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Iran Uprising Blogging...28th and 29th August!

  • Possible Outburst of Iranian Workers
The internet website of “Alef” of Ahmad Tavakoli conservative member of the house warned about the poor economic situation and a possibility of workers protests.
According to this news, 200 thousand workers of 500 factories have not been paid for at least the past 3 months. After pointing to continues protests of Bookan weavers, Dena plastic, Parris and farming and industry of Haft Tappe: During the past month and a half, unemployment has increased by 3% and 1646 workers have lost their jobs.
Dehghan Kia stated: more than 7, 200, 000 workers live in this country, which their salary is imperative to them and they want to know how the central bank thinks that price of meat, chicken, milk, cooking oil, and other items used on a daily basis by families has been cheapened? While the prices of most of used items have increased during the recent weeks, central bank has announced that inflation has decreased 14%.
The main reason to instigate the blue movement is being worried to be able to provide for families, pay rent, pay for kid’s education, food, and health charges.
  • The request of Conservatives Women for Resign of a Woman Minister
The conservative women have asked Ajorloo, prior to being approved by the House of Representatives; put your resignation letter on Ahmadi Nejad’s desk.

Tehran Emrooz wrote: one of this conservative woman said:” there are lots of other experienced and well-deserved women than Ajorloo amongst the conservatives, who could’ve been nominated by AN and easily be approved by the house”.

According to some news, the conservative women are busy these days to get Ajorloo to change her mind and get her to resign. They believe that only Marzieh Vahid Dastjerdi has the better chance than the other two women to be approved by the house of the representatives.
  • The plan of social Discipline will begin to work Next Week
After few months since the closedown of some police forces projects; beginning next week, the plans and projects of Tehran police will begin throughout the city.

General Mehdi Ahmadi, chief of the information of Tehran police in an interview with ILNA said: the plan of social discipline to perform law and bring more discipline will begin next week at the area 6 of Tehran. He added: this plan in the previous stages has been performed in different parts of Tehran and during the last stage it was performed at the 3 and 12 areas. According to this news, the chief of fight against drugs in capital has also announced his plan in regard to gather the drug addicts, beginning next week.
The social discipline project begin to work last year and in continues of other plans of police forces and even though, their goal was to bring more discipline and smoothening and helping with traffic, warning and dealing with violators, but the officers of special unit has came to help the police officers with this project.
  • Children Abuse has increased by 4 times in Western Azarbaydjan
The number of child abuse cases has increased 4 times comparing to the same time last year in Azarbaijan Gharbi (city in Northwest Iran). According to Mookrian news agency, Javad Jahangiri the assistant director of social services of Azarbaijan Gharbi by announcing this news said: from the beginning of this year 21 child abuses has been reported to social services of this state, which compare to last year this time we only had 5 child abuse reports. Jahangir stated, majority of child abuse victims are under 13 years, girls under 9 and boys above 9 years old are the cases of child abuse; mental and physical.
He added child abuse cases have been seen mainly at the downtown areas among poor families and due to poverty.
  • Ahmadi Nejad has asked for encounter of Moosavi and Karroubi
Ahmadi Nejad during his Friday prayers speech in Tehran asked for encounter of those whom according to him are the responsible and main sources of post-election incidents. He said: the head responsible people for the unrests should be encounter. Let’s not punish the deceived people only; we shouldn’t let the responsible people walk free and secure.
According to ILNA, he spoke about his re-election and stated: the entire world knows that election in Iran is fair and unlike other democratic countries is not a pre-planned exhibition. Unfortunately some were fooled by the scenarios made by our enemies and doubted the result of election. As result, in the recent incidents some were killed and others wounded.
He added this was an unfair response to the people of Iran and its pure election. About the attack to the university students in Tehran and other inappropriate behavior at the detention centers said: what happened at Kooye Daneshgah and detention centers were also parts of our enemies’ scenarios which were identified and stopped by our forces.
  • A 100,000,000 Toomans ($100,000) of Credit, Promised to each representative whom are about to be approved by the parliament
The nominated housing ministry who is about to get approved by the House of Representatives, purposed a 20 billion Toomans budget for villages.
Website Aiande wrote: Nikzad the assistant director of agricultural ministry, nominated for housing ministry has asked for 20 billion budget for “repair and build mosques in villages”. This weird proposal has been brought up by him in threshold of approval by the House of Representatives, while any budget approval gets reviewed and approved at the beginning of the year. This proposal right before the month of Ramadan and prior to approvals is suspicious of influencing the decisions made by the representatives.
  • The request of Congress representative from Obama: Stop Ahmadi Nejd from Traveling to NY
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, representative of U.S. congress in a letter to Barak Obama president of this country asked him to stop Ahmadi Nejad from traveling to NY and participate in the UN conference. According to news agency of GTI, this representative in her letter claimed, the government of Iran has repressed its people harshly, supports terrorism, and its president has asked for Israel to be wiped off map. Ros-Lehtinen claimed AN’s travel to U.S. can put this country’s security in danger.
  • The sixth Information Ministry with the Duty of building a ministry of 70 Million
Heidar Moslehi who is responsible to build a security ministry of 70 million, is a trusted person by Ahmadi Nejad and one of his closest friends. Ahmadi Nejad in a TV program by introducing his proposed ministers by criticizing the information ministry said information ministry has to be of 70 million.

Ahmadi Nejad has been insisting on building a 70 million ministry; however, he has never clarified that if babies and young kids have to cooperate with the information ministry to be able to make this a 70 million ministry.

Talking about building a 70 million ministry gets even more “deliberated” when someone from AN’s friend circle and student of Mesbah Yazdi is the responsible person to fulfill AN’s wish.
  • Execution of 1367 (1988) were Planned from Months before
At the 21st anniversary of execution of anti Islamic regime, the Iranian human rights in a report announced, group executions of 1367 (1988) were planned before the Fatwa of Ayatollah Khomeini to suppress them. This agency in their report with the name of “deadly fatwa: the execution of Iranian prisoners during 1988” said, we have proof and documents which has been discovered by speaking with the victims family members, which indicates the execution of the last group of anti Ayatollah Khomeini happened prior to the attack of Mojahedin Khalgh to Iran from Iraq during the summer of 21 years a go.
The “deadly fatwa” has been published while Ayatollah Khomeini the current supreme leader and the president during the execution of 1367, has acknowledged to the incidents post election. But the regime opposition believe what has happened recently is not comparable with what took place during the past 20 years.
  • Some news of Mazyar Bahari and Ahmadi Amooi in Evin
Bahman Ahmadi Amooi after 10 days contacted his family via phone and spoke with them. This journalist who was arrested 2 month ago with his wife Zhila Bani Yaghoub, during a phone conversation on Thursday with his family said: his case is supposed to be sent to Revolutionary court next week. According to Zhila, his wife, Bahman is still being kept at an isolated cell.

Foreign ministry of Canada, during a conference in Turkey and in a conversation with Manoochehr
Mataki, foreign ministry of Iran, asked for Mazyar’s realease, an Iranian-Canadian Journalist. According to France news agency, Lawrence Canon told Iran’s foreign ministry “Canada is deeply concerned about Iran’s disrespect of human rights. Maziary Bahri remains in prison with out any proof”.
  • The claim of Khatami’s meeting with George Soros was taken back
Assistant director of Soros had met with close people of Khatami

Javan newspaper took back the claims against Syed Mohammad Khatami and claimed something new.
After publishing the answers of Mohammad Khataami in regard to denying his meeting with George Soros with the presence of Anthony Richter, assistant director of Soro’s Middle East foundation and someone name “Nayer”; a source has given us some new information about the Soros foundation and his assistant director’s travel to Iran during Khatami’s presidency. This source said: They might deny their meeting with Soros, but they can’t deny the fact that Anthony Richter traveled to Iran during Khatami’s presidency. He added Richter met with different ministers and advisors of Khatami such is S.H, M.T, and some other ministers. Richter’s journey to Iran took place under high security watch.
  • The Islamic Republic’s file is opened in the Hague International Criminal Court
International Committee against Execution launched report on current violence in Iran in front of the International Criminal Court in Hague on August 28th. In this conference, Farshad Hoseini, Mina Ahadi, Shiva Mahboobi, Farideh Aarman, Akram Biranvand and Fereshte Moradi participated and discussed the crimes of the Islamic regime during the past 30 years, from murdering and torturing the people to prosecuting underage children, to the terror of political opponents inside and outside of Iran. This gathering took place under a severe rain at 2:00pm. Protestors were holding pictures of the killed people on behalf of dead, victims of torture and rape and political prisoners. In this gathering, Farshad Hoseini, Mina Ahadi, Fereshte Moradi, Saeed Parto and Farideh Arman each gave speech in Farsi, English and Dutch.
  • Time to Prosecute Plain Cloths and Unauthorized forces
The leader of the Revolutionary Guard: trail and investigating crimes of unauthorized forces
Mohammad Ali Jafari leader of revolutionary guard in a news meeting on Saturday morning by refereeing to the supreme leader’s order in regard to investigating the unauthorized forces crimes said: by identifying these people, more than likely they will be put on trial within the next month. He reminded: Basij forces were not involved in an attack to University (Kooye daneshgah), but some plain cloths and unauthorized forces were involved and by identifying them we will take action against them.
  • Students Activist received Starts by their names (Group of Students Deprived from Education)
After announcing the final results of pre-masters exam (similar to GMAT) by all universities of Iran, a group of students who passed the first test with high numbers were deprived from education. According to Amir Kabir, numbers of student activists event though had passed the first test with good numbers were not able to review the grade of their final test. They were addressed with either (failed) or (please report to acceptance committee). This is while the government of Ahmadi Nejad due to the elections, unlike the previous years did not discriminate while choosing majors and during the first round of testing; however, after the election they continued with depriving some of the student activists, despite their good results.
This year another group of student activists were added to students with starts list.
  • Mortazavi got Dismissed
Ayatollah Aamoli Larijani, head of the judiciary in separate orders appointed the judiciary prosecutor, assistant director of judiciary training and the public prosecutor and Tehran. According to ILNA, Ayatollah Aamoli Larijani, the head of the judiciary appointed Hojatol Islam Ahmad Shafii as judiciary prosecutor, Hojatol Islam Ahmad Vaezi Jozie to the assistant director of judiciary training and Abbas Dolat Abadi as a public prosecutor.
  • Kahrizak Detainees had Verdicts/ No one has died at Kahrizak
The chief of the police forces of Tehran in regard to Kahrizak incidents said: Not a single people entered or exit Kahrizak with out a verdict.
According to Mehr news agency, commander Aziz Alloah Rajab Zadeh on Saturday amongst the news reporters said: 140 of the detainees during the recent unrests due to not having enough space in other prisons were transferred to Kahrizak detention center, which all were kept in this detention center for 3 days. He stated, no one was killed at Kahrizak, and a committee has been appointed by the information ministry to investigate the incidents of Kahrizak, which were are still waiting for the results of this investigation.
Rajab Zadeh in answer to a question about the attack to university (Kooye Daneshgah) said: police forces didn’t have a negative role in this incident.
  • Arrest of another Teacher in Saqhez
Last week, Hamed Donyaie the principle of Imam Khomeini high school of Saghez was arrested by the security forces and there is no information about the his charges or his situation. It is vital to add that he is one of the social activists and a previous head of the education of Zevie. During the past few weeks we have witnessed extensive arrest of teachers in this area.
  • Bloody clash between the Armed forces and Citizens Kurdistan
Protests after the murder of a young adult by the police forces ended in clashes. On Thursday Shahrivar 5th (August 27th), police forces of Kolber killed a young adult name “Samet Kheder Rasool” at the Sawan of Sardasht. Following the murder of this young adult, the people of “Dawdawa, Mam Kawa and Sawan” villages whom were extremely angry about the death of Samet gathered in front of the sentry post of Sawan, which due to unknown reasons it ended in clashes between the people and police forces. The commander office of this sentry post was killed and few others were wounded. After the fight between the people and police forces, help troops were sent to this area. This fight ended in bloody repression of the people and arrest of some. It is essential to know that during the past few days the village of “Darman Awa” of Sardasht clashes happened between the people and police forces, in which the police forces with an excuse of smuggling items attacked people’s houses and after opening fire on people a girl name “Goolala Salimi” was wounded severely.
  • Continues Pressure on Shadi Sadr
Even though Sobhani, the prosecutor of branch 2 of security court in Tehran has issued the reclamation verdict of Shadi Sadr and her family’s belongings; the authorities of section 209 Evin prison are not executing this order. According to Meidan Zanan, her lawyers have been to the Evin prison twice but they have not been successful yet. This report also indicates that after the release of Shadi Sadr on Mordad 6th (July 28th) on a bail of 50 million Tooman ($50,000), she has been bothered and under pressure by the unknown calls at her house and her workplace. Sahdi Sadr was arrested on Tir 26th (July 17th) at Keshavarz Blvd. The security officers took her mobile phone along with her camera which were in her purse, and afterwards went to her house and took her identity card, work documents hard drive of her, her husband and her kids’s computer.
  • Kaveh Rezaee sentenced to 18 months in Prison
Kaveh Rezaee who is finishing his first days in army services, has been sentences to 18 month in prison by the revolutionary court of Karaj. According to Azadna, Kaveh Rezaee member of Islamic committee of Booali Sina university of Hamedan and a member of 1 million signature campaign was dismissed from this university at the beginning of 1387 and at the end of the same year was arrested by the security officers of Hashtgerd and was transferred to Hamedan information office. He was released after 90 days and by 50 million Toomans ($50,000) bail. He was arrested last week by the Hashtgerd security officers, but was released on bail after 48 hours.
  • Some of detainees visited their Family members
According to the wife of Mostafa Taj Zadeh, she was finally allowed to visit her husband after close to 80 days. Visit of families of 5 reformists with their loved ones happened in person and with conversation. According to Parliament news agency, Fakhrol Sadat Mohtashami poor stated:” from Wednesday until now and after the promises made by the public prosecutor of Tehran, to allow the political prisoners to visit with their families; family of Mr. Mirdamadi, Tajzade, Ramezanzadeh, Safaie Farahani and Noroozi visited them in person.

She was not allowed to visits her husband by the order of Tehran prosecutor, stated:” In his visit with his parents, Mr. Tajzadeh was in a good physical and mental condition. The only concern is his neck arthritis pain due to long and tiring investigation during the first few weeks of his arrest.
  • Families of Recent Unrest Detainees gathered in front of Revolutionary Court and Evin Prison
According to received news, on Saturday Shahrivar 7th (August 29th) close to 100 family members of the detainees, gathered in front of Evin prison and revolutionary court and asked for the release of their loved ones. Majority of family members have been to Evin and revolutionary court for more than 70 days. They have been sent back and forth between judiciary, public prosecution, Evin and revolutionary court. Today the family members were even angrier and according to them they are fed up with this situation.
To get rid of families, they have been told by the officers of Haddad office to announce a representative among themselves and write a letter with their demands and they will investigate, then on so and so date come and get your answers. But up until now, the representative of families has not been allowed to go to Hadad’s office.

Below is the new list of detainees of Iran’s uprising:

  • Ali Naseri 25, bachelors in Language. Arrested on Monday Mordad 26th at Zand ST, transferred to Evin.
  • Mehdi Goodarzi 19, computer student, arrested on Thursday Mordad 8th and transferred to Evin.
  • Navid Agha Mirza 28, arrested on Thursday Tir 18th at Amir Aabad and transferred to Shahpoor detention center and then to Evin
  • Ramtin Samavati 29, bachelors in agricultural. Arrested on Thursday Tir 18th and transferred to Evin.


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