Thursday, August 13, 2009

Iran Uprising Blogging...Thursday 13 August!

  • News from Evin : more than 20 prisoners were released
Since yesterday about 20 prisoners has been released but there are no details about the names .The only released prisoners we know his name is Hamid Choubineh former member of Islamic association of Tehran university who got freed on bail and his lawyer confirmed his freedom.
But there are some news stating that half of freed people are female.
  • News from Evin : Maziar Bahari visited his family
Maziar Bahari journalist of News week magazine in Iran and documentary maker after 52 days being in jail , yesterday morning visited his mother and his brother in law in Evin prison.
Saleh Nikbakht ,his lawyer refering to the above news said after phone negotiation with some authorities and requesting from Tehran prosecutor ,they let his family to have a meeting with him and his mother has said he was fine and in a good mental situation . Nikbakht added : I have not been able to visit Maziar and read his file yet .
  • Security and severe pressure on Kianoush Asa's family
Kamran Asa ,Kianoush's brother by referring to strengthening of pressures on their family since the 40th day ceremony for Kianoush on last Thursday said the whole family have been in security police office for the last three days .
Kamran has been summoned to revolution court of Kermanshah on Tuesday to commit that they won't cause any riots and there were some rumors since Wednesday morning stating that Kamran has been arrested which has not been confirmed yet.
  • Bus company union and velvet coup
Tehran and country side Bus Company Union by publishing a statement criticized the subjects in the first hearing court indictment which had mentioned bus company union as an executive arm of velvet coup .
All these happening while bus company union's president and vice president Mansour Ossanlou and Ebrahim Madadi are in jail since first of May and they have been charged by act against nation security which is kind of being happened to all civil activists in the recent years .
In this statement also has indicated that if deputy of prosecutor condemned us to have relation to foreign countries and getting paid for participating in velvet coup and have evidence for that why they did not refer to that and did not clearly mention it in the incident.
This union is an independent union and doesn't lean on any group, party ,employers and government .And if any kind of injustice happens to a labor organization in any part of the world ,world unions support each other.
  • Mesbah Yazdi : obey the President is as obedience to God
Mohammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi one of the main supporter of Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad and one of the conservative clerics in Qom in the group of Basiji Artists has mentioned that as Supreme leader has beam of absent Imam-Mahdi- lights and also people accept him as Imam's replacement so they know that it's necessary to obey him as obedience to the absent Imam.
He added : When president received the supreme leader's edict , obey him is as obedience to God.
  • Ban Ki Moon sent a Congratulation message to Ahmadinejad
Reuters quoted from UN spokesman : Congratulations letter of UN General-Secretary has been sent on Monday.
But Marie Okabe , one of Ban Ki Moon's spoke-man said the letter was not the congratulations letter to Ahmadinejad and it has been sent as a tradition and it doesn't mean that we confirmed the election in Iran.
And in response to journalists where they wanted to see the letter ,she said that those kind of letters are confidential and non of them to no country has been revealed and seen by journalists.
  • Russian newspaper: Ahmadinejad is not viable , do not put eggs in his basket
This Russian newspaper has criticized authorities of Russia :why they have done somethings that Iranians know Russia as a pro-Ahmadinejad country and chanting slogan against Russia .Political journalist of this newspaper wanted authorities to review their policies before Iran while 2 months have passed from the election and change their position and accept that People in Iran doesn't like and want Ahmadinejad as their president and he's not popular as he was before.So now before it is too late they have to change their policies .
All these happening while there are some documents referring that velvet coup project has been designed by Russian authorities to remove opposition party in Iran and all are because Iran being important in region.
  • Letters of a group of Tehran judges to Hashemi Shahroudi : the ruins of Mr. Yazdi have become «land of dead people»
While only a few days to end of Hashemi Shahroudi responsibility course have remained in the Judiciary, a group of justice judges in Tehran province sent a criticizing letter to him about «show- similarly court » and «putting on trial tones of citizens», which they said «It's a shame to many of the judges of this land» and demanded a clear and transparent position of Head of the Judiciary in condemnation of these actions .
  • List of 100-person prohibited to be on IRIB
Despite of elite's advises about putting two party's problems and differences aside , IRIB directly and indirectly announced names of 100 artists and singer and actors who are prohibited to be on radio and TV.
  • Reports of today situation of Tehran grand bazzar
Today Wednesday ,Tehran grand bazzar was full of militia forces and some shops were closed but there was no gathering , all these happened because of some announcement referring to some gatherings in bazaar which did not happened and the only thing was shopkeepers were not happy because of the militia space in bazaar and it made customers be worried and ask :what's happening and why all these forces are here , is it going to be a gathering here ?
  • Workers strike in Haft-tappeh sugar-cane factory
Hafte-tappeh workers sat in the yard of factory on Friday 6 August and went on strike . When representatives of council wanted to interfere in this matter , workers did not let them and said no one have voted for you and you are not our representatives.
  • Workers demands in the protests are as follows :
1)Running the plan of jobs classified and increase of wages and rights
2)Solving the overtime issues
3)Using the card swip machine issue . As workers just have been working in Fridays(last day of week as Sundays in western calender) till 10 am in non-harvest season but now and with the technology of these machines they have to remain in the factory until the end of working hours regardless of being in harvest season or not.and the only time they have had to be with their families practically not existed any more.
4)Avoiding dismissal of temporary workers whom were supposed to get permanent positions but now have been threatened to get fired by higher authorities orders.
  • Execution of a religious activist in Central Prison of Sanandaj city
Shouresh Mehdikhani a religious activist from Sanandaj city whom on charges of membership in Jihadi(Sunni ) and Salafi groups had been sentenced to death,at 5 am Saturday 8 Mordad (Farsi calender) has been executed in the Central Prison of Sanandaj city.
  • Kianoush Asa's brother has not been arrested
Kamran Asa was not arrested and the news about him being detained is incorrect .Other brother of him Daneshvar Asa been summoned to intelligence office of sanadaj and being asked about his lecture in 40th day ceremony for Kianoush .
  • Kashan governor : Workers of Spinning and Weaving Company of Kashan city have not being paid for 22 months
Hosseiali Haji said: we are concern about oppressed workers of spinning and weaving company of Kashan and how they have to deal with their family's costs with only (appr USD 55)55000 Toomans per week. Some of them have more than 17 years experience and have been working here in the company and Kashan governor is people's representative and responsible for this delay but lack of access to Board and CEO of the company don't let us to response workers .
  • Similarly court of deprived prisoners from attorney and rights
Reporters Without Borders again condemns holding similarly courts for protesters to the violations and fraud in re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad .

Reporters Without Borders announces "defendants always have been deprived from their basic rights in revolution courts but today not only they do not have to meet their lawyers but also court doesn't accept their defense attorneys . Tehran prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi has determined attorneys for them , himself.

  • >>>Headlines

Iran Denies Allegations That Protesters Were Raped in Prison


Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

Keep up the excellent work.

Many thanks.

René O'Deay said...

O Saeed Valadbaygi, you never cease to amaze me.
I hope you're still there.
I hope your friends and family are still free too.
I hope you're all running free.
I hope you defeat the forces of ariman arrayed against you all.

Hereward said...

I know little about Islam and even less about Velayat-e Faqih, but to claim that obeying a mortal is equivalent to obeying God sounds like blasphemy to me. Like I care, though, since I think God is created in man's image.

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