Monday, August 31, 2009

Iran Uprising Blogging...Sunday 30th August!

  • Mohammad Khatami : There is no place left for defending the Islamic Republic
Seyed Mohammad Khatami has said that people are waiting for the public trials and prosecution of "the clear and heinous crimes of shooting people and illegal arrests". He also said these recent treatments have left no place left for defending the Islamic Republic. Because of recent events the face of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the world is irrational, violent, incompatible with human and ethical standards. Khatami asserted that the regime had been inattentive to people's votes and even inattentive to its own rules and standards . He has also indicated to the torture and murder that has taken place in the prisons , maintaining that there have been gross discrepancies in post-election events.
  • Zarqami : IRIB's viewers have reduced during the post-election events
Zarqami has announced that TV is not welcomed at people's homes.
Head of IRIB has said that TV viewers have reduced to less than %40 after recent events and the reason is unilateral performance of IRIB.
  • Saeed Mortazavi became deputy of general prosecutor
Sadeq Larijani , Head of judiciary appointed Saeed mortazavi former Tehran's prosecutor as deputy of general prosecutor.
  • Beating and hospitalization of Keyvan Samimi
Despite Sobhani's promis ,security investigator in Tehran branch No.3 due to issue the freedom verdict for Keyvan Samimi ,judge Mortazavi has prevented it to happen so far.
According to Nowrouz reports ,this political activists has had visitors twice in 2 and a half months and has been prevented from having a visit with his lawyer.And despite all the authorities claims about prisoners not being beaten up in prisons Keyvan has told his family in the last visit that he had been beaten up once that they have been forced to hospitalized him in prison's clinic for one day.
  • Summoned a journalist to Intelligence ministry and arrest an other journalist
Masha Allah Shamsolva'ezin , spoke-person of defense from press freedom association summoned to Intelligence ministry and has been threatened not to have any kind of interview with medias.In the past 40 days it was the second time that this prominent journalist has been summoned to Intelligence ministry in regards of interviews.
On the other hand Mehdi Hossein zadeh , journalist and economical analyzer has been in detention for 3 weeks now due to his article about confessions against one of the regime's authorities.
  • Disclose the identity of a murdered girl whom her body has been burned by acid and secretly buried after rape
Saeedeh Pour Aqayee(Amayee) is a young girl whom has been buried at section 302 in Bheshte Zahra in one of the unknown graves.
Saeedeh was the only child of martyr Abbas Aqayee whom has been arrested one night after she was chanting "God is great " on their roof-top by Basij and plain-clothes forces.
Her body had been identified by her mother 20 days after her arrest in a morgue at south Tehran but the authorities had not delivered the body to her mother and secretly buried her and after couple of weeks her family got informed of her secretly burial at section 302.Her family had been threatened not to reveal the truth and just say she has died of kidney disorder which her relatives have claimed that she was not suffireing from any disease and an informed relative disclose the story of her being raped , murdered , burned by acid nad secretly buried.
  • Governor of Tehran : Continue of protests leads Tehran University to be closed for one semester
Governor of Tehran in a letter to Tehran university dormitory management has demanded closure of the Tehran university for at least one semester .This order has issued due to supporting of civil movement by students and chanting "God is great " every night at 10 pm in Tehran university dormitory.
  • Gathering of detainees families in front of Tehran's Revolutionary Court and false promises of authorities
On Sunday August 30th about 120 persons of recent detainees families gathered in front of Tehran's Revolutionary Court and protest against recent events.
These families have been told that their loved ones will be freed till the end of this week but families objected to this talk and told the authorities you had told us earlier that our loved ones would be released before the month of Ramadan and they have not yet so we can not believe you.
This should be mentioned that lots of these families have no source for earning money due to their hhusbands being in jail and have had financial hardship during this period of time.
  • Ahmadinejad's decision for 4 of 9th government ministers to be appointed as ambassadors and manager of nuclear business
Kamran Lankarani ,minister of health in the ninth government to be Iran's ambassador in China .
Zahedi ,science minister in the ninth government to be Iran's ambassador in UAE.
Sadeq Mahsouli ,interior minister in the ninth government to be Iran's ambassador in UN.
Parviz Fattah , minister of power in the ninth government to be authorized person of "nuclear energy export company" which has not been established yet .
  • Workers of "Iran Khodro"company support the strike of "Pars Wagon" company's workers
Workers of Iran Khordo company addressed Pars Wagon workers:
-Right to life is your inalienable right .
-You,not getting paid for several months is an obvious theft.
-Thieves of worker's salary must be dismissed and tried.
-To achieve your true rights , protest and strike are the only ways.
-We welcome your struggle and announce our solidarity with your demands.
-We are standing beside you till you achieve your demands.
-We want all workers , Human rights organizations and worker associations not to leave Pars Wagon workers alone and make governor authorities to respond to their demands.
Long live worker solidarity
Long live Pars Wagon worker's true struggle
A group of Iran Khodro workers


Anonymous said...

strong statement by Khatami.

thanks Saeed, for your updates. Really hope the best for you (all).

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