Friday, August 14, 2009

Iran Uprising Blogging...Friday 14 August!

  • Names of 17 ambiguous detention centers in Tehran province
Following the news of illegal detention centers such as Kahrizak "News" newspaper on Thursday published names of 17 detentions where the management and supervision of them are ambiguous.The names are as follows :

1.Awareness police detention of Tehran (Shapour)
2.detention of Military Information Protection Organization
3.Amaken detention
4.detentions of Information Protection of Defense Ministry (also known as No.64), 5.detention of Information Protection of police department
6.detention of Information Protection of Sepah
7.detention of Information of Sepah
8.ward 209 of Ministry of Information at Evin prison
9.Police detention of Shahrray city
10.detention of combat organization against drugs in Shahr Ray
11.detention of Khazaneh police office(No.160)
12.Police detention of Varamin city
13.Police detention of Shahriar City
14.detention of prosecutor's office area 7 of the Revolutionary Court
15.detention of combat organization against drugs in Shahriar
16.Kahrizak detention
17.negative four (-4) detention of Interior ministry

These are only ambiguous detentions of Tehran province and non of them are supervising under prison's organization.
  • Threatening and suspending students whom are residing at Tehran University dormitory because of chanting "God id great"
Nights officials of girl dormitory around 10 pm pass by the dormitory's rooms and write down the number of rooms where students chant "god is great " at nights and the order of this matter issued by Farhad Rahbar head of Tehran University.
But at dormitory of Medical Sciences University there is no prohibition about this and every night "god is great" can be heard .
But the same policy of threatening and suspending is happening at dormitory's of Sharif Technology University and up to now about 50 of students summoned to University guards and have being asked and threatened about chanting at nights .
  • Dorri Najafabadi : Sadegh Larijani concerns not to be blamed for all has happened
Introduction and farewell ceremony for head of the judiciary supposed to be held on Saturday.But Judiciary spoke-man announced it will postponed .
Sadeq Larijani is not happy to get introduced as head of judiciary while too much people are in jail and wants supreme leader to solve this problem before he takes the position officially and there is some other plans about dismissal of judge Mortazavi .
It seems to be so complicated and not easy to say what is going to happen .
  • Ali Mohammadi , representative of the supreme leader in Basij organization : It is our duty to destroy secular thoughts of the enemy
Most efficient way to deal with enemies is intellectual and political act which Basijis can be effective in this field.
He said : Revolution enemies always have been tried to overthrow this holy regime and It is our duty to destroy their secular thoughts.
  • Review of arresting Mousavi's plan in higher council of regime security

This plan was given to the council by insisting and supporting of Ahmadinejad ,he had asked for Mousavi and 10 other of reformists summits to put an end to the protests , but this plan refused by the council as some of this council's members have believed that execution of this plan will cause regime to be overthrown .
Some of the names in the list were as follows: Mir Hossein Mousavi ,Ali Akbar Mohtashami Pour, Mehdi Karroubi,one of Hashemi's children but Mohammad Khatami's name was not in the list

  • Tehran Friday Prayers : Karroubi's letter did not leave any honor for regime

Seyed Ahmad Khatami Friday Imam of Tehran said : It was really good of judiciary to put whom had made environment insecure on trial and also said Karoubi's letter about rape in prisons was full of lie and made enemies like US and Israel to celebrate and did not leave any honor for Islamic regime.
  • Plan of plain-clothes for attack to Etemad-e Melli newspaper office
Based on reports,today at Friday prayer some declaration spread among the people which were stating about attack to Etemad-e Melli newspaper office.
In this declaration had clearly said Ansar Hezbollah think that till foreign media and people like Karoubi and Mousavi can talk protest will not stop and specified the attack time to Etemad-e Melli newspaper office at 4pm tomorrow .
  • Mourning and protest
In Irritant crash of aircraft belonging to «Caspian Air» where 169 people died while flying to Yerevan and along other citizens of Iran and Armenia there was a popular musician of the songs we have heard him many times and have enjoyed.Abdi Yamini has died in this crash who had worked with and made lots of music for singers such as Dariush,Ebi and Shahyar Qanbari.
  • UNrequested for investigation about torture cases in Iran
Rapporteur of UN Human Rights Council in Geneva said : we got too many complaints from post-election arrested protesters in Iran who have mentioned about their persecution in prisons , these complaints have came from detainees families ,lawyers and themselves .
He said: we also received some reports about torture of prisoners in Iran and keeping them individual cells in order to make them confess which all have to be investigated about.we requested Iran government to give us some response but they have not give us any acceptable response.
  • Closure of Tehran University and other universities for one semester
Higher Council of Cultural Revolution has a plan for closure of universities across the country or at least Tehran University for one semester.
This plan has to prevent students protests by starting the academic year . They are planning to close at least Tehran University and Medical science University even if they can not do the plan for all over the country.They also have some plans to announce this closure because of Swine flue .
  • >>>Headlines...

Hardline Iran cleric urges tough stance on detainees

CYO News #1

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