Thursday, August 13, 2009

A short reply to the questions of the children of Hajarians and Aminzadehs!

by:Mina Ahadi

  • A short reply to the questions of the children of Hajarians and Aminzadehs
    These days many in Iran and elsewhere in the world are worried for their loved ones. Loved ones who have been arrested and entered the dungeons and black holes of the Islamic Government for the “crime” of participating in the demonstrations and protests against a fascist government and dictator. These days many mothers search door to door for their children with the nightmare that they may be delivered the corpse of the person that they cherish most. These days we are all following the news of the brutal treatment from the criminal executioner gangs. The news of the prisoners’ loss of strength to speak, of women being raped, of youngsters being slashed into pieces, of prisoners being attached to electrical appliances and given electric shocks…
These days, amidst the news of revolutionary progress, of demonstrations and protest, of meetings and slogans.

A huge anxiety penetrates the air. While hearing the voices of women who with strength and faith say we won’t retreat, the news of peoples smiles at one another on the streets, of humans becoming close to one another, amidst this news the torment for the destiny of hundreds of people who have been arrested and disappeared in recent weeks does not for a moment leave us. Too many mothers and fathers still do not know where their children who disappeared a month ago are and what dreadful things have been done to them.

What has compelled me to write these few lines is the letters from the children of people who’ve played a key role in the workings of the Islamic Government. The children of the Hajarians and Aminzadehs, letters filled with anxiety and emotion to their fathers, letters from the children of the “Eslah Talaban” (“Reformists”) who yesterday were at the pinnacle of power and today find themselves in governmental black holes at the hands of torturers who were once of old friends...


Megan said...

Truth always sounds like a soothing song. Thank you for soothing my soul. I hear you and I am with you body and soul.
As they say, it is always darkest before dawn. I feel and sense the “darkest” and pray for seeing the dawn before I die. I, however, am not as optimistic as you are that we will close this dark chapter in our nation history and will see the dawn of justice and freedom soon. This cancer has deeply advanced and has taken over of every fiber of Iran. I am not sure how many of our country men and women are willing to recognize it and more importantly how many are willing and ready for the aggressive treatment.

Richard said...

It took 13 years for the Russians to get from the unsuccessful 1905 Revolution to the successful one in 1918. The viciousness and carefully planned brutality of the leaders of the IRI convinces me that Iran is well set on the path to a violent and successful people's revolution. Predicting its timing is very difficult as the Iranian democratic forces are less well organized than were their 20th century Russian counterparts. When the Iranian People's Revolution succeeds it will be the biggest story of the 21st century, set a new popular government precedent in the Middle East, and restore Persian leadership to its historic role

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