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Iran Uprising Blogging...Sunday 16 August!

  • Mehdi Karoubi's request about gathering of critics and fans in front of Etemad-e Melli newspaper
Following the distribution of Ansar hezbollah declaration among the people in Friday prayers stating attack to Etemad-e Melli newspaper office on Saturday afternoon , lots of Karoubi's fans and to support him announced that they will be there at the exact time of attack and won't them attack the newspaper office.
Karoubi welcomed all his fans and government critics not to go to the newspaper office on Saturday and instead on Monday they can go there at 4pm and have a gathering ,he himself will join people .
  • Trial of 7 detained Baha'is in Iran
Trial of seven Baha'is accused of spying and insulting sanctities will be held on Tuesday August 18 and with the presence of their lawyers however Shrin Ebadi one of their lawyers is not in Iran at the moment and the other one Abdolfattah Soltani is in jail himself(he was arrested during the post-election events) so Hasan Hadad , in charge of security affairs of Teheran's prosecutor office said other lawyer of these 7 citizens will be in court.
  • Statement of Iranian teachers guild
Teachers guild along with condemn the attack of irresponsible people to peaceful communities also objected to the human rights violations and illegal arrest and imprisonment of many of political and social activists and condemned these kind of actions and by expressing its disgust about this matter demanded the release of detainees as soon as possible.
  • Human Rights Watch: performances of Ta'eb and Ahmadi Moqadam should be investigated
Human Rights Watch demanded the top security officials to be specified for post-election events.This human rights organization has announced ,based on researches that has done the highest security officials in Iran have involved and been giving orders in serious and repeated abuse of detainees and demonstrators of recent events.
Human Rights Watch has requested for research and investigation to be done about Ahamdi Moqadam ,police chief and Hossein Ta'eb , commander of Basij .
  • How mobile phones can be monitored?
Based on reports Iran government have got kind of technology that can monitor mobile phone calls and even the conversations that happens in the area that the mobile phones are in there and the technology got activated for example even by reading a group SMS which has been sent to the mobile phone and as long as the mobile phone battery is inside the phone , the technology can be used by government ,so the only way to prevent this matter to happen is to remove the battery.
  • Interrogation , imprisonment and threat in Ministry of Science building and in response to pursue the right of education
2 of Baha'i student whom were expelled from university and deprived from education decided to investigate about this matter and after referring to many of authorities recognized that this deprivation has been issued by ministry of science safeguarding and intelligence service and while they went to the mentioned ministry ,the authorities show and give them a copy a letter stating that these students deprived from education because they are Baha'i believers but some other guys from ministry of science safeguarding took them to a room and along the physical inspection asked them to give the letter back to them otherwise they will be imprisoned from 6 months to 2 years and finally after keeping them in that room for about 8 hours and threatening them in case they use or show letter to anyone they will be detained by Ministry of Information ,let them go .
  • Saeed Mortazavi is seeking for the names of related journalists to the news of boys and girl's rape
Hossein Karoubi ,Mehdi Karoubi's son and general secretary of Etemad-e Melli Party says after denying the matter of "rape" in IRI prisons by parliament and claiming that Mehdi Karoubi's letter about rape has been based on some phone calls from people and he doesn't have any evidence , he has talked to Mortazavi and told him that the phone calls from crime victims and their families to newspaper office has happened after the publishing of letter ,he has asked Hossein to give him the names of reporters and journalists whom have spoke to victims over the phone but he has not given him any name and said that almost every one in the office can take the phone calls.
  • By verdict of revolution leader ; Sadeq Larijani became head of judicial organization
Ayatollah Khamenei,Islamic Revolution Leader in a decree appointed Ayatollah Haj Sheikh Sadeq Amoli Larijani to head of judicial organization .
  • Ta'eb : if Karoubi is not able to prove has to face 80 lashes
Mehdi Ta'eb , member of central council of Islamic revolution Rahpouyan by indicating to karoubi's letter said freedom of expression has limitation where it is about gnomon and if Mehdi Karoubi is not able to prove his claim about "rape" in prisons has to face 80 lashes.
  • Mousavi announced the structure of green way of hope
Mousavi pointed to formation of structure of green way of hope as a comprehensive crusade and said : green color is a symbol of this way and demanding the execution of constitution is its slogan and extensive & numerous spontaneous and autonomous social networks in the society are the body of this movement.In fact green way of hope is a continue of navigation slogan of " each citizen , one organ " which in forming for people demands and achieving their rights .
  • Punishing of 12 offender officers and judges in Kahrizak case
Head of parliament special committee said :during the reviews of recent detainees situation ,12 offender judge and police officers have faced judicial encounter and and judicial cases have been formed for them and trespasser police officers have been dismissed.But he also denied any kind of "rape" in detentions.
  • Tomorrow, trial of post-election events defendants
ILNA: Third hearing session of recent riots factors will be held on Sunday August 16 at 8 am in branch 15 of Tehran revolutionary court.25 more defendants will put on trial in this hearing session.
  • Abusive caricature of Keyhan magazine about master Shajaryan
This cartoon today was on page 3 of Kayham magazine .This time Kayhan has insulted one of the Iran culture and art valuable musician to make him stop supporting green movement of Iranian people.
  • An example of Kahrizak tortures explained by a parliament representative : electric shock to the women's wet and naked body
In a group visit of parliament representatives in Evin prison and women ward one of woman has said that she has been in Kahrizak and this is the first time that we hear women also have been kept in Kahrizak annd about the tortures she said : once they forced me to get naked and go into a water tank and then they gave me electric shock.This woman has asked representatives that "are you reallt believe that you are representatives of Islamic parliamnet ??"
  • News from Evin: prisoners huger strike and gathering of their families in front of prison
Based on received reports from Evin prison some of prisoners are on hunger strike but the number of them is not specified. However almost every day prisoner's families have been gathering in front of Evin prison but today the number of them was more than ever but there has been lots of tention because of presence of police cars . These families had gathered there to get some information about their loved ones as almost every day they go to revolutionary court but don't get any response and they are worried about their family members in jail , they had gathered in front of Evin prison to get some news about prisoners and their situations.
  • Another list of recent weeks Detainees
According to Heran news, human right and democracy activists, the list of 18 arrested people during the recent unrests is as follows:
  1. Ashkan Yazdanpanah, 25 year old arrested Wednesday Mordad 14th at Saadi ST. transferred to police station 160 and then to Evin prison
  2. Kaivan Alidoost, 26 year old self employee, arrested on Wednesday Mordad at Baharestan and got beat up by the riot police. He was transferred to Police station 160 at first, but unknown captivity place now.
  3. Majid Hamedi, 30 year old bachelors in Agricultural arrested Monday Mordad 12th by the police forces at Vali Asr and transferred to Evin prison. He hasn’t been in touch with his family since.
  4. Omid Azizi, 24 year old chemical student, arrested Monday Mordad 12th around the Fatemi circle and transferred to Evin prison.
  5. Babak Saadati, 28 year old bachelors in industry management arrested on Thursday Mordad 8th around the Mosala and transferred to Evin Prison.
  6. Mohammad Kadkhodaie, 24 year old environmental student arrested on Thursday Mordad 8th at Beheshte Zahra and transferred to Evin.
  7. Sohrab Aatar, 22 year old math student arrested on Mordad 8th at Beheshte Zahra and transferred to Evin.
  8. Farzad Afzali, 34 year old arrested on Friday Tir 26th at Enghelab and transferred to police station 148 and then to Evin prison.
  9. Afshin Mansouri, 28 year old bachelors in English, arrested on Friday Tir 26th at Vali Asr and transferred to Evin prison.
  10. Morteza Faghihi, 25 year old law student arrested on Thursday Tir 18th at Amir Aabad and transferred to Evin
  11. Mohammad Hasan Ashrafi, 20 year old, accounting student arrested on Thursday Tir 18th at Enghelab and after one week they let the worried family of his know, he has been transferred to Evin prison.
  12. Nima Yaghoubi, 27 year old, associate degree in electronic arrested on Thursday Tir 18th and transferred to Evin prison.
  13. Moein Yousefpoor, 19 year old computer student arrested on Thursday Tir 18th at Enghelab and transferred to Evin prison.
  14. Ali Akbar Hadadian, 22 year old arrested on Thursday Tir 18th and was transferred to police station 148 and after two days to Evin prison.
  15. Soroush Mohammadi Barikani, 27 year old industry engineer arrested on Thursday Tir 18th and transferred to Evin prison
  16. Housain Khaleghi, 29 year old bachelors in agricultural, arrested on Thursday Tir 18th and transferred to Evin
  17. Mehdi Azhdari, 23 year old self employee, arrested on Thursday Tir 18th and transferred to Evin Prison
  18. Vahid Aivaz Zadeh, 28 year old, bachelors in accounting arrested on Saturday Khordad 30th at Azadi Sqr and transferred to Evin prison.
  • Pars Theater located at Lalezar got Shutdown
Pars Theater, one of the oldest artistic centers in Tehran, located at Lalezar got shutdown today, Saturday Moradad 24th (August 15, 2009).
Aliasghar Sabahkoohi, one of the managers at this center reported to ISNA: police officers along with representative of army staff of supreme leader orders; enforced this verdict today Mordad 24th. Sabahkohhi at the end reminded the authorities: if the responsible authorities in spite of Tehran mayor’s order don’t follow up on this, Pars Theater will go on auction once again and there will be no hope for its situation.
  • At least 40 Students of Raazi University were summoned to the Disciplinary Committee
Along with the extended numbers of summoning criticizer student around the country, in Raazi University at least 40 students were summoned to the disciplinary committee. According to Amir Kabir, some of these students are accused of disturbance and destroying public properties. Among the name of the summoned students you can see the name of the student activists such as; Ashkan Mosibian, Simin Ghiasi, Milad Gholami, Shekooh Ahmadi, and etc, which some of them have been summoned to this committee previously.
  • Victims of Rapes are Ready to Speak up at the House of Representatives
Akbar Aalami, previous member of the house: If Mr. Karroubi’s claim about rape in prison is true; this will be a disaster and a huge crime. In fact this can be a fire on IRI and all authorities will be responsible for it: from the supreme leader to the president, law forces, intelligence, House of Representatives, chief of armed forces, chief of prisons, and etc. After this claim was denied by Ali Larigani, “News Online” a close agency to Larigani on behalf of Karoobi’s representatives wrote: if the house organizes a unofficial meeting, all the victims of rape in prison will present in front of the representatives and will confess to the behaviors against them while in prison.
  • A Journalist by the Hanging rope
An informed source in an interview with the “green waive” reporter talked about a disturbing torture of a journalist by investigators.
According to “green wave” this source who didn’t want to be identified, reported that to break Hengameh Shahidi, investigators in an obvious illegal and inhuman act announced her execution verdict which was not true. According to this news, to make her believe this is a true verdict; investigators took her to the hanging place and put the hanging rope around her neck many times. Hengameh Shahidi is suffering from heart disease and her family is extremely concerned about her health.
  • Number of Killed Peddlers at Western Iran during the past 20 days
Herana news agency: What you read below is the list and number of killed peddlers at the Kurdish part of Iran by the police forces during the past 20 days:
  1. Hamid Ghan Kangloo resident of Makoo had stopped with his car around the border of Bazargan (Iran and Turkey border) for unknown reason, when the police forces shot him many times. He died due to severe injuries; however, police forces claimed he was smuggling merchandise, but no smuggling items were found in his car.
  2. On Tuesday Tir 27th, Asad Moosa Zadeh Kurd citizen of Khoi city while trading gasoline at the border, got shot by the police forces and died after a bullet hit his heart.
  3. Mahiadin Jal Bakoo, 50 year old citizen of Solmas was shot by the police forces after he went to Shepiran of Solmas to get his money back from someone. He was married to two women with 7 kids. Also 3 young Kurd were wounded during the few weeks, due to police shooting around the Solmas border.
  4. On Wednesday Mordad 7th, after a hide and seek of police forces against the peddlers cars a citizen of Saghez name Jalal got killed by the police forces.
  5. Body of Eghbal Bakhtiari citizen of Ghom Ghale Mahabad villiage who was arrested by the police force; was returned back to his family. The cause of death is still unknown by the family, but according to Naja he was arrested while smuggling items in his car.
  6. On Wednesday Mordad 7th, police forces of Hasan Salar Sarshiwi Saghez station shot few trucks carrying items to smuggle and killed a 35 year old Kurd citizen name Anwar Eghbali and wounded two.
  7. On Monday Mordad 12th due to police shooting at the Aalan city of Sardasht a peddler name Rahim Mahmoodpoor died and two were wounded.
  8. On Sunday Mordad 11th, captain Aslani of sentry post of Alwatan village shots two Kurd citizen for unknown reason. One of the citizen name Haji 23 year old dies and the other name Loghman is wounded severely.
  9. On Sunday Mordad 11th, police forces at the Nowsood border shot few peddlers and as result wounds a citizen name Shahram Shokri severely. He was transferred to Javanrood hospital.
  10. On Wednesday Mordad 14th, few peddlers cars gets trapped by police forces at the Khoi city. Police forces begin with shooting and kill a citizen name Seraj Moosa Loo, and another citizen name Reza Baba Zadeh gets wounded severely.
  11. On Friday Mordad 16th Seyed Fakher omar Shiwa, was killed at the border of Khoi city by the police forces.
  12. Police forces during the past 10 days have attacked the frontier areas of Nowsood, Hana Garma Lah, Mariwan and Banah; suppressed the people and took their belongings. At the Nowsood area, people confronted police forces and as result few were wounded and a large number were arrested.
  13. Saeed Laie, Aina Laie and Mozhdeh Naderian are three women whom were shot by the Naja and police forces “by mistake” and regardless of their injuries these forces didn’t attempt to transfer them to the hospital.


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