Friday, August 7, 2009

Iran Uprising Blogging...Latest Headlines!

Dear fans, unfortunately our page (Revolutionary Road) on Facebook along with some other active pages from Iran such as Zahra Rahnavard, Moosavi...was under attack since Last morning. According to Facebook the attacks are result of malicious (DDOs). They have been able to restore most pages; we apologize for any inconvenience this might have cost you. We now resume to our normal activity in keeping you inform.
  • Protests Continue...
1)“Hundreds of people are in Vanak square, chanting ‘death to the dictator.’ Others are also honking car horns,” said the witness. “Hundreds of riot police are there as well.”
The witness said riot police tried to disperse protesters. “They are telling protesters to leave the area or face being arrested,” the witness said.
See videos here

2)Also protesters marking the 40th day since the death of Kianoosh Asa, a young opposition supporter who was killed during the post-election crackdown in Kermanshah.
See videos here
  • European Union will not send their well wishes to Ahmadi Nejad
On Thursday, a member of the European Union announced: Our union will not congratulate the re-election of Ahmadi Nejad for the second term as a president. Earlier France, U.S, UK and Germany had also announced they will not send their well wishes to Ahmadi Nejad.

At the same time of Ahmadi Nejad’s inauguration ceremony on Wednesday; protestors gathered in different part of Tehran against the recent election results.

Also, Karl Bildt, Sweden’s foreign ministry had written in his blog on Wednesday; Sweden on behalf of the European Union will not send a message to congratulate Ahmadi Nejad’s re-election.

  • List of Kahrizak’s (detention center) torturers
A list of Kahrizak’s torturers who have tortured and killed many youngsters in Iran’s Kahrizak’s prison is as follows:

- Ahmadreza Radan (replacement of chief of police forces)

- Amerian/Ameri (Radan’s assistant director)

- Keshmiri (Radan’s another assistant)

- Haghi (guard’s chief)

- Koomijaee ( chief of Kahrizak)

- Zandi (Assistant director of Kahrizak)

- Seied Mousavi (murderer of Mohsen Rouhol Amin)

- Seied Housaini (guard officer along with 8 other guards whom torture the detainees while wearing mask)

This list has been announced by human right activists in Iran and after the re-search they had done to find responsible persons of Kharizak’s death center, in which lots of detainees were tortured to death.

  • Canada’s Prime Minister: I proudly stand by the People of Iran
Stephen Harper, Canada’s prime minister on Tuesday August 4th met with the Iranian/Canadian community to get their opinion in regard to Iran’s recent situation. The prime minister shared his concerns in regard to the bad situation of human rights and people’s suppression by the security forces in Iran. Stephen Harper said: we have a clear position about Iran. The action of Iran’s authorities in the recent event is unacceptable which differs from human rights standards. The regime of Iran must stop its harshness against the people, release the political prisoners and let the internal and foreign media to continue with their covering in Iran freely.

  • 6 Years 7 Month in Prison for Roonak Safarzadeh Women Activist

The reconsideration court of Kurdistan confirmed and announced the verdict of 7 years and 6 month in prison for Roonak Safarzadeh, student and member of million signature campaign. This verdict has been confirmed and announced, while Roonak Safarzadeh has already spent 23 months in horrible situation in prison. Roonak Safarzadeh was arrested 23 month a go by the security forces in Sanandaj. At first she was accused of attempt against country’s security, being a member of Pejak and leaving the country with out permission. During the first 4 month in detention she was tortured many times, but she did not admit to anything.

  • The House of Representative to Research the death of 12 year old Alireza

House of the representative has begun to research the death of 12 year old Alireza, whom died of a baton stroke to his head last Thursday at Beheshte Zahra. Hamidreza Katoozian, member of the truth-finder committee of the house by insisting on finding the cause of Alireza’s death said: unfortunately I and my colleague were not aware of this since no-one keeps us informed.

Last Thursday, Alireza along with his father went to Beheshte Zahra to attend the 40th mourning ceremony for the killed people in the recent unrests. On their way back, Alireza gets separated form his father and according to some news, he gets hit by baton on his head which causes internal head bleeding. Alireza’s family was able to get his body back on Monday, 4 days later.

  • The office of journalist association got close!
Photos:Gathering in front of the shutdown ofiice of the Union of Journalists...

An officer with an order in his hands signed by Said Mortazavi, Tehran’s public prosecutor, closed the door of journalist association office at night. Many other officers at night (9’clock) went by the journalist association office and begin with filming the office, and not only they close this office, they also closed the other building related to this association.

Badrosadat Mofidi, in regard to this incident told the Nowrooz news reporter: since this attack was done at night; many journalist are not aware. Therefore, tomorrow morning before 11 am, I will be at the meeting place of the committee to let them know.

  • The second part of trail for accused detainees postponed to Saturday
According to ILNA, due to the request of the detainees of the recent unrest lawyers, Judge Salvati; director of branch 15th of revolutionary court has postponed the second part of the trail to Saturday. They were suppose to continue with the trial, tomorrow; which due to the detainees lawyers request, judge Salvati has accepted two days period for more case preparations.

  • Arrest of Siamak Yaghooti, Student Activist of Zanjan University
Siamak Yaghooti, student activist of Zanjan University was arrested at his father’s house in Tehran. According to Siamak’s father, security officers with out presenting any court order and after researching the house took Siamak and his personal belongings with them. Also in repose to Siamak’s family’s question about captivity place of this student, they were told by the security officers to follow up on his situation from Evin prison. It is essential to know that Siamak Yaghooti is a political activist of Zanjan University who has been threatened by university’s security numerous times. He was also a director of Rastakhiz publication which was closed down not too long a go.

  • Concern about Hale Sahabi and Fahime Asadi’s Situation is Increasing
Concern in regard to Hale Sahabi’s situation, member of mothers of peace group who was arrested harshly yesterday at Baharestan is increasing. This morning, Ezatolah Sahabi father of Hale Sahabi along with his wife went by the revolutionary court. However, after hours of wandering, they were not able to get any information as where they are keeping their daughter or about her health situation. According to eyewitness, she was beaten down by baton and while she was bleeding from her head injury was forced to enter a green Peugeot and was taken to an unknown place.

At the same time, the Evin prison officers have told the family of Fahime Asadi, who was arrested during the protest (the same time of Ahmadi Nejad’s inauguration) at Baharestan that the arresting was done by Sepah and neither one of the arrestees were transferred to Evin. Fahima’s family hasn’t been able to get any news from their daughter’s health or captivation place.

  • Situation of a Detained Isfahan University Student is Unknown
Amir Mohsen Mohammadi, University student of Isfahan has been kept in prison for more than 50 days. Amir Mohsen Mohammadi, student of communication at Maibod University was arrested at his house on Khordad 25th at Isfahan by the security forces. There is now news of his release or prosecution. Apparently he is guilty of stimulation to disturbance while due to personal reasons, he has not been involved in any of the events before or after the election. Also there are some news in regard to his serious health issues from prison.

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