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Iran Uprising Blogging...Saturday 22th August

  • Student Basij has asked for Action against Mehdi Karoubi and Mir Hosain Mousavi
Student Basij of 8 universities of Tehran in a letter to Sadegh Larijani, the new head of the Judiciary; has asked for action against Mehdi Karoubi and Mir Hosain Mousavi. According to Iran state media, student Basij in this letter has stated; Mr. Karroubi and Mousavi feel so free and infallible and they whatever comes to their mind and act in the way which only makes the foreigners happy.

During and after the recent protests in Iran, which has been the most extensive one during the past 30 years some authorities of IRI in a direct and indirect statements have threatened to arrest Mir Hosain Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi.
  • Should we expect the Blue Collar waves of Protest?
A report in regard to workers situation: Bookan Weavers, Plastic Makers of Dena, Parris, Farms and Industries of Haft Tappe, Iralkoo, and Hardware Industry

On Sunday, weaver workers of Bookan notice that the owner after a long absent has came to the factory along with some experts from the National bank. Apparently they were there to make a list of machines and other factory properties for confinement purposes. A group of workers after hearing this news go to the factory immediately and tell the owner they have factory’s properties in position and in order to make a list and confine the properties; they will have to go through the line of workers.

In Tehran, workers of plastic maker factory of Dena by carrying banners of “Incapable leader; resign resign, dismiss of 4 representatives insulting 2000 personal. We, the workers of Dena plastic maker want the dismissal of incapable leaders. Incapable leaders must get fired” gathered and protested. Workers of this factory stated, after they saw a list of their dismissed colleagues, by organizing a committee; asked for dismissal of managers of the factory.

After dismissal of Parris workers and their follow-ups; the workers justice office issued a verdict for the workers to return back to work. However, despite this decision made by the workers justice office; the owner has not let the workers to return back to work.

Sunday morning, workers of farm and industries of Haft Tappe also protested and asked for their belated salaries.
According to official news, unemployment has increased by 3% in Tehran. During the past month and a half 1646 workers have been laid off.

Dismissal of 500 workers from wooden plate, 900 workers from long distance telecom and 230 workers from Azadi hotel has been reported during the past month and a half by the official media.

In the past few months, there has been news in regard to extensive protests by blue collars. Ignoring the current situation of workers can add to the blue collars protests. There is no doubt that the movement of blue collars are somehow fanatically. Even the green wristband will be replaced by the blue collars. The main purposes of these movements are fear of starvation, ability to pay rent, kid’s education and health condition of family members.
  • Rafsanjani Asked Political groups to Obey Khamenei’s orders
Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the head of the national interest association; asked political groups to obey Ayatollah Khamenie’s orders to end the political crises in the country. According to the state media, on Saturday; Rafsanjani in the first supportive statement of Khamenei since the presidential election in Iran said:” due to current situation, everyone must respect and obey the orders of the supreme leader”. He asked the involved groups to make “a suitable situation for action”, “under take the constitutions and act against those who guilty regardless of their ideological believes”. France news says: in the past months Friday prayers, Rafsanjani got distanced from Khamenei and stated “election brought crises” to the country.
  • Hiring Basiji Leaders to Control Soccer Games
For the first time in this season, Azadi Stadium was a host of spectators during the Esteghlal and Foolad of Khoozestan game.

Esteghlal begin its game against Foolad while there wasn’t a familiar leader faces of this team. They were surprised by seeing new and unknown faces. The new leaders sent to Azadi by Esteghlal fan club failed to connect with the fans of Esteghlal. Earlier the official website of Esteghlal in an announcement had asked fans with background of being member of basij to fill out application.

On the other hand, one noticeable fact was the new clothing of the new leaders. The interesting fact was that they had misspelled the word “LEADER” and instead had “LIDER” written on the back of their covers. It is impossible that the German heads of Esteghlal and Foolad had seen the covers before hands, since the head of both teams are from Germany and familiar with English language, they even attend the AFC meetings once every other week.
  • Owliaie Fard: Pressure on Workers is getting Unbearable
News from Iran, trail of two workers syndicate leaders of Naishekar Haft Tappe in Dezfool revolutionary court

Charges against Ali Nejati and Reza Rakhshan in this trail; propaganda against the regime by interviews with foreign media, connection with anti regime individuals, organizing a worker syndicate against the law, and instigation of workers against the regime. But they have refused all the charges and defended themselves. Mr. Nejati, leader of workers syndicate of Neishekar Haft Tappe was dismissed from his job while he was in detention. Mr. Rakhshan is responsible for the syndicate’s communications.

In the same trial Mohammad Heidari mehr, Feridoon Nikoofar, Nejat Dehli and Jalil Ahmdi; 4 other members of this syndicate were dismissed from the charges.
  • Saeed Mortazavi stopped the release of Sadegh Nowroozi, Somaie Tohidloo and Mohammad Reza Jalali Poor from Prison
A source has reported, despite going through all the legal stages for the freedom of 3 prisoners, Said Mortazavi stopped the release of these 3 people. According to green waves news, the law office of judge Haddad informed the families of these 3 prisoners by brining bail they will order to release Sadegh Nowroozi, Somaie Tohidloo and Mohammad Reza Jalali Poor, but Mortazavi orderd to stop the release of these prisoners. According to this news, the prosecutor of Tehran stopped the release while the prison had received the release letter. Jurists believe it is against the law to keep the prisoners after the bail has been received by law authorities.
  • 4 Studnets of Tabriz University are deprived from Education
During the past few days and after receiving an order from information ministry by the university, all previous members of “Desires Formation” of Tabriz university are deprived from education. According to Amir Kabir news agency; Younes Zaareyoun (head of the desires formation) Behnam Torkanpoor (previous member of desires formation), Navid Mohammadi (previous member of central committee and secretary of desires formation) and Vahid Sheikh Bagloo (previous member of desires formation) were all deprived from education. These students were members of desires formation and they have not been informed of the reason for which they have been deprived from education. During the past 2 months hundreds of students have been deprived from education in Mazandaran, Babol, Semnan, Kermanshah, Ghazvin, Mashhad, Hamedan, Rai, Poli Technique of Tehran, Karaj and Elm va Sanat universities and have been summand to disciplinary committee, temporarily prevented from education between 1 to 3 semesters.
  • Dr. Mohammad Maleki is arrested
Today at 8:30 am on Saturday Modad 31st (August 22nd), 5 intelligence officers attacked the house of Dr. Mohammad Maleki and arrested him after searching his entire house. According to Gooya news, the officers which all called one another “Alavi” confiscated 80 books, personal documents, computer and his diary notes along with some other personal belongings. Officers had two cars with them and took Dr. Alavi in the Gray car with the plate number of 26422M14. It is essential to know that Dr. Alavi have been under medical treatment for prostate disease which has made him awfully weak. Also, it’s obvious that due to phone tapping and controlling the house of Dr. Maleki for the past few weeks, the intelligence officers are aware of his illness.
  • Claims of two Arabic Newspapers: Cabinet of Ahmadi Najed has turned into Military cabinet
After the announcement of candidate to obtaining the ministries positions in Iran, area’s newspapers have begin analyzing this important event in our country. According to Tabnak, “Alshargh o Alvsat” and “Darolhaiat” two Arabic newspapers in London which are more effective on Arab nations than any other newspapers have analyzed this event.

“Alshargh o Alvsat” wrote: selection and introducing of 3 Ahmadi Nejad ministers from the Army of Islamic Santry has given a military shape to Iran’s Cabinet. Also Ahmadi Nejad’s selection of Oil, Country and communication ministries carries a meaningful message.

Darolhaiat has also focused on Ahmadinejad’s cabinet and wrote: until now, only country and two other ministers were chosen from military, but now more than 7 ministers have background in being members of Army Islamic Sentry.
  • Friday Parayer Imam of Mashhad: We shouldn’t allow a choose of Female in the Cabinet be a reason for feminist atheist happiness
Friday prayer speaker said: presence of 3 female in the cabinet and happiness of feminists inside and outside of Iran reminds me of Imam Khomeini’s statement; if we do something which makes the westerners happy, we must rethink and questions ourselves.

He said, we are not preaching sexism but we believe that Islam has divided responsibilities between male and female in the family and in the society. He pointed to the character of Zahra (daughter of Mohammad prophet) and said: in absence of Islam prophet there was times when both Ali and Mohammad where not in town and even though no male could be compared with Zahra, Prophet would never have his daughter to manage the city.
  • Ahmadi Nejad: We are in need for a Ministry of 70 Million
Last night Mahmood Ahmadi Nejad introduced members of his coup d'etat cabinet on TV

According to Amir Kabir news agency, Ahmadi Nejad discussed and criticized the action of information ministry during the post election and stated, information ministry must be a ministry of 70 million. He stated if this ministry had done their job well, we would’ve not witness the post election crises. By announcing the necessity of formation of information ministry of 70 million, he didn’t clarify if he wants the babies and little kids to cooperate to make this ministry of 70 million!
  • 13 killed and Injured results of fights between the Kurds and Iran Army troops in Saqhez
Today in the fights between the Kurds Pishmarg (those who are willing to die before others) of Democrat party of Kurdistan and the army forces of Iran in Saghez some died ad some wounded. On Saturday Mordad 31st (August 22nd) at the Faizolla Bag of Saghez few of the armed forces of both side were killed or injured. According to news from Saghez, 4 of the Kurds and 7 of the army sentry died. The official news from either side has not published to confirm this news yet.

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