Monday, August 10, 2009

Iranian eyewitness: arrested and imprisoned in Kahrizak camp!

  • What you read is one of recent detainee's memories whom even doesn't know if the detention he used to be kept in has been Kahrizak or another non-standard detention!

A car stopped in front of me and two men jumped out and picked me up and from the beginning started to call me with curse and swears so i was happy they are not from military or police forces and maybe want money or something and will let me go but when they kept my head down between my knees not to follow the directions and gave me a black blindfolded (which was with me for two weeks except for the time i was alone in mu cell)i recognized that they are from militia and tried to keep track of directions but couldn't though i used to think i know the place and the bridge we are passing by and it's not Kahrizak .

I was afraid to ask anything cause i didn't want to hear anymore curses so i just asked where do you take me? and one of them said we are going to f**k you and i didn't ask anything else.But they continued to tease me and said but it's not like always and ...I was thinking are they really from those police forces we used to think they are so holy and good men!

After sometimes we got in to an area and car stopped and they pushed me out of the car and because i was not able to see anything i used to hit everywhere and every time they told me "mother f**ker are you blind ,can't you see" and such a things ...then one of them delivered me to some people or took me to a room and told them :

welcome him for half an hour till i come and even before he completes his sentence they started to beat me at the beginning it was so painful but after a while the pain replaced with hatred and courage .I don't know how long it took but you would feel lost in time and place but at the same time and while they were beating me they told me : yet to be ,after this when we came and f**ked you ,you will undestand what's the meaning of velvet revolution.Then after they throw me in to a room and went .

I was so sure this would be the place that they will rape me in and i was planning to kill myself and don't let them to do it to me , i used to feel some one's taking off his clothes but after a while some one lift me up and put me on the chair and i forgot to say they had tied my hands up as well ,he started to ask me about my name and my father's name and so on but he wouldn't tell a curse and it finished really soon ...again they took me to another room and told me this is a "rape room" and left me there and said we'll be back .every second was passing like a year to me but they didn't come back.

Again they came and took me to another room but with the same scenario along with curse and beating up ...they sent me to another room and said this is your room new room was so small that i was not able to seat or sleep there the only thing was i could stand there and i just was realizing that my whole body is aching and i am too sore and being thirsty and hungry also were adding to my condition but the good thing was that i was thinking to myself they won't rape me because if they wanted to do they wouldn't beat me like this and i was thinking they want me to confess to something but to what i didn't know place being so small and stinky made me wish the other room they were beating me in ...I don't know how long i was there but i was so sleepy ,Then again they came and took me out with the same story .

My first interrogation started , he was polite and wanted to know about what i have been doing in Mousavi campaign which i said and wanted to know about post-election protests and the organization and people i knew and what ever i knew but he wanted me to give him some names and say some thing about Taj Zadeh, Ramezanzadeh, Amin Zadeh, Tabatabaee and ... i said i just know Taj Zadeh and from then he started to abusive and when i said nothing he likes , he called someone and i smelled fuel then he said burn him up , i knew they are bluffing but i was afraid and they poured the fuel on me and put me under the for several hours .

i was burning ,it was hot as hell and the fuel was evaporating and i was scared that what if i burn because of the sun's temperature ...after a while they took me in to interrogation room but i used to feel so lifeless and interrogator was kind again but i lost my conciseness and when i took my conciseness back i was in that small ,stinky room again and i was too sore.

The next time they took me to interrogation i was lifeless again , he told me you're so lucky that i am you interrogator but if you don't co-operate with me i have no other option rather than let them f**k you but i couldn't hear him well . His voice was breaking badly and then didn't realize anything .I felt water on my face and then something sweet in my mouth .Interrogator said:it's been 3 days since you're here .so i hadn't had anything for 3 days and this sweet thing which i didn't know what it is was the first thing .

He said i want to ask you a personal question , when was the last time you f**ked a girl? I didn't say anything ,he said: it's just me and you , don't be ashamed , I'm not like these rubbishes whom just looking for some one to f**k .I didn't open my mouth.He laughed and said : you're really a man! and said :then, let me say ,my last time was just a few days back . I love underage girls ,the more young they are ,the better it is and then started to explain about his relation with a 10-year-old girl which i was pretty sure he is lying and suddenly asked me: how old was your daughter again?11 years old? I was so hot and full of hatred.

This story was happening in every interrogation and was not going to finish , every time if it was him was talking about a 11-year-old girl and if it was the other man he was talking about me getting raped.Once and under pressure i said :God!! and my answer was a punch in my face and a broken tooth. they said you're dirty ,you can not call God ,but i kept calling God over and over again and he was punching me till i didn't realize anything when i was back one other guy started to ask me about my relation to outside Iran and my friend in Farda radio and what kind of information we are trading and so on and they beaten me that much that i accepted that i've given news to friends whom i don't know their names even!!

Once during the interrogation i said : ya Zahra and again they said i don't have the right to call holy names and started to abusive and beating and that was when i confessed to so many things and even wrote them but they were not satisfied and took me some where and took all my clothes off and said some people are coming to rape me and that raping people like us is not sin and actually is good and i was hearing doors opening and closing voices and also sexy moaning sounds when again smelled fuel and got wet and naked under sun ...

I think the fifth day was over when they took me to another place by car where was like paradise comparing to the previous one , at least you had a place to seat and sleep in you cell and also they gave you something to eat ,it was bad but still it was food .

Last night i didn't know it is the last one ,first they let me take a shower and then they took me out of my cell and said take off your clothes ... i was just in my underwear . They put me in a car and took me some where then the agent with me said : now you look pretty and feels so good to f**k you . We brought you here to heal you cause i don't like wounded ones , they made a mistake to beat you since the beginning cause i don't like to please myself with pretty wounded ones but some people do like . Did any one f**ked you when you were like this?!

I didn't have anything to say .I was thinking how can they gather such a scurrilous people in one place ? Again we passed the same bridge (Pirouzi) and i was scared they are taking me back to the same old place but the car stopped and they kicked me out of car just in an underwear and with a blindfolded and left .One car passed by me and i heard a loud laugh .I removed the blindfolded ,I was at the beginning of Pirouzi street .it was late night , what time exactly i don't know but i was sure it was after 2am .

I was naked with no money ,no shoes and no IDs . who would take some one like me home to the other site of the city (west of Tehran ) where my home was ?? was anyone waiting for me? a car stopped by me. He though i am insane . I briefly said some things.He let me get in his car.He was a really good man .He gave me some clothes to wear and gave me some money , asked me how i am doing and cried with me for couple of hours .

That night i was his guest at south of Tehran , I took a shower and made myself clean , he had voted to Ahmadinejad and was deifying Khamenei but after election and by hearing such stories had changed his opinion and i was the first one to tell him my story directly ,but the previous stories he just heard of them indirectly and he told me about Traneh Mousavi and said cruelty won't remain. He is now one of my best Friends.


Anonymous said...

Your story brought tears to my eyes. You are so courageous. May God always protect you.
Long live freedom. Long live free Iran.

Lisa from Rome said...

Same reaction -- tears for what you've been through, rage at those hypocritical filthy b******'s who did such hideous things to you and even worse things to others ... then tears of joy you were free, tears and blessings for the good man who looked after you - after such horrors so good to know such goodness and purity of heart and kindness and honesty still exist in the world.
Now there must be JUSTICE!

Anonymous said...

he had voted to Ahmadinejad and was deifying Khamenei but after election and by hearing such stories had changed his opinion and i was the first one to tell him my story directly ,but the previous stories he just heard of them indirectly and he told me about Traneh Mousavi and said cruelty won't remain. He is now one of my best Friends.

this is why the regime is doomed

Renegade Eye said...

I read this blog daily, so I added a link to it on my blogroll.


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Richard said...

Nice Brecht quote. He sounded good but was only a paper Marxist. He fled Germany in 1933 fearing persecution by the Nazis. Iran's young protesters have suffered so many casualties in generally peaceful protest that they might weigh how much different the cost would have been for waging a violent insurrection. Arms wouldn't have been much of a problem with Iran's poorly guarded borders with Iraqi Kurdistan and Afghanistan. Arming would probably cost nothing as the IRI has many enemies. Bold talk will get you killed without much cost to your opponents. Maybe it's become time to consider other options

Anonymous said...

It is certainly interesting for me to read the blog. Thank you for it. I like such themes and anything that is connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

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