Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Unity, struggle, victory

by:Asal Akhavan

Eras are passing by , the huge plans of powerful men will be stopped finally and they will be dead themselves just like blood thirsty roosters , eras are passing by and spear force is not working anymore" Bertolt Brecht*

Systematic effort to warn all classes under the domination of major political stances and prohibiting of their participation in political and economical decision-making processes has been a fixed part of government policy in Pahlavi and current regime of Iran .IRI truly can be the thing that Marx calls it "Bonaparte government",kind of government which is completely separated from civil society and doesn't reliance on any specific class ,Bonaparte government generally comes into power through coup and collects majority of its mercenaries in Marx interpretation from proletariat lumpen ,since government "Bonaparte dictatorship" is beyond class,dealing with it also needs a beyond class movement,during the last 30 years labors and toilers and workers of Iran have been under pressure and repression more than any other classes but this fact should be accepted that repression process has not been included to worker and leftist forces movement only,other social movements like women movement and else intellectual and political forces also have been under repression less and more.Exactly this is the reason that recent movement of Iranians against strangulation and despotism which showed up following the June 12th coup ,practically became "all dissidents" movement with every class and intellectual basis.All the under repression forces worker movement activists ,women and students activists , religious and non-religious leftist , religious and non-religious liberals , government reformists , radical opposition, secular intellectuals , dissidents clerics even women whom have chosen to have hijab and women who want to have the right not to put on hijab * all and every one have joined to general protest against Islamic fetishism.

The recent movement of Iran people not only does not have any relation to US imperialism but also it does have root in continuity of all social and political progressive forces of Iran.A major part of these anti-imperialism forces also are in the heart of this movement and among the people,now Iranians have achieved an extensive and final sociality for dismissal current usurper rulers ,in current movement of intellectuals , political elites and activists of all social movements realized that at least in this stage they have to achieve a tactic coalition against Islamic fascism and help whole society not to get into fall position more than this.

We should accept that all social movements and political forces need guaranteed minimum of rights and civil liberties for development and increase, Iran left movement by achieving these minimums and its own effective organization in the form of unions ,media and parties can use these rights and liberties to reach to its most important goal which is fighting against capitalism and imperialism , that is why major part of progressive leftists have decided to fight along others in this unity and coalition to get social and political liberties and rights, There is no doubt that going far left and extremely left and going far right and extremely right would be most important pests to recent movement of Iran nation, as a Marxist ,I think achieving these rights and liberties for left movement of Iran is necessary and vital ,that's why i don't accept some friend's opinions about dismission from this movement just because of presence of some liberal right activists in it ,this is an untimely criticize and i think at the moment people's issue is not Marxism or liberalism .

Issue is not even about Mousavi being president or not ,however Mousavi and some others such as Karoubi sort of have had an acceptable performance but the real leader of this movement is mass of people whom are being organized wonderfully and actually are making people like Mousavi and Karoubi and other political activist and intellectuals follow them,in such conditions that people are sacrificing ,going to jail , getting tortured and getting killed on the streets to adjudicate their rights ,duty of left movement of Iran is not anything rather than accompanying people ,trying not to lose unity against Islamic fascism and fighting against divisions and differences in movement ranks.

At the same time we have to try not to get permutation in this unity also we have to put all our efforts for continuing this general fighting and maintaining unity of all intellectuals , political activist and social classes till the final victory to Islamic fascism and religious fundamentalism happens. We do not lose the main goal and at the same time with a realistic method continue the struggle and fight.

PS: Slogan " with Hijab ,without Hijab / death to dictator" which is being chanted in people's protests is an obvious example of this social continuity .


mtricks said...

This government by a military ruling class is more like Plato's Republic. Bush was the American puppet for the Neo -Conservative attempt to install one in the US. Ahmedinejad is the Iranian version.

Nastaran said...

Too wordy; this needs to be rewritten and simplified. It reads like an academic thesis, rather than opinion.

christinA eijkhout said...

A very good post, but what Nastaran says.
Cut it and write 3 small out of 1 big.
One view classes, one with the politic view and one with womanview.

Richard said...

Hey Guys,
If you read Marx, it's Lumpen Proletariat not proletariat lumpen. You have the cart in front of the horse. All power flows from the barrel of a gun. Chanting while an obviously pleasant social activity of Iranian youth is an essentially meaningless. Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and Zasulich never were reported to have engaged in chanting in preference to more productive revolutionary behavior

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