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Third hearing session of some other detainees during the post-election events started at Tehran Islamic revolutionary court!

  • Third hearing session of some other detainees during the post-election events started at Tehran Islamic revolutionary court.

Since two weeks ago judiciary of the Islamic Republic has started trial of more than 100 of people in the name of"riot and turbulence factors"

according to what judiciary has said these people have been accused of trying to do velvet revolution and they have already confessed to it.

Many parties, political groups, clergies and some former officials of the Islamic Republic and human rights defender groups inside and outside of Iran have criticized this act of the Islamic Republic judiciary .

In the first session of this trial , prominent people from reformists faction such as Mohammad Ali Abtahi, former vice-presidency, Behzad Nabavi, a member of Islamic Revolution Mujahideen Organization, Mohsen Mirdamadi, general secretary of the Participation Front, Mohsen Amin Zadeh , former-deputy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mohammad Atrianfar, a senior member of Kargozaran party and some close people to Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, were present.

The second hearing session of recent events detainees also started last Saturday while a French citizen and an Iranian staff from France embassy along with Ali Tajernia ,former representative of parliament and member of Mousavi campaign ,Ahmad Zeid Abadi ,journalist, Shahabodin Tabatabaei ,head of Yari organization (Mousavi supporter),Hedayat Aqai,member of Kargozaran party and Javad Emam ,member of Participation Front were present in the court.

The trial of protesters to presidential election results at June 12 which its winner was declared as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad continues while many parties, political groups, clergies and some former officials of the Islamic Republic have criticized judiciary about making defendants to confess under pressure and torture.

Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri and Ayatollah Yousef Sane'ee ,two of Shiite authorities, have said that these trials have no Legitimacy and Mohammad Khatami ,former president of Iran and Islamic Revolution Mojahedin Organization have described them as "dramatic" and " pathetic show".

Declaration of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a winner of recent presidential elections caused such huge protests which has been unprecedented during the last 30 years to many analyzer's opinion.

While Ahmadinejad endorsed by supreme leader for the second time as president of Iran , objections to his election and suppression of protesters continue.

Official sources are saying that suppression of protesters to elections results caused at least 30 people's death while non-official sources have announced the number of killed people a lot more than this.

Fars news report on third trial:

1-Third hearing session of defendants of velvet coup case minutes ago started , this session started by reading of Quran and Sepehri representative of prosecutor read the general indictment.
Also in this hearing session some video and photos of rioter presence will be played and individual indictment for 20 people will be read .

2-Judge Salavati : based on law, fairness and justice, verdicts will be issued .
Trial judge of defendants of velvet coup case emphasized : Court is a impartial authority between the issued indictment by prosecutor and the defense of the defendants so based on law, fairness and justice, verdicts will be issued .
Head of court stipulated : as supreme leadership has stated ,the only powers above judge are God and the law; in today's session some of defendant's attorneys are presented whom the indictment also been communicated to them so they will discuss their defenses.

3-In the third hearing session of public trial for investigating the charges of accusers of velvet coup and with the aim of illumination of public opinions ,a video of some rioters actions in Tehran recent unrest played for attendance.
This clip showed how automobiles sat on fire , attack to public centers , attack to Basij site No.117 of Qods area, setting Lolagar mosque on fire,beating of Basij and police agents and damages to public properties.
Bold presence of one of failure candidate's fans and supporters in the riots was one of the most cogitable matter in this video.

4-Names of the present defendants in the third court hearing of velvet coup case defendant's charges which is holding right now are as follows:

1- Alireza Eshraghi
2 - Payam Deh Panah
3 - Meisam Ghorbani
4 - Yeqouqil Shaoulian
5 - Ziba Asgari
6 - Hossein Bastani Nejad
7 - Moosa Shah Karami
9 - Mordad Varshoee
10 - Iman Sohrabpour
11 - Iman Pourreza
12 - Mehdi Fattah Bakhsh
13 - Mohammad Reza Ismail Zadeh
14 - Hessam Termosi
15 - Mohammad Rasooli
16 - Hossein A'ezami
17 - Mehrdad Aslani
18 - Kamran Jahanbani
19 - Shahram Mvousivand
20 - Mohammad Darmanki Farahani
21 - Mehdi Moqimi
22 - Majid Moqimi
23 - Amir Hojati
24 - Fartash Farhadpoor
25 - Masoud Shemirani
26 - Akbar Ajdadi
27 - Mohsen Jafari
28 - Mehdii Morteza Pour

5-In continuance of the third hearing session of charges of defendants of velvet coup case and recent riots in Tehran , individual indictment for one of the defendants Mehrdad Aslani son of Gholamreza 22-year-old resident of Tehran was read by deputy of revolution public prosecutor.

Deputy of revolution public prosecutor said the reason for his charges are identifying him as one of the riot factors by agents ,be a member in vote organization and send messages to BBC channel , accept to participate in riots and criminal acts , defendant confessions to do the mentioned acts in his case and requested the maximum penalty for him .

Mehrdad Aslani along self-defense also pointed to some of his descriptions in the first trial on August 1st and said : I and my friends whom were in jail together believe that we were fooled by some political elites and parties and now by accepting my mistakes and faults ,apologize to supreme leader and my dear people of Iran .

Aslani said : One of the politicians has said that we are political elites and these are rioters and i wonder how we were important before the elections and now they are talking about us like this.

Mehrdad Aslani addressed to Mousavi ,one of the candidates of presidential elections 10th period : By claiming fraud in election and not obeying the law and breaking the law ,you planned this innovation and caused these events and made me and people like me to vote for you and based on these kind of talks made us go to the streets and disrupt public discipline and do something to make supreme leader upset and when we noticed waht we are doing ,we were in the middle of riots.

This defendant by expressing that supreme leader has said that we youth people will make the future of this country ,said : We are in jail today because we though Mousavi is telling the truth and now we are asking him , how he wants to response us and our families and what he will get in return after all the pain and suffer we went through ?

He also addressed to supreme leader said : We know you as our spiritual father and requesting you to forgive your children because of this first mistake,as you said in your lecture at Rajab 13th (Arabic calender) that we youth people are revolution children and yours as well.

He also demanded the supreme leader to send youth back to society by forgiving them and also wanted main factors of these events to be punished.

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