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Iran Uprising Blogging...Sunday 23th August!

  • Imminent stoning of a man in Sari
Mohammad Mostafaei ,attorney reports in his blog , Mr. Seyed Naqi Ahmadi while there are some reasons for removing the charges of adultery and stoning his case , may be stoned at any time by Sari Prosecutor enforcement .
Mostafai adds ,stoning of Seyed Naqi is against law because of the mentioned reasons in his file and according to Iran sensitivity of domestic and international and its current situation ,it seems that the enforcement of stoning is not possible at the moment but on the other hand in other cities rather than Tehran such as Sari and regarding to execution of Farivar last year in Sari and converting his stoning verdict to execution by hanging there is some possibility for Seyed Naqi to be stoned.
  • Journalist's last word with religious authorities
Secular news: 293 of journalists and civil activists in a letter addressed to religious authorities , Mirhoseein Mousavi , Mehdi Karoubi and Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjaniemphasized that "compromise with the outlaws and conductors of the coup government against constitution and Islamic Republic is enough ! at this stage the progress of autocrats should be stopped so that the country could be saved from destruction.
  • Full text of the verdict of General Court (criminal) against workers whom had been participating in this year's May Day ceremony in Sanandaj
Secular news: verdict on the charge of 1-Fa'eq Keykhosravi 2-Shiva Sobhani 3-Mansour Karimian 4-Babak Bajelani 5-Shab Bou Khalili

Penalties for each and everyone: 6 months imprisonment and 40 lashes
But the mentioned punishment for accusers no.1,2 and 3 due to they are being young and the lack of criminal records converts to 3 years suspension and during this 3 years in case they do any crime against the law the above penalties will be executed for them.
On the charges of defendant number 5-Sahb Bou Khalili ,court issued and announced the verdict of him being innocent. And from the time of issuing verdicts ,the accusers number 1 to 4 got 20 days for demanding of appeals court .

  • Ideological discussion in interrogation and book of Rahim Pour Azqadi in solitary
Based on received news from released prisoners from Evin ,they have being given the books of Hasan Rahimpour Azqadi instead of newspapers , magazines and useful books so that the prisoners could know Islam from his point of view and the reason is revolutionary guards and Information ministry interrogation teams want to lead and guide prisoners before their freedom.
One of the released people believes that these forcible studies are kind of torture but admits that this hobby is better than to be left alone in a solitary for a long time.

Some of freed people say that there was someone in interrogations who used to introduce himself as a university professor and emphasize that he is just there for ideological discussion and not to interrogation.
  • Somayeh Tohidlou was released, imminent freedom for Amrabady and Nayeri
Somayeh Tohidlou blogger and political activist of virtual society after 71 days illegally being in jail ,was released couple of hours ago.

There is a news about imminent freedom of Mahsa Amrabadi and Nayeri.
  • 3 semesters per each university academic year
Secular news: General director of Monitoring and Evaluation Office in Science, Research and Technology Ministry by referring to plans to reduce the period for studying undergraduate degrees in universities said some optional and general courses will be eliminated ,offering of some courses will be virtually and 3 semester will be in each academic year.

He also added due to undergraduate duration in Iran being longer than anywhere else we will be trying to at least eliminate one semester for the mentioned degree.
  • Mohseni Ejehii will be the general prosecutor
Secular news : Dismissed Information minister confirmed that he would be the main option for the next general prosecutor .
According to News On-line reports Hojatoleslam Valmoslemin Mohseni Ejehii ,former minister of Information ministry in threshold of Shahid Lajevardi anniversary and a journalists gathering in response to the question "have you been appointed for general prosecutor position?" said : my prosecutor verdict has been presented .
In response to question about Ahmadinejad 's criticism of him and his performance in the Ministry of Information said :It's not important ; we try to be at people's revolution's service , nothing else matters.
  • 8 of proposed ministers by Ahmadinejad have the experience of being in Iranian Revolutionary Guards of the Islamic Republic
Secular news : Among the 21 proposed ministers of 10th government to Islamic parliament 8 of them have militia records.
BBC wrote : Hojatpleslam Heidar Moslehi the proposed minister for the ministry of information ,Ahmadi Vahidi the proposed minister for defense ministry and Mostafa Mohamad Najar the proposed minister for the ministry of interior have been senior commander of Sepah previously .
Masoud Mirkazemy, Fatemeh Ajorlou, Ali Akbar Mehrabian, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, Kamran Daneshjou and Morteza Bakhtiari are 5 proposed ministers whom have been working at middle level of security and militia organizations before.
  • 26 people killed in clashes between IRGC and Kurd insurgents of Iran
One of the senior commanders of IRGC says that in clashes between IRGC forces and Kurd groups ,Pajak , Komala and Democratic party 26 of those three groups have been killed.
Brigadier guard Mohammad Pakpour ; commander of IRGC ground force,has said these Kurd insurgents "during series of special and clever operations and due to its mission of preparing public security in West Azerbaijan and Kurdistan provinces " have been killed.
This IRGC commander says that no damages happened to their forces.
He has threatened that " with any kind of insecurity which causes by domestic and foreign anti-revolution factors and deprives the security of citizens and residents of these regions will be encountered blodly.
  • Iran accused Argentina of interfering in its internal affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic on Saturday and in response to reaction of Argentinian authorities to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 's proposed option for ministry of defense , accused these authorities of "obvious interfering in Iran internal affairs" .
Argentina believes that the proposed minister have been involved at 1994 bombing at Jewish center in Buenos Aires .
  • Disclose the details of mass burial of unknown martyrs in Beheshte Zahra
In response to Farhad Tajari the representative and member of special committee of national security commission in parliament who denied the mass burial of recent events murders , disclosed the details of dozens of killed people whom have been buried secretly on Nowruze news site.
Nowruz site wrote on its page : people of Tehran by presence in Beheshte Zahra at section 302 which is located at the new cemetery can see those unknown graves .
  • They said Dr. Maleki's in touch with MKO
On Saturday August 22nd ,Dr Mohamad Maleki , 76 yrs old political activist was arrested at his home.
In response to his wife's complaints about the agents being impolite and the Pahlavi's agents were much more polite ,one of them told his wife that "but what we have done ? Dr Maleki's in touch with MKO"
  • 44 bodies buried anonymously in Beheshte Zahra and during the protests

Radio Farda quoting from Nowruz news site has written : according to one of the personnel of Beheshte Zahra's cemetery that on 12 and 14 July 44 burial license have been issued for 44 people without identity and at the section 302 of the new cemetery .
  • Twenty days of absolute ignorance about Abdollah Momeni - his family's concerns about his condition
While it's been almost 20 days since wife and children of Abdollah Momeni,imprisoned spoke-man of Iran alumni association, have visited him ,They have not been informed about his situation and the last time they visited him,he was in such a bad condition that they concerned about him more.His wife had said that he had lost almost 20 KG and his children have not been able to recognize him.
  • Shiraz , the starter of student protests against coup government
While head of supreme leader representation organization in universities has warned students about any kind of gathering in student environments , students of Shiraz university as a first opened university after coup election and summer holiday , started the resistance against coup government . But the environment in the university is like militia and security places .All the gatherings which have been formed by more than 2 students is being controlled closely and entry and exit are being controlled as well.
  • Mobile courts in order to expand judiciary services
Secular news: Head of Kerman justice house announced about launching the mobile courts in different points of Kerman city in order to expand the judiciary services in this province .
According to Mehr reporter in Kerman ,Ahmad Toyserkani on Sunday evening and in a meeting with authorities of Rayn and Sardoeiyeh cities by indicating that this is one of the main policies of judiciary to provide people with easy justice available said : during the recent years main part of this province people's issues have been resolved in this field and in remote regions.
  • Afghanistan election results and Golrang bleach liquid
Secular news : by passing 2 days from holding the Afghanistan presidential election , name of the Iranian bleach liquid-Golrang- added to the list of alarmist cases of the election in this neighbor country of Iran.

According to ILNA news , in the second presidential election in Afghanistan , independent commission of election to prevent the re-vote of voters had provided kina of ink which the commission had claimed that it won't be removed till couple of days , but one of the candidates , Ramazan Bashar doust has removed the ink on his finger by Golrang bleach and now the unrest would be expected in some Afghanistan provinces by announcing the election results .
  • Intensity of people nightly protests in Ramadan
Democracy and human rights activists : according to the received reports , Tehran's people nightly protests intensified in Ramadan and " God is great " and " Death to dictator " can be heard almost every where in Tehran These protests start at 22 pm at night and continue till 22.30 pm and the participating areas in Tehran are as follows:

Geisha, Yousef Abad, Tehran Pars, Tajrish, Qolhak, Seid Khandan, Mirdamad, Vanak, Saadat Abad, Sadeghiyeh but the intensity of protests in Yousef Abad and Vanak are more than others .
  • Islamic Republic is Preparing a trip for Ahmadinejad to New York to participate in UN meetings
Secular news: Islamic Republic is Preparing a trip for Ahmadinejad to New York to participate in UN meetings .According to some existed evidence, security office for Islamic regime benefits in Washington is sought to lobby the Islamic Republic in America, there are some possibilities of providing a visit for Ahmadinejad with some "trusted" Iranian whom reside in USA.
  • Brutal assault to the families of political prisoners in front of Evin Prison

According to the received news from the front door of Evin prison , Evin prison agents by the order of watch judge of supreme leader attack the families of prisoners whom had protested in front of Evin prison and pushed them in order to disperse them.Families resisted to their brutal act and started chanting "God is great ".
On Sunday August 23rd and considering the families of detainees whom were fasting for Ramadan and the weather being hot ,they gathered in front of Evin prison and demanded for visiting them or freedom for their loved ones .

Agents of Evin prison and by the order of watch judge attacked them and forced them to go away but at that moment ,people started to chant " God is great "and agents pushed people to down part of Evin and told them : they don't have to go there anymore otherwise they will end up at the prison as well . They also said :go ask judge of the case to give you visit permission but families were saying that : you don't have to treat us like this and till the time our loved ones would come out of prison , this would be our thing to do .

There was also another gathering of more than 100 people in front of revolutionary court in which most of them were mothers of detainees whom gathered to follow-up the condition of their loved ones but as the past days no one was accountable .Some of them were contacting Judge Heydari Far's office who is judge of detainees cases but no one was accountable or they were told that their files not completed yet and your detainees are our guests and go home ,do not disturb us ,we'll be contacting you ourselves and some other mothers whom were asking to have a visit with Hadad ,were told "why? he's fine " and quickly would hanged up the phone.
New list of detainees which is publishing for public information and forwarding to human rights organizations .
  1. Aref Soltanzadeh ,28 yrs old ,married , arrested on Monday August 17th in Karimkahn st and transferred to Evin.
  2. Saeed Keramati ,employed , arrested on Monday August 3rd at Vanak sq and transferred to Evin.
  3. Saman Yazdan Panah ,23 yrs old ,arrested on Monday August 3rd at Vanak sq and transferred to Evin.
  4. Anoush Mohammadi nouri ,23 yrs old ,arrested on Friday July 17th in Valie Asr and transferred to Evin.
  5. Abolfazl Khanmoradi ,26 yrs old ,bachelor of industrial safety ,arrested on Thursday July 9th at Enqelab Sq and transferred to police station no 148 and his family have seen him there while his hand has been wounded and had bleeding in his hand and then transferred to Evin.
  6. Mohsen Shakouri Rad ,30 yrs old ,bachelor of Mechanics ,arrested on Thursday July 9th in Amirabad and transferred to Evin.
  7. Amir Abolhasani ,21 yrs old ,student of civil , arrested on Thursday June 30th in Takhte Tavous and transferred to Evin.
Mahmoud Salar Kia ,deputy of Saeed Mortazavi ,criminal against humanity who is one of famous torturer and is one of those judged who during his responsibility as a inspector judge at least 2 of political prisoners Akbar Mohammadi and Valiollah Feiz Mahdavi were killed.During his last interview which is kind of forward escaping has announced that they are going to put the uprising detainees on trial .

After the bloody repression of people on the streets by supreme leader Ali Khamenei's order which issued on June 19th and caused death of many youth and injury and detaining of some other ,he also in his next speeches called the arrested people "rioters" and by this talk he actually issued the murder license under brutal tortures such as sexual rape to defenseless prisoners and burning their biddies,taking TV confessions, holding the similarly trials and so on.
The mentioned crimes have been used in all regime's prisons and detentions in a systematic and planned forms.Ali Khamenei also by appointing Ahmadinejad and head of judiciary and applying militia and police forces who are acting under his order , actually are committing these crimes .

International authorities for preventing these kind of crimes have to prosecute and punish Ali Khamenei ,the supreme leader and all his gangs.
Democracy and human rights activists in Iran condemn medieval tortures , TV confessions , similarly trials ,attack to families and keep the families uninformed and asks general secretary of UN and high commissioner of human nights to demand for referring this regime's case of violation of human rights to UN Security Council.
  • A report on Shapour notorious detention
The following report is a part of medieval tortures which are happening against defenseless prisoners in Shahpour detention.

1.0-The internal position of Shahpour,the 12th office detention:

detention of 12th office ; is one of notorious detentions in Tehran where the defenseless prisoners are being medieval tortured there.
This detention is composed of one main corridor which it length is approximately 50 meters. In the middle of this corridor ,there is another corridor which is located on its left hand side and its length is approximately 20 meters. In this corridor there are 10 jail cells and each cell's area is 10 square meters.5 of the cells are positioned on the right side and an other 5 are positioned on left hand side.These cells have located against each other.each of these cells called ward and respectively are as ward 1 to ward 10.This group of cells called as public section of detention and the number of prisoners who are kept in each one some times reaches up to 9.
1.1-Quarantine cells of Shapour detention:

At the end of the main corridor the hygienic services are positioned and just before the wash room and on the left side ,there are 2 quarantine cells where is a place to keep arrested children there .Most of detained children in addition to physical tortures are being sexually raped as well.

1.2-Shapour detention secret solitaries:

The main corridor ends up to hygienic service.While entering the hygienic services on the right side toilets and WCs are located . Next to wcs is door which can not be seen easily.Through this door you are entering to an other Small hall where 2 doors are located and the opposite door to the entry door is the entry door for the secret part of detention.
Before the entry there is a stairs. This detention have got 7 cells which are positioned next to each other.At the end of cells ,there is guard room ward .
Entry to this area has to be arranged and without phone contact and pre-arranged there is no possibility to get in to this part.

1.3-Internal conditions of detention secret solitary:

1-The ground is covered by kind of carpet which is so dirty and shit , blood and vomitus are on this carpet in a way that the guards of wards before entering in to these cells use mask and hand gloves.

2-There is no window in the cells and the doors have been build in a way that they do not have any apertures on them and air can not pass easily.

3-One of the cells where the conditions are so difficult and the temperature is higher couple of degrees comparing to other cells uses for keeping prisoners whom should be murdered.Amir Tavakoli Borazjani was killed in this cell.

4-Despite that these cells called solitaries but 2 to 4 people normally are kept in them.

1.4-Murder of prisoners under torture :

Many of prisoners have been killed under the medieval tortures of supreme leader's agents in Shapour police station whom their families because of threats and fear don't accept to talk about it.One of many whom have been killed in this detention has been 33-year-old Hossein (Amir) Tavakoli Borazjani .His family is under pressure and so far they have not had the possibility to complain about it and get their rights.
1.5-The applied tortures against prisoners :

1-To press and scotch skin and sensitive parts of body by tong.

2-To press or push the foot nails by tong.

3-To torture prisoner by baton and other things for a long time.

4-To put handcuffs on hands and foots on the back and leaving the prisoners in this position some times up to 1 month.

5-To staple the sensitive parts of body.

6-To roast chicken.

7-To hang prisoner for a long time so he/she lost his/her conciseness .

8-Not giving drinking water to prisoners in August for a long time.

9-During the day time prisoners allowed to drink water just twice while going to toilet and when his/her head is covered by a plastic bag and not allowed to remove it while drinking the water.

10-During 24 hours ,prisoners are allowed to use hygienic services just twice and each time for 2 minutes and if it takes more than 2 minutes , prisoners will tortured by baton.

11-To force prisoner to eat his/her own shit or vomitus .

12-To rape prisoners and using baton and other kind of sexual tortures and tear by hand ,this anti-human act is applying by a person called Haj Rafi'ee.

13-To deprive prisoners of taking shower.

14-Prisoners fed twice a day .Their food is a bit of bread and potato . Their daily rations are serving at 4.00 pm and 9.00pm .
and other kinds of tortures.

1.6-Names of numbers of torturers in Shapour detention:

Colonel Morteza Rostami is former head of detention and colonel Karami and colonel Madhi were the forces under his order .The revolutionary guards who torture prisoners in secret cells calls each other by number.

1.7-The uprising detainees

During the recent protests of Iranian people ,many of youth were arrested and transferred to this detention and for several days were under medieval tortures.
Reports indicates that about 65 of Kahrizak camp prisoners were transferred to Shapour police station.detention of Shapour police station rules under inspection of police who are are under supreme leader Ali Khamenei's order and in his believe with the applied anti-human tortures the supreme leader's standards are considering and murder , torture and rape to prisoners continue.

It has to be reminded that the people who have sent this report are ready to express what they have seen and what ever they have been through in any court that meet their safety.
Democracy and human rights activists in Iran condemn the crimes which have been mentioned by the above victims and asks UN Secretary-General and High Commissioner of Human Rights to demand for referring the case of this regime's violation against human rights to UN Security Council.


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