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Iran Uprising Blogging...Friday 21th August!


Disclaimer: The authors of Persopolis 2.0 were inspired by the work of Marjane Satrapi. This does not imply, however, that the views expressed here reflect her own.

Since the Revolution in 1979, Iranians have coped with an increasingly repressive regime. Attempts for greater social and political freedoms have resulted in brutal crackdowns by the hardline government. The ensuing apathy and significant boycott of the 2005 presidential elections led to the election of the ultraconservative mayor of Tehran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad...


  • 40th Cermony for Sohrab A'rabi at night (19th Aug)

  • Secretly burial of dozens of anonymous lost lives in Beheshte Zahra
Bodies of dozens of lost lives in recent events on 12th and 13th of July secretly and without any individual identification buried at piece 302 of Tehran Beheshte Zahra while dozens of family are looking for their loved ones and there ar eno news about them or their whereabouts and it seems that no one is responsible for those missing people.

one of Beheshte Zahra organization personnel has said that on 12th and 13th of July some corpses and under severe security management transferred to this cemetery and by compulsory issuing of burial license for them have been buried at peice 302 of Beheshte Zahra.In the list of buried people on the mentioned dates , the total number of 44 are anonymous .
  • Prevention of Treatment of Political Prisoners by Ministry of Information
Physical condition of Ali Moezi 57 year old, political prisoners is so serious that has made the observer judge of prison medical center to ask for his immediate transfer to an outside hospital. Human rights activists published a report which indicates this political prisoner’s bad physical situation. This statement also indicates that Mr. Moezi is one of the political prisoners from the 60’s (80’s) which due to harsh tortures; his kidneys are damaged and his physical condition has gotten worse since 20 days ago. This report in regard to preventing Mr. Moezi to a hospital after 20 days indicates; in following up by Mr. Moezi and other political prisoners in the same cell, they have been told his transfer to a hospital has been denied by the ministry of information.
  • IRGC Commander: doubt in elections was designed in laboratory of espionage
Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander in a new statement said «the IRGC and Basij can not sit and let enemies of the revolution to chase the change issue and create a diversion to the true revolution through the cultural and political issues.»
Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari in a gathering of Basij and IRGC commanders in Mazandaran province, while was emphasizing on duties and missions of Basij on developments after the election said: «The story of creation doubt in the elections was implementation of instructions which were designed in the anti-revolution and espionage labs outside Iran and some within the country were responsible for its implementation .»
  • Ahmad Zeiabadi,35 days in solitary ,17 days hunger strike
On monday Zeidabadi's wife visited him in Evin prison for 20 minuts after 64 days .
She says : he is not in the real bad situation but also not very well ,he has been in a solitary cell for 35 days without hearing anything and in complete silence which has not been like the last time he has been in jail in year 2000and he had gone on hunger strike for the first 17 days in detention to show his objection for illegally arresting him but in the prison clinic the doctor has told him that no one knows about his strike so he accepted to eat some thing .He also has said that recently they gave him testamentary of Imam Khomeini to read which is good because at least he has something to read and has said that he is getting used to the situation.
  • Ahmadinejad introduced his proposed ministers to Parliament
Radio Farda: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday night handed the list of 21 proposed ministers for presence in 10th cabinet over to the presidium of the Iranian Parliament and among them only 7 are the ninth cabinet ministers .
Ahmadinejad handed the list over to the parliament after the supposed time which caused Bahonar ,vice president of parliament to cmplain about this matter .
In the proposed list only 5 ministers are in their former positions as 9th cabinet.
  • Despite of news rumors Mohammad Reza Jalai Pour has not been released
Third Wave : Despite of rumors which have been published by some of the news sites since yesterday afternoon about releasing of Mohammad Reza Jalaei Pour and based on latest news received from his family despite of providing heavy bail of 200 million Toomans (appr USD 200,000) he has not been released yet.
According to latest news received from Third Wave , Jalaei Poru's along with some friends from 5 pm yesterday till 2am this morning were being waited in front of Evin prison for him to get released as they have been promised to but after 9 hours of waiting no one responded them but they think Mohammad Reza will be released in the next couple of days.
  • Increasing of physical and psychological pressure on Keyvan Samimi
Reporters committee of human rights :According to latest received news,Keyvan Samimi who believes that his activities have been in the framework of constitutions , doesn't accept his arresting as a legal act and has not co-operated with his interrogator and as a result Keyvan has been under pressure to confess and has being beaten up and transferred to solitary repeatedly.

According to reporters from reporters committee of Human Rights, he was arrested in the evening of 14 June following an onslaught to his home and breaking the door of his house and after confiscation his personal belongings and his PC ,he was transferred to Evin detention.Now it's been more than 2 months that he has been in ward 209 of Evin detention and during this time he just has been able to contact his family twice and also visit them twice.

His interrogator is trying to make him confess through his family and putting them under pressure.
  • Every day gatherings of the recent detainees in front of Evin prison and Revolutionary Court of Islamic Republic
Fight committee for political prisoners freedom:Due to the revealed news about the vast of torture and rape in prisons of Islamic Republic of Iran , prisoner's families concerns about their loved one's lives more than ever . More than 100 members of the families of political prisoners gathered in front of Evin prison and Revolutionary Court of Islamic Republic on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and requested freedom for all political prisoners.No one responses to these families and authorities just trying to ignore people by telling them ,there's no news about your prisoners yet and when we got any news from them we'll let you know.But prisoner's concerns now is not to visit them , the families think that their loved ones lives are in danger in prison and they are not accepting any thing rather than their freedom. This committee encourages every one to go and join them in front of Evin and other prisons and chant the slogan " political prisoners should be freed "
  • Khoozestan governor reaction to serial murders : the main reason of women security issues are women
Khouzestan governor believes that the main reason of occurrence of murders and security issues for women is that women don't observe safety issues and also said we can not put one police officer for each woman to protect her and added I don't believe that the women security in Khouzestan province is in danger and all are about not observing some issues from women side.
He also said : The serial murders in Abadan and Mahshahr cities were done by some psycho people and police can not diagnosis every one's mental issues.women has to go home early at nights and if some wants to go home 11 pm and something happens to her , it's her fault.
  • Records of one of the proposed ministers:sister's Basij person in charge at Karaj Azad University
Ahmad Tavakoli by indicating to 6 of the proposed ministers by president said: by introducing these 6 people , we can guess that the level of cabinet will not be extent enough for requisite efficient of government and this is not a good sign.
This member of fundamentalists fraction in parliament has said to ISNA news agency : some of those who are in this list has not had even one day of executive job.The highest and only executive job which proposed minister of welfare ministry has is person in charge of women Basij at Karaj Azad University and her field of study is clinical psychology . How could it be possible for her to run such a main and important ministry ?
  • Extensive summoned of the students to disciplinary committee in Mazandaran University
Secular news: During the past two days disciplinary committee of Mazandaran University has summoned lots of students.According to received news they are about 50 students which is unexampled It should be mentioned that many of these students are political-social activists who have been arrested during the protests at university and some of them has the experience of summonsing to disciplinary committee.

Some of the names of summoned students are as follows:

1.Milad Moeeni2.Maziar Yazdani Panah3.Shovaneh Merikhi4.Rahman Yaghoubi5.Ali Nazari 6.Milad Hosseini Keshtan7.Alireza Kiani8.Ali Adineh Vand9. Ali Donyari10.Seyed Yousef Jafari
11.Ali Abasi12.Mehdi Davoudian13.Mehdi Takdam14.Sogand Alikhah15.Ehsen Ehsani16.Mohammad Fekri17.Marjan Fayazi18.Sadeq Hakimzadeh19.Yasaman Tohidian
20.Siavash Safavi21.Arnoush Azrahimi
  • Tehran does not allow anyone to visit three detained Americans
Representative of US Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Iran has not let any kind of meeting to happen with three American citizens whom have been detained late July because of illegal entering to Iran land through Kurdistan .
It should be mentioned that three tourist have claimed that they have entered to Iran accidentally and according to Iran commitments within the framework of the Vienna convention dated 1963 Iran government should let representatives of Swiss Embassy in Tehran to see American citizens.US officials are worried about these three tourists health and security conditions.
  • Execution of 4 people in Tehran and Isfahan
Names of 4 executed people in Tehran and Isfahan are Mehdi and Moharram Ali (Tehran) and Meysam and Mansour (Isfahan). 3 of them were accused of murder and one of them (Mansour) was accused of transport, storage and sale of 294 grams of heroin and addiction to drug.
Total of 225 executions have occurred this year in Iran and in world statics after China,Iran has the largest number of executions .
  • Number of Patients with swine flu in Iran reached to 238 people
While number of patients with swine flu in Iran has gone beyond 200 people, health officials say, swine flu has had no victims so far.
Mehr News Agency reported by Mohammad Mahdi Gooya Head of fight management against infectious diseases Center of Ministry of Health , announced on Thursday that none of the patients with Swine flue have died so far.
Earlier a health official in the province of Hormozgan had said about death of a pregnant woman because of Swine influenza in Qeshm Island.
  • Kayhan newspaper seizure was denied
Kayhan newspaper is not banned.
Director of Public relations of public and revolutionary Prosecution office of Tehran ,Thursday night announced on IRIB News that Kayhan newspaper seizure request is denied. Seyed Abolhassan Pour Hosseini by denying the published news in some Internet sites emphasized : no order has been issued in this case.
  • Wood industry protesting workers in Shahroud by sleeping on the ground blocked Rajaee street
Secular news: based on received news , following the protest movement of almost 60 workers of Paeezan wood industry company and sleeping on the ground ,Rajaee street was blocked for couple of minutes.

These staffs had gathered and protested because of not receiving their own money and its interest and workers and labors for not receiving their salary .

Managers of this company after taking billions of Toomans from people through the futures contract and monthly payment of 20-25 percent interest now by bankruptcy excuse don't give people's money back and don't pay the company workers.
During this gathering which took 5 hours , gathered people were chanting some slogans.According to some of the protesters because of collusion between company manager(Masoumi) and prosecutor and Police ,these organizations avoid follow-up of this matter and no one is responsible for people's damages.
Finally this gathering finished by Police intervention at 3 pm and 3 of protesters were arrested .
Based on last received news protesters gathered in front of office of this company located at Rajaee street on 20 August.
  • Protests in the town of Apadana at the time of introducing members of new cabinet
At the same time of live interview of president with IRIB after the 9 pm news from channel one about new cabinet members of 10th government and introducing them and their records by Ahmadinejad ,people demonsrated once again at the town of Apadana.They were chanting " Death to dictator" , "death to Ahmadi" ," Freedom of thought ,won't happen through the window" and " our pain is your pain, join us people".

They also chanted "allaho akbar" and sang "Yaare Dabestani"song together.

Thursday morning also was the 40th day of Sohrab's burial at Beheshte Zahra.
  • Ahmadinejad's speech was replied by the slogan "death the dictator "
Democracy and Human rights activists inIran : According to the news from Iran at the time of beginning of Ahmadinejad's speech , people's protest began too and from every part people were chanting"Allaho akbar"and "death to dictator".In some streets people showed their objection by honking their car horns.
Some areas of Tehran participated in chanting are :Tehran Pars,Sattar Khan,Azadi,Tohid,Keshavarz Blvd,Vanak,Fatemi ,Mirdamad,Seid Khandan,Velenjak,Qazvin st,Azari,Yaft Abad,Moniriyeh,Khayam,Pounak,Tajrish,Elahiyeh,Farmaniyeh,Jomhouri,Fayaz Bakhsh and Narmak.
People also pretested in other cities as well : Isfahan,Shiraz,Ahvaz,Abadan,Kermanshah ,Qazvin and some other cities.
  • The nominee defense minister of coup government is being chased by Interpol
Name of general Ahmadi Vahidi the proposed defense minister of coup President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad whom have been introduced to 8th Parliament ,is in the international police (Interpol) list of people whom are being prosecuted and the red warning has been issued for them.
Ahmadi Vahidi commander of Sepahe Qods (Sepah international branch)is accused of co-operation for bombing in Jewish Center in Argentina which 85 people have been killed and more than 200 got injured .This verdict has been issued by Interpol on 17 November 2007 and he has being chased since then along with 4 other Islamic Republic officials.
  • Trial of worker activists with political accusations
However ,trial of worker activists on political charges is not something new but repeating such trials and issuing indictments with imaginary charges will not be a response to worker society's demands to their basic rights(house and food)and it just will force workers to ask for non-trade demands.
Charges of president and spokesperson of labor union management are propaganda against regime through interviews with foreign media,relationship with enemies of regime , form an illegal union and tempting workers against regime officials.
  • Despite the Press TV rumors Kian Tajbakhsh was not released
Azadi Wave: last Saturday 15 August government TV of Iran ,Press TV announced that Kian Tajbakhsh has been released on bail bond but is not allowed to leave the country.

This report of Press TV is false.Kian is still in jail and there doesn't have a lawyer yet.His family and friends are not aware of his accusations and the period he will be kept in jail.
  • Tehran temporarily Friday Imam asked for arresting people who called them as "riot root"and " mother of corruption" in recent riots
Tehran temporarily Friday Imam asked for arresting people who called them as "riot root"and " mother of corruption" in recent riots.

Ayatollah Janati in this week Friday prayers sermons by indicating to the introducing and valediction ceremony for former and new heads of judiciary and by expressing that in that ceremony some good factors mentioned , thanked Ayatollah Shahroudi for 10 years of service in judiciary and said today's justice is the main problem of regime and of course main problem of human in whole history and if justice could be executed then 90 percent of issues will be solved.
  • Releasing of Jila Baniyaghoub ,concern for Ahmad Zeid Abadi and no news from Bahman Ahmadi Amoueai
Jila Bani Yaghoub was released on 100 million Toomans bail bond and now is temporarily free till her trial session.
There's still no news about Bahman Ahmadi Amoueai except that he is still at ward 209 of Evin prison.
On the other hand Ahmad Zeid Abadi is in the real bad situation ,he who was arrested on 14 June in his last visit with his family told them he has been in a cell like grave for 35 days and recently he has gone on hunger strike for 17 days and while he was at prison clinic the doctor told him that no one knows about his strike so he accepted to eat some thing but his family is so worried about him .
And all the journalist whom are free on bail could be arrested any time again till their trials held.
  • Names and identities of killed people during the recent protests

Secular News:

1.Neda Aqasoltan (Feb 1983-June 2009 Tehran)
During the popular protests to election result on Saturday 20 June at Amirabad area (North Kargar St , intersection of Shahid Salehi and Khosravi alley ) was shot dead."Neda" inside and outside Iran is known as a symbol, symbol of voice of democracy finder's protest in these protests.
Place of Burial :Beheshte Zahra ,part number 257 Row 41

2.Sohrab A'arabi
19-year-old young boy ,He was a senior high school student and was getting ready for university entrance exam.During the revolutionary uprising on 20 June detains and transfers to an unknown location.After his family and particularly his mother's sequent follow-ups ,they recognize that he is in Evin prison.His mother even by put a amount of money as a bail in revolution court on Tuesday 7 July everyday goes to Evin prison and waits for Sohrab to get released .However she knew that his son is in Evin but she was worried and used to say I am afraid that they kill my child.She had a photo of Sohrab with herself and was showing it to the released people and asking them if they know him or have seen him in the jail?she used to say "where ever i go and whoever i ask ,no one responses ,they just say wait he will be free".She used to go to Evin prison and wait there from the morning to evening till one day she and his son(brother of Sohrab) went to Shapour police station and his brother identified his photo between the killed people's photo album in the police center.

3.Ashkan Sohrabi(1989-2009)
He was a young boy who was shot dead by 3 bullets on his chest during the popular protests to election results on Saturday 20 June .His sister has said about his murder and her last time of seeing his brother: I and my mom were at home . He was just back from gym and told us people are protesting on the streets and every where fire can be seen ,he said he got home with trouble and special guard forces have closed all the streets and dispersing people.My mother wanted me to prevent him from him going back on street . I tried my best to change his mind but every second streets were getting busier .people were going to allies and people's houses to be safe.we were hearing different slogans and every where was full of voice of shooting and smell of tear-gas. I asked Ashkan not to go on street but he said his last word and went out of home" don't worry, I'll be back"
Place of burial : part 257, row 50 ,No,19

4.Taraneh Mousavi(1981-2009)
Taraneh a young girl whom was arrested in the gathering in front of Qoba mosque by plain-clothes and Basij forces after few weeks of ignorance was finally found.There's nothing left from her burned body at Qazvin's country side .Police forces by threatening her family has made them to be silent.Some other detainees have claimed that they have seen her for the last time at Baisj base domicile and during the interrogation.Basij forces afterward separated her from the others and raped her.She was raped by number of Basijis and for several times and in a most brutal form.She lost her consciousness because of the severity of damages to her uterus and vaginal.When basijis saw that her health condition is not good , they transferred her to Imam Khomeini hospital of Karaj city in a hope that they can claim that the rupture in her uterus and vagina and anus is caused by car accident.In the hospital and by doctor's examination ,it becomes clear that damages have not been caused by car accidents and actually she has been raped.Basij forces whom had became so frightened and worried by consultation with their higher authorities , take Taraneh's selfless and unconscious body out with them and warn all the hospital personnel not to talk about it with anyone.But a nurse who doesn't want her name to be revealed identifies Taraneh Mousavi.Basih forces take Taraneh to one of solitude deserts around Qazvin and while she has been unconscious rape her again and then pour fuel on her lifeless body and burn her to remove and take away all the signs of rape.

5.Kianoush Asa
He was born in Kermashah in 1984 and was studying in fourth semester , M.Sc of Chemical Engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology .He disappeared on Monday 15 June in Tehran and at Azadi Sqand was identified by his family on 24 June in morgue of Forensic Medicine .Asa was shot dead by plain-clothes.His body is buried in Kermanshah.A commemorative ceremony in the occasion of his dead was held in University of Science and Technology on June 28 despite of widespread threats of university officials and the Ministry of Information.
6.Yaghoub Barvayeh(1982-2009)
Masters degree student in theater at Tehran University of Art and Architecture , on 25 June was shot by Basij forces from the rooftop of the Lolagar mosque.He was injured in head and immediately transferred to Loqman hospital but despite doctor's effort to save his life he was brain dead .He was born in Ahvaz and was second child in the family , he was born in 1982 and was only 27 years old when he died .According to what was written in some news sites he was under complete control by government agents while he was treating at hospital but he didn't survive .He just opened his eyes few minutes before he dies and told her mom : I was killed for freedom...and closed his eyes forever.It was said that security agents delivered hid dead body and took to an unknown location and finally after 48 hours informed his family that he has been buried .Agents made his family committed not to inform anyone of his dead and no to hold any kind of ceremony for him.

7.Mohammad Kamrani
He was a 18-year-old teenager whom were arrested in post-election unrest on 9 July around Valie Asr Sq and transferred to Kahrizak detention.Based on what his family has said,while Mohammad was almost half dead his body was full of baton and torture signs ,he was tied up to bed in hospital that may not be able to escape.With his family's efforts finally they can transfer him from Loqman hospital to Mehr hospital .But in Mehr hospital doctor tell his family that infection is all over his body and there's no hope for him to get healed and he dies in less than 3 hours on 16 June.

8.Mehdi Karami
He was one of those whom was killed in post-election protests to election results.He was shot dead in throat on Monday evening 15 June at the intersection of Janat Abad and Kashani streets in Tehran , his age was 25 as Human rights activists group of Iran have said..

9.Mostafa Ghanyan
Student in engineering at Sharif University whom was killed during the Revolutionary Guard and police forces attack to Tehran University dormitory on 15 June . Place of burial: Mashhad.

10.Mohsen Rouholamini Najafabadi
He is one of those who were killed in post-election events and in Evin prison.He was a relinquishment student of Computer science at Tehran University and was arrested on 9 July gathering and transferred to Evin prison and on 23 July his body was delivered to his family ,He was son of Abdolhossein Rouholamini , head of Iran Pastor institute and member of Islamic revolution devotees society and also election consultant for Mohsen Rezai.

11.Bahman Jenabi
20-year-old and was employee in central heating installation and repairs shop.Eyewitnesses say that he was shot dead by plain-clothes during the anti IRI protests.

12.Meysam Ebadi
17-year-old teeager who was killed at Tajrish Sq n Tehran on 13 June in post-election protests.

13.Masoud Hashemzadeh
He was one of those who were killed in post-election events on 20 June . He was shot dead by government forces .He was 27 years old when died and had a diploma in empirical science and as his brother says he was active in music and drawing fields and has been 9 years that he used to play glockenspiel(a tradition music instrument called Santour in Farsi)

14.Amir Javadifar
He was born in 1984 and was a Industrial management student at Azad university in Qazvin city .On 9 July and in 16 Azar St after beating up by plain-clothes and security forces transferred to hospital while he was injured and after about 1 hour being at hospital and while his family were worried about him transferred to an unknown location.In the morning of 25 July his family were informed to go to Kahrizak morgue for identifying and delivering the body .

15.Naser Amirnejad(1983 - 15 June 2009 ,Tehran)
He was sudent of Air and Space at Tehran Science and Research University and was killed during the
Tehran people demonstration at Azadi Sq on 15 June ( he was shot dead by the Basij forces at the beginning of Mohammad Ali Jenah St).His body was buried in Yasouj city on 19 June.

16.Hossein Tahmasbi
He was a 25-year-old young boy whom was killed due to attack of armed agents of government and because of the impacts of getting beaten up by them on 15 June and in Nobahar St in Kermanshah city.Hossein was killed because of repeated impacts of batons to his head by Islamic Republic police forces .He had not voted for any of candidates and that day he had came on to the streets to protest against tyranny and suppression in Islamic Republic.One of hossein's friends says hundreds of people saw him die.

17.Davoud Naeem Abadi
He was shot dead by murderes of Ashoora 117 battalion at Azadi sq and on 21 June his family delivered his body.

18.Davoud Sadri
He was 27 years old and was shot on 15 June and during the million people of Tehran protests and transferred to Imam Ali hospital .On Saturday 21 June his family go to hospital to bring him back home that face he is dead .On Sunday 22 June his body gets buried at martyrs paradise cemetery in Malard city.There's some reports about his family getting charged by 350 thousands Toomans(appr USD 350) for bullet price and 6 million Toomans(appr USD 6000 ) for delivering Davoud's body to his family.And also based on reports his family have been received an offer to announce him as Basiji and that he was killed by ordinary people.

19.Saeed Abasi Fargolchi
24-year-old ,bags and shoes sale-man,resident of Roudaki(Sarsabil Street) and single are identities of one of those whom has been killed on bloody Sunday in Tehran.Saeed was shot dead against Pasargad bank in Roudaki street intersection of Boustan Sa'adi . He was a worker at Aram shoes in Roudaki street south of Dampezeshki street .

20.Behzad Mohajer
He was one of those who were arrested at 25 June .His family after 46 days not being informed of him identified him at Kahrizak morgue.Behzed was 47 years old and during the 46 days his family had looked for him in revolutionary court , Evin prison and judgical centers but the authorities had not given them any clear answer.According to Amirkabir Newsletter after 47 days of harassment to his family ,Behzad's body was showed to his sister .
Mohajer family emphasized that Behzad's body delivered to Forensic Medicine on 21 June but till after 46 days they had not told his family anything about Behzad.It seems that he was shot dead in chest.His body was buries at part 208 in Beheshte Zahra.

21.Sajjad Qaed Rahmati
He was killed in popular protests after election in Iran and at Azadi Sq.Sajjad originally was from Doroud city in Lorestan province and was living in there with his family.He gad gone to Theran because of poverty and to find a job .

22.Ramin Ghahramani
He was born at 1979 and was residing at Shahrara street in Tehran.In the post-election conflicts agents who had identified him by a surveillance camera in a bank go to his home to arrest him but he has not been in there so agents tell his mother that he has to turn himself in . After 15 days of turning himself in to police he was released with a body full of torture signs, He was died 2 days after his releasing from jail because of his injuries.He had told his mother that he has been hanged for several days by his leg,Rahim Ghahramani after releasing form jail died because of the blood clots in his lungs.His family are under severe pressure no to publish the death of their child.They buries Ramin under severe security measures . It was so bad that they even have not been allowed to cry loudly on his grave and 5 of his family members because of these kind of pressures suffered from neurological pressers and some went to hospital.

23.Kambiz Sho'aeei
During the attack of Ansar Hezbollah and plain-clothes to Tehran university dormitory on 14 June at night ,he was beaten up by those mentioned forces and passed away.His body secretly was buried in Beheshte Zahra.

24.Hossein Akbari
He is one of those people who were killed after arresting during the post-election protests.
All that happened while his family by going repeatedly to revolutionary court and Evin detention and other detentions in Tehran could not get any information about him and his whereabouts till 21 July.
On 22 July through a phone call ,his family was informed of his death and they have been asked to go to Imam Khomeini hospital to deliver their child's body .Hossein was dead of brain stork and there were some baton signs on his body.Also his exact date of dead is not known .His body was buried on Sunday morning 26 July in Beheshte Zahra part 219 and beside his mother.

25.Alireza Eftekhari
24-year-old,who was disappeared during the recent uprising and after 25 days of not knowing about his whereabouts by his family ,his body was delivered on Monday 13 July .

26.Hossein Akhtar Zand
Hossein is one of those who were killed in the recent events in Isfahan,Lobnan mosque area .He was single and used to pay the costs for his family(mother and sisters and brothers)

27.Hamid Madah Shorche
He was student and along with some other people did Tahason(sit in a place in order to show objection to in Goharshad mosque and was arrested by security forces. he was under torture during the time in jail ,he died in the same day that he was released from detention because of his severe injuries.Forensic medicine announced his dead reason as brain bleeding and his memorial ceremony was held on 5 July.

28.Mostafa Kiarostami
He was 22 years old young boy who participated in Friday prayer on 17 July and died of baton impact,he got beaten up by Basij and plain-clothes forces in front of Tehran university and he has not been able to go back home so calls his mother and ask for help .But when his mother brings him home recognizes that he's not fine and brings him to Kasra hospital but he dies of brain bleeding but reason for his dead announced as brain stroke

29.Amirhossein Toufanpour
He was arrested by security forces on 20 June and on street.Based on statements of eye witnesses first mercenaries severely beat him up and break his hand in a form that his hand hangs from his body and then shoot him in the head and murder him.His place of burial is part 233 in Bheshte Zahra.His family has being asked for 24 million Tooman bullet price but his family did not accept to pay that money and have told mercenaries to bury him where ever they want.

30.Alireza 12-year-old juvenile died of baton impact
Alireza had gone with his father to Beheshte Zahra to participate in fortieth day of recent martyrs repression. While they were coming back for a moment his hand separates from his father's hand and exactly in this moment he dies of baton impact ,he had brain bleeding and then died while he was just 12.

31.Parisa Kolli
25-year-old ,was graduated with literature degree was shot dead in her neck on Sunday 21 June at Keshvarz Blvd and was buried on Tuesday 23 June at part 259.

32.Mohammad Hadadi
24-yaer-old,was computer programs designer and was shot dead in forehead on saturday 20 June in Nosrat street and buried at part 262 on Tuesday 23 June.

33.Mohammad Nikzadi
22-year-old , civil graduated was shot dead in chest on Tuesday 16 June at Vanak sq and buried on Saturday 20 June in part 257.

34.Mohammad Hossein Barzegar
25-year-old ,was shot dead in head on 17 July at Hafte Tir sq and buried on Sunday 21 June in part 302.

35.Iman Hashemi
27 years old was shot dead in eye on Saturday 20 June in Azadi street and buried on Wednesday at part 259 on 24 June.
36.Ali Shahedi
24-year-old , after arresting transferred to police station in Tehranpars on Sunday 21 June and died there because of unknown reason , forensic medicine announced his death reason as unknown but his family believe that he died of baton impacts,he buried in part 257 on 25 June.

37.Vahed Akbari
34 years old ,married and father of a 3 years old girl, was shot dead in stomach on Saturday 20 June in anak street and buried on Tuesday 23 June in part 261.

38.Seyed Reza Tabatabaee
30 years old ,bachelor of accounting,was shot dead in head on 20 June in Azarbayjan street annd buried on Wednesday 24 June in part 259.

39.Abolfazl Abdollahi
21 years old , was shot dead in back of head in front of Sanati Sharif university and buried on 23 June in part 248.

40.Nader Naseri
Died on 20 June in Khosh street ,place of burial Babol city .

41.Salar Tahmasbi
27 years old ,was shot dead in forehaed on saturday 20 June in Jomhouri street ,buried on Monday 23 June in part 254.

42.Kaveh Alipour
19 years old ,was killed on 20 June in Tehran .Based on Wall street journal reports :Iran government for delivering his body to his family requested for USD 3000 as bullet price.

43.Vahid Reza Tabatabaee
29 years old , was shot dead in head on 24 June at Baharestan sq , buried on 27 June in part 308

44.Fahimeh Salahshour
25 years old ,was dead of baton impact and internal bleeding in Vali Asr street after transferring to hospital on 15 June ,buried on 17 June in part 266.

45.Shalir Khezri
Student ,originally from Piranshahr city ,died in the attack of regime forces to Tehran university dormitory on 16 June ,buried in Piranshahr by his family.

46.Fatemeh Barati
During the attack of Ansar Hezbollah and plain-clothes to Tehran university dormitory on 14 June was beaten up and died ,she was buried secretly without informing her family.

47.Kasra Sharqi
During the attack of Ansar Hezbollah and plain-clothes to Tehran university dormitory on 14 June was beaten up and died ,she was buried secretly without informing her family.

48.Sarvar Boroumand
58 years old who was with her daughter during the shooting at Mohammad Ali Henah street on 15 June was shot dead.Her husband Ebrahim Rajab Pour says : my wife and my daughter were shot in back and throat when we received they both were in blood and doctors said they were dead at the same time they got shot.

49.Fatemeh Rajabpour
38 years old who was with her mother during the shooting at Mohammad Ali Henah street on 15 June was shot dead.Her father Ebrahim Rajab Pour says : my wife and my daughter were shot in back and throat ,when we received they both were in blood and doctors said they were dead at the same time they got shot.

50.Farzad Jashni
A young boy from Ilaam (son of Jaafar) who was working in Tehran ,died due to rejim's forces attack .
his body was buried on 19th of June in Abdanan with high security managements and without informing anyone.

51.Mohsen Imani
During the attack of Ansar Hezbollah and plain-clothes to Tehran university dormitory on 14 June was beaten up and died ,she was buried secretly without informing her family.

52.Mobina Ehterami
Student from Behbahan city in Tehran university ,during the attack of Ansar Hezbollah and plain-clothes to Tehran university dormitory on 14 June was beaten up and died,her funeral was at 20 June in Behbahan .In her funeral her mother was crying and ask authorities not to let her daughter's blood got trampled.

53.Pouya Maqsoud Beigi
Student of Medical ciscience university . he was arrested on 20 June by security forces in Kermanshah and was under severe tortur in prison , he died after he got out of prison .
His mother (Behjat zahra nozari) covered herself in mud and rotested infront of Information office , she was arrested at 10 pm of the first day of her protest and there is no information availabel of her situation .

54.Tina Soudi
Student was shot dead on Saturday 20 June at Enqelab sq but regime agents told her family if you want her body back you have to say she died naturally

55.Saeed Esmaeeli Khanbebin
23 years old died of impacts to his head in Tehran events ,buried in Khan bebin city in Golestan province .No more details about his dead .

56.Masoud Khosravi
Died on 15 June and buried at Beheshte Zahra

57.Salar qorbani Param
22 years old ,died in recent demonstrations . Islamic Republic announced the reason of his dead car accident .His father has a shop in the corner of Refah bank at Enqelab sq.His ceremony was held at Mirdamah area.

58.Iman Namazi
Civil student at Tehran University, died on 25 June at Tehran University dormitory.

59.Maryam Mehr Azin
24 years old ,was shot dead at Azadi street.

60.Milad Yazdan Panah
30 years old ,was shot dead at Azadi street.

61.Hamed Besharati
26 years old,was shot dead at Azadi street.
62.Babak Sepehr
35 years old ,was shot dead at Azadi street.

63.Amir Kaviri
Graduated from comparative high school at Tehran.

64.Farzad Hashti
No information.

65.Neda Asadi
No information.

66.Moharam Chegini Qeshlaqi
Son of Mirza Qoli ,34-year-old ,buried at part 256 of Beheshte Zahra Row146 No. 13

67.Mohammad Hossein Feizi
Son of Qolamreza ,36 years old ,buried at part 257 of Beheshte Zahra Row 31 No. 25

68.Mr. Mo'azez
Is one of the martyrs who took part in Terran's protesting on 20 June . he was shot in his eyes and died for Iranian's freedom .

69.Ramin Ramezani
Son of Mehdi . 22 years old . Part 257 row 46 No.32

70.Arman Estakhri Poor
18 yrs old from Shiraz who was hitted by baton recently (no exact time of hitting) at Abiverdi valley and went into coma . he had gone to an old woman house to be safe ,on Monday 13 July died ,his body is buried om Tuesday 14 july at Darorahme in Shiraz, his reason of dead announced brain death .

71.Mehrdad Heidari
A journalist from Mashhad . Mehrdad had written some serious criticisms about intelligence ministry and security forces on Saturday 11 July and had objected about pressures on young people in case to make them confess . He was killed in a suspicious way on Sunday 12 July in Mashhad.According to reports of Internet sites ,Heidari who was earlier active in Khorasan newspaper , by invitation of Khorasane Razavi newspaper moved to the new place to work and was a fixed and active writer there.

72.Ali Fathalian
Place of death :in front of Lolagar mosque, Reside location: Roudaki st , shokoufe Alley

73.Jafar Barvayeh
Professor at Chamran university of Ahvaz and student of PHD at Tehran university whom was in Tehran to participate in some exams , participates in Baharestan demonstration on 28 June and was shot in the head and while was transferring to a hospital dies even before getting there,his body identified by one of his friends and transferred to Ahvaz and delivered to his family , his burial ceremony held by presence of security forces .

74.Hasan Kazemini
His grandfather in the name of Ali Kazemini during a open letter to press has written : few days a go my 19 years old grand son Hasan went on to the street along with the people who were thinking like him to protest for some thing they had lost .In an illegal gathering and some factors by claiming that this is an illegal gathering encountered with the present people there and Hasan did not come back home since then .

75.Comrade Alireza Davoudi
He was one of the freedom and equality fighters students in Isfahan and died on 29 July 2009 at the age of 26 in hospital.Comrade Alireza Davoudi was the editor of student newsletter "Rahe Khaki"at the university of Isfahan, lecturer and organizer of 8 March 2007 in Isfahan and lecturer and organizer of 4 December 2007 in Isfahan ,lecturer of 1st of May 2008 in Kamyaran and activist and organizer of worker protest in Isfahan.On 12 February 2009,Alireza Davoudi was detained by Intelligence agents in his residence city of Shahin Shahr in Isfehan at the same time of arresting of Mohamad Pour Abdolah , Alireza was released on a 100,000 USD bail bond on April 26. During Mr. Davoudi’s incarceration, he was subjected to psychological pressures by Intelligence investigators. Twenty days ago, Mr. Davoudi was hospitalized with severe depression, and he died on Monday, July 27. Medical staff declared the cause of his death as heart attack.


Anonymous said...

everything that happened to those people were too horrifying, unimaginable, quiverring and too evil. how on earth that those guards and jailers tortured, raped, beat, shot, murdered those innocent people whose only desire was freedom and change? that regime punishes the rapist, killers, murderers but why not punish them now? how were they able to pray to their God when the sins they commit was beyond this life? i shiver while reading these. it pains me no end. Oh Lord, have mercy to those still in prison being tortured endlessly. turn your hands on the torturers and make them suffer the most painful punishment.

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