Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm Live Blogging from Tehran General Office of Justice's hall !

  • Accused of turbulence and riot & accused of failed velvet coup project court was started at Tehran General Office of Justice's hall (Imam Khomeini complex)!
Among the accused people present at trial who are more than 100 ,famous and well known activists such as Behzad Nabavi member of the Central Council of Islamic Revolution Mojahedin Organization , Mirdamadi Mosharekat party general secretary , Aminzadeh member of the Central Council of Mosharekat party , Atrianfar member of the central council of Kargozaran party ,Mohammad Ali Abtahi member of the central council of fighter clergies ,Safaiee Farahani member of the Central Council of Mosharekat party and Ramezanzadeh member of the Central Council of Mosharekat party can be seen.
  • Deputy of Tehran Revolution and General Prosecutor : recent events and riots were pre-designed.(minutes ago in Tehran )
  • Summary of text of indictment :
Every fair man can easily see the big achievement of this great epic(Election) in the various fields of political, cultural, social and economical in national and international levels.

Firstly ; this election converted in to real democratic Super pride performance and had a message to worldwide people that IRI is one of the most secure and stable countries in the world for investment and progress in economical projects.

; in the field of international relations,this great national power(Election) increased achieving the full realization of people rights .Therefore ,there in no place for false claimants of freedom , democracy and human rights.from now on Iranian diplomacy trustee and statesmen can do their roles better than ever and in the world.

Third ;Profound effect on this type of conscious presence of people in the election , more than before made nation's public opinions to be realized that religious democracy pattern is efficient.

;Since the support of the people is one of the most important components in national security to the holy Islamic Republic , the 85% presence of people in this election stabled the national security and will help IRI in its domestic and foreign problems.

But as the supreme leader Ali Khamenei had warned people about enemies and their maliciously stimulation , loser and hopeless enemies immediately started to make this victory to bitterness for Iranian nation.According available documents and evidences and accused reasonable confesions , this was a pre-desigened and schadualed velvet coup and more than 100 of 198 instructions of "Jean Sharp" for velvet coup have been done.

The defendants consider the fraud in elections, a lie!

Fars News Agency: Deputy Attorney General of Tehran's Civil and Revolutionary court pointed out about a spy' confessions in regards to the arms involved in the velvet coup: Behzad Nabavi, Abtahi, Maziar Bahari, M. Tajzadh and Safai Farahani, said that there has been no violation in the election. Mousavi khoueiniha said that we needed the induction of fraud for the foul.

The elements contributing to velvet revolution in Iran:

The above mentioned spy talks about the elements contributing to the velvet coup in Iran : "The model that was designed like other countries consist of three processes: Intellectual, Executive and Media which each one have many active subsidiairies under intellectual procedures such as religious, secular, capitalism, foreign policies, literature ... each of these cases in the institutions inside and outside of Iran are actively playing a role.

1. A subset of a spectrum of women has been established. The most important leaders of this spectrum are Ms. Shadi Sadr and Ms. Shirin Ebadi. They are more in connection with NGO of Holland who are funding these groups and campaigns. Another responsible spectrum is Parvin Ardalan - The daughter of Ali Ardalan, National Front leader - is being active. The left spectrum- Noushin Hamedani Khorasani who is among the groups of the spectrum.

2. The subset of ethnic and racial, most of the work is done by Shirin Ebadi spectrum. Although her activities is in the field of human rights, but has an ethnic and racial strain - The National-religious groups also concentrate in this field.

3. The subset of human rights, the most important factor that US uses against its opposition is human rights. In this spectrum functions also under Simin Ebadi's group.
Hadi Ghaemi is an active elements in the U.S, a secure and foreign supporter of this spectrum. For a while, he has been the Head of Iranian section in the Zionist's organization" Human Rights Watchdog "and started this organization with 15 million euro.

4. The Subset of Labor, if recalled, in the past few year the Syndicate of Bus Transportation had a strike lead by a person call Mansour Asalav.
It is interesting that some people strike for different reasons, including their arrears wages, without paying attention to U.S. institutions such as the NED, Financial Funds and democracy ... Clearly thru other institutions fund several million dollars of money to help the union workers in Iran. All documents are available on the Web of on the NED website. The reason to easy accessing these documents can be considered a facade. Many people believe that since they don't have any hidden agenda therefore, they are not after a particular issue.

5. NGOs, this subset in this gov't period formed a special importance. The west made a conclusion about strengthening the NGOs in Iran and fulfill their human resources, financial and management factors hence the establishment of organizations in Holland. The duty of these institutions were to train and educate the NGO personnel in raising money outside of the country....Twho prominent NGO acitivists in the country, named Koneshgaran, with Sohrab Razaghi's management (Manager of NGOs in the MOI during reform period who received 2 million euro budget from holland's organizations and Hambaran organization managed by Bagher Namazi, which after the Bam earthquake on 2003, was holding classes in Tehran titled attracting money from outside the country. Some of the teachers were people like Hadi Ghaemi who have Zionist and security cases from the past.

6. The student subsets, The peak of activities of this subset was on 18 Tir, 1378 (approx 10 yrs ago) which of course was weakened. After sometime, this subset with gaining centrality and consolidating their unity with related executive branches, played a serious role.
Aghajari Court, letter to Kofi Annan, and the boycott of the elections and... are named activities of this subset. People like Mohsen Sazegara, Atri, Ali Afshari and Reza Delbari who left to US and are employed within organizations to overthrow the IRI can be best documented efforts of this subset in the velvet project in Iran.

Intellectual process of the velvet revolution in Iran
The CIA spy in the states: "This process is the most important one perhaps before any issue, nonetheless, the intellectual work will start and take years before the executive and the media process take its form.
The intellectual process began from early years about middle of the war and as a result a new abstract thinking developed among the Muslim forces with the leadership of Abdolkarim Soroush and the cultural magazine called Keyhan (Those days the management of the this magazine was by Seyed Moh'd Khatami).


Anonymous said...

Awesome...I finally found your blog! Great work! Keep it up!

All my best to you and all your supporters.


neda said...

Fars noews is rubish. I expected to read something different here.

Anonymous said...

Great coverage.

WSJ story on Gene Sharp from Sept 2008:

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Saeed. You are doing something really meaningful. Thank you for letting us know.

Also thank you to Anonymous at Aug 1 2:30 PM. I was not able to find about Mr Sharp.

Peace and love from Japan.

azadi eshgheman said...

I am deeply troubled when I see these lies of that assassin government.. I feel really sick... this all must end... it seems just a bad dream.

Anonymous said...

Gene Sharp's writings are available or listed here:

To claim him as the mastermind of any illegal action is crazy. It's like accusing Ghandi or Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. I guess repressive regimes would accuse them also! Looks to me like these photos show some of the defendants with signs of abuse such as sleep deprivation if not torture. And where are their lawyers? It is sickening.

Anonymous said...

PS: Just to add - seems to me the resistance has used traditional Iranian forms of protest - like the night chants - already well-known to the people through the past 40 years of more of their history. This is the Iranian people's protest and the world is watching in awe.

Anonymous said...

Great coverage

Sad sad content, but does anybody believe in those accusations and testimonies?

all the best from denmark

René O'Deay said...

Gene Sharp's From dictatorship to Democracy on google. Read it online.

René O'Deay said...

Hoover Institute

Anonymous said...

How do you live blog from the court in Tehran?

aria said...

Unfortunately for those of us who are familiar with these Banana Republic type court hearings, such baseless accusations are nothing new. The dead give away was the part where Mohab'bati was trying to frame "Abbas Milani" as a valuable source to CIA! HAHA! How sophomoric and childish allegation. Milani is a staunch supporter of the regime in Iran, albeit a reformist but nevertheless sees little wrong with the current political and constitutional structure in Iran. He has defended the regime in numerous occasions when he is invited on the media outlets. I've been following this fella for the last several years and he hasn't shown any indication that he is for overthrowing the regime. His work for "Hoover" (not "Hoofer") institution is a macabre joke with little to substantiate.


Hi Saeed

Very important article!!!

What was in the hold of the Iranian Tupolev crashed July 15 with 168 people on board? Middle Eastern sources suspect that the same jet, carrying a load of sophisticated detonators and some of these would have exploded, causing the disaster.
The commander of the aircraft, off from Tehran and directly to Yerevan (Armenia), reported an emergency 16 minutes after takeoff. Shortly after the Tupolev, perhaps during a desperate attempt at landing, it crashed in the region of Qazvin, north of the capital. The jet - according to rumors - he had embarked, in addition to the luggage of passengers, a good number of cases of metal to house the latest generation of detonators. Apparatus consisting of two kilograms of explosive and electrical mechanisms. Some of them, for reasons not explained, would have caused a fatal explosion at the jet. In fact, witnesses have told of hearing the explosions before impact.

Anonymous said...

to Freedom in Iran

why would IRI export detonators to Armenia?

Anonymous said...

obama proposes ‘indefinite preventive detention’ without trial

Obama proposed a new system of Indefinite Preventive Detention yesterday in his National Security speech that is stunning in its illegality.

Obama is proposing we keep people locked up not for the crimes they have committed and we prove they committed in a court of law, but on the chance that they might commit crimes in the future. There will be no trial, for no crime exists to be charged. There is only the nebulous threat of “future acts” to justify depriving people of their liberty potentially indefinitely.

Is this justice?


To Anonymous by 9.19 pm

why would IRI export detonators to Armenia?

The Tupolev was to transfer the material along the following route: Iran-Armenia-Turkey-Syria. So the load would have continued war, by land, for Lebanon. The detonators were, in fact, intended to pro-Iranian movement Hezbollah, tenacious opponent of Israel. He was chosen a tortuous route - circles of support in exile - in the hope of giving less in the eye. A precautionary measure accompanied by the return of the "load manifest" which was to be implemented in Yerevan. In the past the Turkish authorities prevented the transit of military equipment. And on one occasion an attack to a train by the separatist Kurds in southern Turkey have revealed a trade of missiles towards the Hezbollah.
It seems that the operation Tupolev was administered by a special section of the Pasdaran, committed to supporting the Shiite militias. Among the victims there would be, in fact, also a director of Guardians of the Revolution who had been assigned the task of monitoring the delivery. And it is no coincidence that the area where he crashed the jet are the security men arrived and artificers while the authorities have continued to speak of 'accident'. Information leaked from Lebanon have added a particularly interesting one. The plan provided that the boxes were to be hidden in one of the shelters that Hezbollah has established in south Lebanon. But after an explosion which destroyed, July 14, the filing of Khirbet slem, the Iranians had agreed to conceal the detonators in the north of the Litani River.

To continue...


The presence of banned weapons has caused in recent months, tension between the Hezbollah and the ONU contingent, which consists of Italian soldiers. At the end of April a Spanish department began taking pictures in the village of Al Rabat Talatin having identified a "suspicious place." An activity which caused the immediate reaction of dozens of civilians - in fact, Hezbollah - which have surrounded the patrol.
A similar situation had occurred in January when a mob of militiamen, dressed as people, have attacked a Frenchman who had discovered a bunker south of the Litani River. The result is a hard comparison solved by the intervention of a column of Lebanese soldiers, all Shias. The military entered the tunnel and 'certificate' that there were weapons. In fact have a hand to Hezbollah cover not permitted by ONU resolutions.


Another important article by Wall Street Journal

Kathleen said...

و خداوند نجات

May this injustice be thwarted and all be safe.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The sham trial was in all medias in France and often compared to previous Soviet trials

Anonymous said...

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