Monday, August 31, 2009

Message of Qaleb Hosseini to workers and worker activists

Coordination committee of workers and worker activists;

As you know, I was arrested on 1 May 2008 for participating in international May day celebrations.

This day that is celebrated everywhere across the world and architects of human progress stop work to call attention to the inequality in the world with solidarity and class unity.

But the people who all have brought to effect all the basis of a civil society through their work and suffering are themselves denied the fruits of their labour.

I, like hundreds and thousands of other workers participated in the ceremony and was arrested for that alone, and after interrogation and trial was condemned to 50 lashes and 6 months imprisonment. On 21 Feb 2009 after the implementation of the 50 lashes verdict, I was transferred to the central prison of Sanandaj for the implementation of the imprisonment verdict.

My loved ones, this is not the first time that the working class is undergoing such a cost to defend its rights and demands, nor will it be the last...more than 150 years have passed since the first worker struggles, the strikes of women weavers of Chicago for the reduction of working hours and an increase in wages. This struggle continues with all its up and downs, workers’ leaders in history have been tortured and executed by capitalist elements.

There is not a day that workers have not been harassed for pursuing their true rights.

There is not a day that we don’t receive news of worker accidents because of work places not being safe and capitalist owners being eager to gain more profit. Every day several workers’ hands and feet are crushed under machines and buried under a ton of stones and soil along with huge explosions from mines. These disasters and crimes belong to a capitalist system!

4My worker friends;

If verdicts of imprisonment and lashes and even the death penalty stand in the way of freedom for the working classes and defending all people's rights for a better life, and exploitation and slavery have become inevitable…if imprisonment and torture should be tolerated for the irradication of poverty, misery, hunger, unemployment, corruption and all social inequalities…if for living a better life full of welfare and comfort one must bear prison and lash verdicts to achieve these human demands, then we must tolerate them.

We demand a world where noone is abused and insulted when seeking a meal to feed him/her self and her/his family and no one would choose crime, terror, corruption and prostitution to have something to eat.

We demand that humans develop freely and equally in a society without poverty and hunger, with freedom of expression and thought far away from exploitation and devoid of slavery – one that is worthy of human life.
In a way, to achieve this human life and for the relief of poverty, prison is better than any palace for us. When we are released and have broken the chains of slavery, with garlands of red flowers around our necks, we will celebrate victory day.

Workers and chain-reactions;

Only by creating autonomous class unions can we provide a platform for creating a worthy life. So we must take steps to make worker organizations and build on them.


Thank you all for your sympathy and concern for me and my family during my arrest and imprisonment and the unsparing efforts that you have made in this regard.

I sincerely thank members of the "Coordination Committee for help in creating work organizations", " Australian Construction Painter Workers", "Women's Council" and all friends and relatives who have been like-minded and caring during the time of my arrest time and upon my release, with their warm welcome, bringing hope alive in many hearts.

Without a doubt making a joyous homecoming for a worker who has been lashed and imprisoned for participating in May Day celebrations is in defense of workers’ demands and in defense of working class dignity and respect. So this worthy tradition that is a symbol of class understanding must be continued.

Finally ,once again my sincere thanks to everyone for welcoming me and all that they have been through in doing so. I dedicate the best of my wishes like the most clear class sentiments to your firm steps. I stand with all loved ones to defend our rights and our classmates’ rights and will do all I can in this path.

Our solidarity, unity and class consciousness are the only guarantees for a workers victory.

Move towards creating working unions.

Be Victorious,

Qaleb Hosseini


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