Saturday, February 6, 2010

At least 15 Activists & Journalists Arrested in the Last 48 Hours

In the days leading up to the anniversary of the 1979 revolution on February 11th, scores of activists and ordinary citizens have been detained. Today, the arrests not only intensified but also included people with no known history of political activities.
In the months following the June election, the arrests of activists has always intensified on the eve of planned nationwide protests. Before the November 4th and December 7th rallies a large number of activists and students were arrested in their universities, their workplaces, or after their houses were raided. Many remain in jail to this day.
The following is the list of people who were arrested in the last 48 hours:
1. Noushin Jafari, Arts & Culture correspondent of Etemad daily
2.Bahar Tarakameh
3.Omid Mehregan, author & journalist
4.Yashar Darloshafa, student
5.Kaveh Darolshafa
6.Yashar & Kaveh Darolshafa’s Mother
7. Maziar Samiee, Student
8.Kaveh Ghasemi Kermanshahi, human rights activist (arrested in Kermanshah)
9.Nazanin Hassan-Nia
10.Sahar Ghasem-Nejad
11.Ardavan Ghara’ati, Karrubi’s campaign manager in Kohgilooyeh province (arrested In yasuj
12.Reza Akvanian, human rights activist (arrested in Ysuj)
13.Ehsan Mirsaeedi, student

14.Abolfazl Karimi, student

15.Maryam Karimi

Source: RAHANA



Thursday everybody in the square!!!

God be with you!!!


The video of the attack the Italian embassy in Tehran

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