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Iran Uprising Blogging...Thursday 20th August

  • 40 days ceremony for Sohrab Arabi,in Beheshte Neda 20 aug

  • Women campaign against rape and torture in the Islamic Republic's prisons!
According to the reports which already have been published from the Islamic Republic's prisons , demonstrators arrested in the recent right demanding uprising particularly in Kahrizak have been raped in group, and banes and guards have put them under the worst medieval tortures.Many of detainees, whether female or male have died in rape rooms because of repeated and group rapes and due to rupture of uterus or rectum and intestinal bleeding.
Now Islamic Republic denies rape in its prisons due to the fear of facing Iranian people and public opinions in Western countries.Broadcasting of rape and torture of the recent detainees news in Iran and across the world has made a wave of disgust and hatred against the Islamic regime. Expose and fight against rape and torture in prisons are important tasks of the freedom demanding movement of Iranian people in this struggle.

In the Islamic Republic regime many women in prison being raped and murdered so far and those who have survived , now are buckling with severe physical and psychological damages due to rape and torture. Zahra Kazemi, Zahra Bani Yaghoub, Azar Al Cana'an, Roya Toloui are some of these people.But also young boys and adolescents in prisons have being raped by Islamic regime of Iran. Students who were arrested in accusation of protesting have being raped in prisons individually or by objects such as bottle have being abused sexually.

We want to condemn these crimes.We have to prevent these kind of disasters by widespread protests.In this revolutionary situation some thing has to be done that victims of these medieval tortures can claim for their rights and reveal these crimes.We publish the story and case of this terrible crime and send all these cases to organizations, legal authorities and international committees against torture.We do not allow this crime in Iran to be forgotten like what has happened in Yugoslavia ,Vietnam, Bangladesh or Japan by passing the time or speaking of that becomes a taboo.

The immediate requests of our campaign are as follows:

1.We want condemnation of torture and rape by the Islamic Republic regime as a crime against humanity.

2.We demand agents and in charge people for rape and torture and murder and violence in the prisons of the Islamic Republic in recent events and in thirty years of this government's life to be put on trial.

3.We demand all the torturers , interrogators and rapists in Islamic Republic's prisons to be introduced.

4.We want freedom for all political prisoners and closing down of all public and secret prisons and detentions.

5.We want all the tortured and raped prisoners to be treated and get healed and we demand the best condition and welfare and health facilities to be existed for these loved ones to get best treatment in order to restoration the physical and psychological violence effects.

6.We want cancellation of execution , stoning and abolition of the Islamic Republic's constitution and punishments and penalties which are contained in it

7.We want the right to life to be recognized and person's mental and physical conditions to be safe from any kind of harassment.

8.We want kind of criminal laws that count the crimes of rape and infringement to human's spirit and body ,violence against children and women and every kind of human beings much more heavier than the crime of infringement to estate and property rights and their punishments and penalties.

Join our campaign.This campaign belongs to all freedom damanders regardless of borders and sexual imposed discrimination.Help us to reveal and follow up the recent crimes.We will be informing people in the next public declaration about holding the demonstrations, conferences and campaign actions by announcing the dates and places.

15 August 2009 , 24 Mordad 1388

Tel: 004917680027094

Email Address:

Mina Ahadi, Mersede Qaedi , Mehrnoush Mousavi, Maryam Namazie, Shahnaz Moratab, Farideh Arman , Mahin Alipour, Afsaneh Vahdat, Nazanin Boroumand, Nina Taban, Mahin Darvish Rohani, Maryam Sadeghi, Pouran Azimi, Roya Bahreini, Azar Mousavi, Fariba Karimi, Farideh Karimi, Khanom Karimzadeh . Shahla Khabaz Zadeh, Parvin Mo'azi, Fahimeh Ghotbi, Soheila Kiani, Shamsi Zakeri, Kolsoum Khoshbakht, Zari Asli, Parvin Salimi, Farzaneh Derakhshan, Frnaz Qobadi, Fariba Abolhosseini, Hava Bazr Afkan, Golnaz Shahryari, Sima Aram, Nasrin Abdi , Mitra Kamdin, Sima Bahari, Giti Aqajani, Azadeh Aqajani, Parisa Salimi, Marjan Vaez, Azar Pouy, Roxana Bahreini, Farangis Shadravan,Farzaneh Shadravan , Manijeh Etmami , Andishe Alishahi , Soheila Khosravi, Anita Farzaneh ,Dariush and Hana Afshar, Mehran Mahboubi, Mohammad Mousavi, Fariba Davoudpour, Najibeh Fatehi, Sattar Mohammadi, Sabri Amir Hosseini, Fatemeh Kalvani.
  • Latest News of General Strike in Kurdistan
Complete Coverage of General Strike in Memory of Mordad 28th (August 19th) in Sanandaj
Yesterday on Mordad 28th (August 19th), in memory of 30th year of the attack to Kurdistan; some workers in Sanandaj did not report to work and caused the industrial city, which includes tens of hardware work-shops, mechanics, public services, work places and shops to go on strike. Today, about 50 work-shops were closed since in the morning.

News from Sanandaj indicates that a side from Industrial City; Meidan Nabovat, Khiabane Hajij, Mahaleie Ghafoor, and Sharif Aabad participated in today’s strike. In Mariwan some shops through out the city despite all the threats by the security and riot authorities were closed and participated in the strike. Also, in Mariwan the security and riot police in the streets and in the malls by threat and intimidations tried to stop the people in participating in the General Strike. Last night in Sanandaj, youngsters, in memory of fights and resistance of those killed on Mordad 28th (August 19) lit a big fire on the peak of the Abidar Mountain. During this time and in different cities security offices, police forces, governor’s office, mayor and different organs were prepared against the strike and attempt to threat people. Yesterday, the police offices by summoning the hardware industry of Sanandaj announced that no one should participate in the strike. At the same time, the committee of security of Kurdistan in Sanandaj, in a meeting with leaders of police and security forces asked the governors to summon and warn the public services along with trade union in writing to not close any shops. In some cities such as Kamyaran, Bookan and Saghez; security and police forces attempted to threat people. Despite all the attempts to stop workers/people from participating in the strike, a big number of workers, youngsters and people had vast activities in the past few days and also participated in the general strike.

People of Sanandaj are on strike in memory of Mordad 28th (August 19th). Despite the threats of security and police forces a major part of the shops and work-shops have participated in today’s strike. The workers of hard-ware industry stopped working and closed their work-shops. Majoriy of other shops and work-shops, at Islam Aabad ST, Karaamoozi, shops of Shahrdari Shahrivar 11th ST, Meidane Nabovat, Khiabane Kamarbandie Abbas Aabad, Ghafoor, Kose Hajij ST, Sharif Aabad, Industrial city and sewing work-shops joined the strike in Sanandaj. A big part of Baazar Aasef was shutdown from 2:00 to 5:00 PM.

City’s atmosphere is inflamed and the security and police forces are threatening the market owners. Despite the full security and police forces people and workers of Sanandaj closed down their work places and joined the Strike.
  • Suppression and beating Citizen of Sanandaj by the Security and Police Forces

The security and police forces during yesterday’s General Strike on Mordad 28th (August 19, 2009) attacked the citizen of Sanandaj; beat up some and arrested others. According to received news by defenders of political prisoners and human rights committees; today, police forces arrested some people in Sanandaj. During this hide and seek between the forces and the youngsters of Sanandaj, a young male name Hasan Mostafaee was arrested and beaten down with baton at the Shahrake Kurdistan. People who witnessed this savage attack got so angry and attempted to save and free him from the police forces.
  • Execution of Behnood Shojaie got Postponed
In a meeting the family of Shojaee had with their son Behnood Shojaee this afterron; they were informed that the execution of their son has been stopped. According to this news, following the transfer of Behnood Shojaee to Evin prison to perform the execution, his family went by the Evin prison and asked for a permission to visit their son for the last time.

They were able to spend time with him from 16:30 to 18:15. After the visit time was over and his family were about to leave the prison, an officer stopped them and informed them that the execution has been stopped by the order of Larigani. Around 19:30, Behnood Shojaee in a phone call informed his family that his execution along with someone else has been stopped. It is important to know that the above conversation between the family and the officer was verbal only. However, the family of Behnood is certain of the cancelation of their son’s execution. The execution of 6 others who were also transferred to Evin is still in place.
  • Dr. Dadkhah, Court Lawyer under Torture

Dr. Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, who has been in detention since Tir 17th (July 8th) has been beaten down severely at prison. This lawyer, who is also a member of the Human Rights group, has been under lots of pressure to confess that the members of this group are traitors. According to a source, Mr. Dadkhah has been under lots of pressure and torture to confess. The investigators would push him down from the third story building stairs and while falling down would catch him. According to this source, they performed this savage torture on him many times. Despite all the pressures, he would not give in. In addition to all the pressures, the security officers are trying to crack him down by arresting his daughter once again. They have even informed him once that they had arrested his daughter. Malihe Dadkhah, Mr. Dadkhah’s daughter along with father and number of their colleague were arrested on Wednesday Tir 17th (July 8th) by the plain cloths officers. Except for Mr. Dadkhah, they were all released the same night.
  • Presenting Proofs of Rape in Presence of Authorities
Mehdi Karroubi, unhappy candidate of presidential election announced, he will present the proof of sexual assault against the recent unrest detainees in a meeting; to the Legislatives, Executives, and Judicial. Mr. Karroubi has purposed this in a letter to Ali Larijani on Wednesday. The head of the Etemad Meli party, has also asked for the present of country’s head public prosecutor and a member of Truth Finder committee of the house with the approval of Mr. Larijani. In a different letter written by Karroubi to Rafsanjani earlier, he has talked about the rape of some detainees of the recent unrest. The Truth Finder committee has stated they have not found any evidence to proof the claims made by Karroubi while Larijani has also denied the fact of rape of the prisoners.
  • Ban of Etemade Meli due to Revealing Women Rape Cases in IRI Prisons
Freelancer Journalists: Once again, we condemned suppression and censor of the press in Iran. On Mordad 26th (August 17th) the newspaper of Etemade Meli was banned by the Judicial law due to recent enlightened of Mehdi Karroubi (the head of the newspaper) in regard to torture and rape at IRI prisons. The freelancers have also raised their concern about situation of other journalists such as; Kaivan Samimi Behbahani and Hengame Shahidi. On the evening of Mordad 25th (August 16th) Estemade Meli newspaper did not get publication permission and despite the denial of prosecutor, Saied Mortazavi the next morning branch 13 to Tehran court by sending a letter to internal ministry of cultural and Islamic guidance asked for publication stop of Etemade Meli until the “further notice” due to “publishing news against the law”.
  • Some website has reported: concerns for Ahmad Zaid Aabadi and Fizollah Arab Sorkhi health in Prison
According to Doiche Vale Radio; these two are under pressure and torture due to their presence at the court. There is also some news indicating of Zaid Aabadi’s hunger strike. Mahdie Mohammadi, wife of Zaid Aabadi on Monday Mordad 26th (August 17th) for the first time and after 53 days was able to visit her husband at the prison. Mohammadi stated, Zaid Aabadi was not feeling well that day; not so bad to be hospitalized, but informed of 17days hunger strike. According to her, Zaid Aabadi announced his hunger strike right after his arrest and transfer to solitary cell at section 2A. However, no one even bothered to open his cell for 17 days.

Maryam Ghods, wife of Arab Sorkhi stated: She has no news from her husband. It has been 44 days and she does not know where he is at and no one has any news of him. She said:”when Mr. Khodayari got released, I went to visit him. I did not know Arab Sorkhi was in prison. Right after he saw me, asked me where Mr. Arab at? I told him he was there at the prison with you. He said he did not know since they are all are at news quarantine and no one has news of anyone else. Ms. Ghods says; despite her heart wishes she has to admit to her husband’s injury:”I have to admit this news unwillingly. Even though I don’t want to admit, but they must have done something to him since they don’t even let us hear his voice, or see him. As his wife, it is pretty normal for me to be concerned about him”.
  • Workers of Ship-makers were threatened in Threshold of President’s Journey to Bandar Abbas
According to aware sources; in threshold of president’s journey to Bandar Abbas to exploitation of a ocean ship, the workers of Bandar Abbas ship-makers have been threatened to avoid chanting any political slogan during the visit of Ahmadi Nejad, otherwise they will lose their job.

According to news; tomorrow on Thursday, Ahmadi Nejad will fly out to Bandar Abbas to get the ship of “Iran-Arak” into the water. However, unlike his other journeys to this city, he will not travel the distance between the airport and the ship-maker factory by car. He is supposed to get to this place from the airport by a helicopter. Also the workers of Bahre Gostaresh compnay (a different ship-maker company) and Sanaie Fara Sahel haven been threatened. Workers have stated they will chant slogan in presence of Ahmadinejad in defense of their own rights. According to these news, since 4 days a go the special guard by using special tools and Dogs have attempted to cleanup the area!
  • Zhila Bani Yaghoub was Released, Mahsa Amr Aabadi and Somaie Tohidloo will be released soon
Zhila Bani Yaghoub detained journalist was released from prison today which appears to be her birthday. Families of Mahsa Amr Aabadi and Somaie Tohidloo are busy securing bail to free their loved ones.

There are also some rumors in regard to freedom of male detainees. The name will be released after we are able to confirm.
  • A Bahaie Female was arrested at Saari
Yesterday on Mordad 27th (August 18), 7 security officers of city of Saari arrested Ms. Didar Hashemi (24 year old) at her house, despite the absence of her husband and by showing a warrant from Mordad 12th. It is essential to know that prior to presenting warrant order, the officers entered the house by force and after cursing and searching the house arrested Ms. Hashemi and took some of her personal belongings such as books and religious pictures. A non Bahaie neighbor of Ms. Hashemi, after witnessing the situation asks the security officers to stop. This reaction of the neighbor get the officers worked up and in less than one hour, they get the search warrant for the neighbor’s house along with changes in Ms. Hashemi’s warrant date. Ms. Hashemi has been transferred to an unknown place after arrest.
  • The 4th Court Exhibition has been Postponed
The 4th trail of responsible people for the Tehran recent unrests will take place on Tuesday Shahrivar 3rd (August 25th). Branch 15 of revolutionary court of Tehran announced: the 4th trail of responsible and planners of Tehran recent unrests will happen on Tuesday Shahrivar 3rd (August 25th) 8:00 AM, at the 15th branch of revolutionary court of Tehran.

According to this announcement: The previous date of Wednesday Mordad 28th (August 19th) was postponed due to the request for 1 week review and research the case by accuser’s lawyers .
  • Secretary of Science Ministry Disciplinary Committee: Students Protest in Mehr are Influenced by UK and U.S. Media
Hosain Ali Alikhani, secretary of science ministry disciplinary committee in some statements denied the published news in regard to cancellation of some universities such as Tehran University due to students protest. Alikhani by insisting on readiness of science ministry to encounter the student protestors after opening the universities told Mehr news:”there are some politicians which say or chant a slogan which influences our students. In any case, we have to be ready at anytime; however, we currently have no guard and are not planning on having one in the future”. He added:” if some of the politicians stop influencing the students to act outside of the university, we will not witness any problems”.

He targeted the protest of university students and insisted on foreigner’s interference:”no incident is about to occur if it doesn’t get supported and influenced by the foreign media of other countries such as UK, U.S and etc.
  • List of 18 Suggested Ministries / 3 Ministers have not been Chosen yet
Parliament secretary by announcing the list and background of 18 suggested Ministers by Ahmadinejad, stated that 3 other suggested ministers have not been chosen yet; however, this list will be sent over to the house of representative by end of business day today.

Below is the list of suggested ministers:
  1. Susan Keshavarz : Educational Ministry
  2. Reza Taghipoor : Communication Ministry
  3. Heidar Moslehi : Information Ministry
  4. Syed Shamsodin Hosaini: Economy and Assets Ministry
  5. Manoochehr Motaki : Foreign Ministry
  6. Marzie Vahid Dastgerdi : Health Ministry
  7. Mohammad Abbasi : Cooperation Ministry
  8. Sadegh Khalilian : Jihad Farming Ministry
  9. Hamid Behbahani : Transportation Ministry
  10. Fateme Ajorloo : Welfare Ministry
  11. Ali Akbar Mehrabian : Industries Ministry
  12. Kamran Daneshjoo : Science Ministry
  13. Syed Mohammad Hosaini : Cultural and Islamic Guidance Ministry
  14. Abdulreza Sheikholeslami : Labor Ministry
  15. Mostafa Mohammad Tojar : Country Ministry
  16. Ali Nikzad : Dwelling Ministry
  17. Masoud Mir Kazemi : Oil Ministry
  18. Mohammad Ali Aabadi : Power Ministry
  • Boycott the Third International Event of “Cinema Haghighat”

More than 130 Iranian based film makers in a statement have announced; they will not participate in the third international event of “Cinema Haghighat”. In this announcement which has been signed by more than 130 based film makers reads:” Iran’s based Cinema has recorded many priceless proof of true society of Iran and Iranian in history. Despite all the censorships and difficulties this Cinama has been able to demonstrate a true picture of revolution era, war and also the past 20 years. However, strictness and stopping the based film makers from demonstrating a true and honest picture is not bearable any longer. This situation has forced us to react in an unwilling way; boycotting the “Cinema Haghighat” which has been able to create an effective and positive atmosphere in the past few years for the base cinema.
  • Trial for Members of Workers Syndicate of plantation and Industry of Haft Tappe
Workers of syndicate of plantation and industry of Haft Tappe are accused of propaganda against the regime by doing interviews with foreign media, connection with anti government people, creating an illegal syndicate and instigation of the workers against the regimes authorities. They have denied all charges and defended themselves. Mohammad Oliaeefar, lawyer and defender of workers, defended the workers by presenting law substances in regard to creating a syndicate and registering a syndicate lawfully via the work office denied all the charges. Mohammad Heidari Mehr, Feridoon Nikoofar, Nejat Dehli and Jalil Ahmadi were released and not charged, while the same charges still remained in place for Reza Rakhshan and Ali Nejati who was fired from work not too long a go.
  • Faizollah Arab Sorkhi was transferred to the hospital due to heavy Beat down and torture in prison
Faizollah Arrab Sorkhi, a prominent member of Mojahedine Khalgh due to resistance against the illegal acts of security offices was under torture, got transferred to a hospital which belongs to the Sepahe Pasdaran in the northwest part of Tehran. According to Norooz news, a member of the health personnel from Evin prison who did not want to reveal his/her name reported; After Faizollah denies attending the court, gets beat down harshly by the officers and gets transferred to Evin’s medical center. After few days of bed rest, he was transferred back to isolated cell, but due to aggravation in his health they transfer him back to Evin’s medical center and then to Baghiolah Hospital which belongs to Sepahe Pasdaran.
  • After Two month in Detention, Peyman Aref still under Torture
After more than 59 days since the temporary arrest of Pyeman Aref, one of the deprived students known as Star Holder, his situation is unknown. This deprived student from education is currently kept at section 209 of Evin prison and in isolated cell under a severe physical and mental torture.

His lawyer, Mohammad Oliaee Fard reported on his client’s situation: “Payman Aref was arrested by the security officers of Gilan and was kept at Rasht’s prison#2 until Khordad 30th (June 20th). He was then transferred to the army detention center of Tehran, his case was sent to branch 2 of revolutionary court”. He added:” my client’s only charge so far is interview in regard to the 10th presidential election, and currently is being kept at section 209 of Evin temporarily.

Peyman has been able to speak over the phone with his family which has been 1 minute each time. He was able to get a visit with his mother for 10 minutes in the presence of security officers.
  • List of more Detainees(NEW)!
Following is the list of 14 detainees arrested on June, July and August, which are being kept at prisons and torture places:

  1. Mohsen Firoozi, 23 year old, communication student, arrested on Monday Mordad 26th at Karim Khan, unknown captivity place
  2. Amir Ali Esfandiari, 26 year old, arrested on Monday Mordad 26th around the office of Estemade Meli newspaper at Karim khan, unknown captivity place
  3. Keivan Mohammadi, 22 year old, Student arrested on Wednesday Mordad 14th at Baharestan and transferred to Evin Prison
  4. Bahram Aabedini, 21 year old, agricultural student, arrested on Monday Mordad 12th at Vanak by the plain cloths and transferred to Evin prison
  5. Mohammad Gavahi, 25 year old, English student, arrested on Thursday Mordad 8th at Vanak and transferred to Evin prison
  6. Faramarz Jalali Kohan Zaad, 29 year old, arrested on Friday Tir 26th at Enghelab Sqr, transferred to police station 148 and then to Evin prison
  7. Arash Amini, 28 year old, arrested on Friday Tir 26th and transferred to Evin
  8. Ali Rezvani, 27 year old, bachelors in computer software, arrested on Friday Tir 26th at Felestin and transferred to Evin prison
  9. Hamed Hassanzadeh, 27 year old, bachelors in vat science, arrested on Thursday Tir 18th at Enghelab Sqr, transferred to Evin priosn
  10. Morteza Ghazi Poor, 30 year old, bachelors in agricultural and an employee, arrested on Thursday Tir 18th at Amir Aabd while being beaten down by the riot guards. Transferred to Evin fordays, unknown captivity place since
  11. Farid Fath-Ali, 32 year old, bachelors in programming, arrested on Thursday Tir 18th at Enghelab Sqr after an attack to his house, transferred to Evin prison
  12. Samad Soltani Nezhad, 36 year old, self employee, arrested Thursday Tir 18th at Vali Asr, transferred to Evin
  13. Alireza Davarpanah, 24 year old, associate degree in technical, arrested Saturday Khordad 30th at Yadegare Imam, transferred to Evin prison
  14. Syed Mohammad Hosaini, 24 year old, self employee, arrested Monday Khordad 25th at Enghelab Sqr, transferred to Shahpoor detention center then to the Evin prison

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