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Iran Uprising Blogging...Tuesday 11 August

>List of Killed,Arrested and Released ! Updated

  • Washington Times-Tuesday,August 11,2009 Page A19

  • Fake News papers given to prisoners sowing them that they are alone in jail and everything is over
  • Renowned Photographer Majid Saeedi out on $120,000 bail!
  • 31 years and 4 months imprisonment for 6 young men
Revolution court of Kurdistan province issued order of imprisonment for 5 young boys 2 days ago.Bahman Seyedi 20-year-old,Hoshyar Ahmadi 19-year-old , Sivan Rahimi 20-yea-old and Sirvan Mohammadi 26-year-old each one has been accused of propaganda against regime and co-operation with one of Kurdish parties and condemned to 6 years imprisonment .
Jahanbakhsh Ahmadi has been condemned to 1 year and 4 months imprisonment in accusation of propaganda against regime .
In Marivan Aboubakr Hajiri after being in jail for 10 months condemned to 6 years imprisonment in accusation of propaganda against regime and for co-operation with Pajak group

All of above victim's put on trial without lawyer and all of them denied their accusation of Moharebe(Fight against God)
  • Presenting a list of 69 killed persons to parliament
List of 69 killed people has been presented to parliament by Mousavi's representative .The number of killed people are twice the number that is announced officially by government .This list also contains 220 names of detainees.
Beheshti ,Mousavi's representative said they giving this list to parliament for following up recent events and the committee that working on this matter named "special board of damaged people" and has formed by Mousavi and Karoubi .
Beheshti said what this board is working on takes too much time and getting done really slow because of people's caution and fear about their loved ones getting killed, detained or lost.
By giving these reasons to parliament , Beheshti asked them to guarantee that in case people give them the information about their families ,they won't get in trouble and follow up all the people's demands about being in jail and tortures and news about their loved one's whereabouts.

  • Police: infringement compensation to people with 17 million Toomans(appr USD 17000)
An Iran police authority : People's compliments have been about vehicle's damaging , mayhem and abuse and similar cases .And some about misbehavior in Kahrizak camp.
He has said:in post-election events and in some reported cases police special unit agents mistreated people .
Total Number of complaints has been 433 but only 90 of them have been confirmed by police and the damage-money (17000 USD )has been given to those families .Average of 180 USD per family .
But there is another different report about complaints and damage-money which says money has been given to 300 families and the amount has been USD 50000.
  • Report of court for two christian girls in Tehran
Maryam Rostampour 27 years old and Marzieh Amirizadeh 30 years old whom have been in jail for more than 5 months now , were put on trial on Sunday .
Judge Haddad asked both of them to deny their opinions and the fact that they have changed their religion in written and oral forms and this request showed that their only crime is changing the religion and gave them time to think about it till their procedure session.
However Apostasy punishment of execution has been removed recently from Islamic punishment law in Iran but it's not done yet completely and has not become as a law ,so these 2 girl's lives are in danger , but judge let them to have lawyers from now on. Their health conditions are not good and they both are getting mistreated in jail.
  • Arresting 4000 people in post-election events
This number is the highest one that has been ever announced by judiciary.
Judiciary spoke-man : 4000 people were arrested during the post-election unrest.

Jamshidi has emphasized that 3700 of them have been released during the first week.
  • Security Ministry Warns Iran’s Media
Security ministry warned the media in Iran to stop publishing unreal news and revealing identity of this organization’s employees, otherwise; they will be facing charges by law.
Iran security ministry is being managed under the watch of Mahmud Ahmadi Nejad, which during the past few weeks by dismissing Gholamhousain Mohseni Azheiha from his position, closes media to the conservatives; has published news in regard to dismissal of directors of this organization. According to the conservative’s media, such as website “A”, the dismissal of this organization’s directors has been done directly by Ahmadi Nejad.
The security ministry, by publishing an announcement on Monday, has asked the media to NOT publish the name and identity of this ministry’s employees which can result in revealing information that can affect the managing of this organization.
  • Amir Aslani has been arrested by the Special Public Prosecutor Office of Internet Crimes
Amir Aslani senior electric expert from Elm and Sanat University and chief director of a software company, was arrested Saturday noon. According to Amir Kabir newsletter, some plain cloths officers arrested Amir Aslani in front of his company with out a warrant. They took him to an unknown place for investigation with tied eyes for 5 hours. Then, 4 officers went to his house and after searching the house, took his and his wife’s personal belongings. Even though, they have not given his family any legal reason for his arrest, but by listening to officers conversations, you can tell he has been arrested due to emails he has sent out after the post election unrests.
  • No Communication Resulted in the Death of 12 Mineral Ore Workers
A member of the house of representative, a chief committee of industries and ores said: members of this committee, with the presence of Mehrabian and the assistant directors of industries and ores; has asked for detail research of some of the eyewitness workers of the ore’s explosion incident in Kerman Nizoo. However, they postpone the election in regard to this incident to the next meeting! Seyed Sharif Housaini, in regard to this subject specified: the minister of industries and ores has reported that quick spread of gas and lack of on-time communication; caused 12 workers to lose their lives in two groups of 7 and 5.
  • Suggestion to Create Order to Good and Prevent from Forbidden Ministry
The governor of Northern Khorsan, suggested creating “order to good and preventing from forbidden” ministry. Mohammad Housain Jahanbakhsh in a meeting with the committee of restoring order to good and preventing from forbidden committee by pointing to the 8th amendment of the constitutions and the importance of order to good and preventing from forbidden said: at least restoring of this amendment should be the creation of building ministry, and the media should also focus on this important subject. He said one of the important and special facts about our state (Northern Khorasan) is that we have a special place for order to good and preventing from forbidden committee in our education and religious studies.
  • Exploring the Freedom of Journalists in Prison and the Shut down of the Journalist Association Office
Parliament journalists in a common meeting with the House of Representatives chief; brought up their demands to the House of Publics chief’s attention. According to ILNA news reporter, noon today, Ali Larijani along with his escort, Javad Arimanesh attended the parliament journalists meeting. The parliament journalists prior to the speech of the House of Representatives chief; brought up their demands. One of the journalist by pointing to the lack of job security for journalist and news reporters, asked for a special attention to the journalist insurance.
Another journalist by thanking the creation of truth-finder committee and special committee to follow-up on arrested journalist situation raised a concern about Saeed Hajarian and Tajzadeh’s health and asked the house of representative for special attention to situation of these two detainees.
  • Unusual verdict of Discipline Committee of Boo Ali Sina University, 1-2 Semester Suspension for 11 Students
Boo Ali Sina news: The discipline committee of Boo Ali Sina University issued a verdict for the summoned students to this committee during the past week. Protest against the coup d'etat of Khordad 22nd was the reason for summoning these students to university’s discipline committee. In this unusual verdict: Siavash Hatam, Pouria Sharifian, Hojat Bakhtiari, Reza Jafarian, Mehdi Mosafer, Ali Rezaie, Farid Zandi, Kianoosh Rezaie, Mehdi Hakimi, Mostafa Mehdizadeh each suspended from university for two semesters and Vahid Amiri suspended for 1 semester. This unfair verdict has been issued, while 5 of these students: Siavash Hatam, Pouria Sharifian, Mehdi Mosafer, Hojat Bakhtiari, and Reza Jafarian were arrested by the security forces during the post-election unrests and were released by bail.
  • New list of Detainees
A news list of arrested people has been published to be sent to human right organizations and also for public information.
  1. Mohammad Mirzaee 26 year old self employee arrested Wednesday Mordad 14th around the Baharestan, unknown captivity place.
  2. Ahmad Reza Kaboli 37 year old self employee and married arrested Wedneday Mordad 14 at Sirous ST and transferred to Evin Prison.
  3. Sina Molaie 21 year old high school diploma arrested Wednesday Mordad 14th around the Baharestan, unknown captivity place
  4. Farhad Agha Jani 23 year old, accounting student arrested Wednesday Mordad 14th in front of the entrance of Sadi subway and transferred to Evin prison
  5. Alireza Kashani 25 year old, agricultural student arrested Wednesday Mordad 14th at Baharestan and after getting beat down transferred to police station 160, then to Evin prison
  6. Arman Kiani, 27 year old, arrested on Wednesday Mordad 14th around the Baharestan and transferred to Evin prison
  7. Kazem Masoumi, 31 year old lab technician, arrested Monday Mordad 12th at Vali Asr, unknown captivity place.
  8. Hadi Jamshidi Mobarake, 26 year old arrested Monday Mordad 12th at Vanak, unknown captivity place
  9. Behrooz Jalilvand, 25 year old associate degree in Agricultural, arrested Monday Mordad 12th at Vali Asr and transferred to Evin prison
  10. Afshin Sadeghi, 20 year old social sciences student, arrested Monday Mordad 12th at Vanak, unknown captivity place.
  11. Mohammad Housain Azari, 28 year old bachelors in law, arrested Thursday Mordad 8th at Hafte Tir, transferred to police station 148 and then to Evin prison section 240
  12. Amin Housaini Hashem Abadi, 27 year old Masters in Accounting, arrested Thursday Mordad 8th at Takhte Tavoos and transferred to Evin prison
  13. Peyman Ahmadi, 20 yea old, university student, arrested Thursday Mordad 8th and transferred to Evin prison
  14. Hamed Abbasi, 29 year old, Bachelors in English language, arrested Thursday Mordad 8th at Takhte Tavoos and transferred to Evin prison
  15. Kaivan Ebrahimzadeh, 30 year old, Bachelors in physics, arrested Thursday Mordad 8th around the Mosala by the Basij forces and transferred to Evin
  16. Mehdi Saleki Poor, arrested Friday Tir 26th and transferred to Evin
  17. Amir Nazerian 22 year old, arrested Friday Tir 26th at Enghelab and transferred to Evin prison
  18. Amir Abbaszadeh, 23 year old, bachelors in management arrested Friday Khordad 26th at Enghelab and after getting beat-down by plain cloths basij, transferred to police station 148 and then to Evin prison
  19. Mansour Khorshidi, 28 year old, associate degree in electrical , arrested Thursday Tir 18th and transferred to Evin prison
  20. Hasan Ghaffari, 24 year old, Bachelors in sociology, arrested Thursday Tir 18th and transferred to Evin prison
  21. Yousof Karami, 29 year old, self employee arrested Thursday Tir 18th at Vali Asr and transferred to Evin prison
  22. Kamran Taghi Poor, 29 year old, bachelors in computer science, arrested Thursday Tir 18th at Amir Aabad and transferred to Evin prison.

People chants:Death to the Khamene'i
Tehran, June 20 This serie of Video-clip has never been shown before..


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Thank you for keeping us informed. I would like to point out a few things so your blog remains credible source of information.

1. Men who are 19, 20, or 26 years old are not considered young BOYS, they are young MEN.

2. The men who were convicted for alleged political activities and sent to prison without lawyer and due process are considered VICTIMS and not ACCUSERS. Accuser is the government in this case.

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