iran on charges related to post-election protests, his office said Monday.

"He (Sarkozy) has increased his efforts with all those who can exert influence with the view to a rapid resolution and her liberation," an advisor said. "It is his top priority in this affair."...Continue


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