Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Three day report on the condition of political and human rights prisoners in Iran

[...]Question: Saber, Do you ever have dreams of being executed?

Saber: Dream? What can I say? I do dream, but I forget them, as though I have Alzheimer’s. I am constantly in an imaginary and dream-like state. I fall asleep deep in those thoughts, and I will wake up suddenly in the same state. I don’t remember what the dreams that make me wake up suddenly are. Once they took me for execution, but the name of my father was misspelled in my file, so they returned it for correction [and thus postponed the execution].[...][...]This letter of suffering is much longer than this. But I end it with one sentence. I am directly addressing Mr. Khamenei: ‘You consider yourself as the father of this nation. I was a daughter of Iran. Your sons raped me. Who will pay for my lost dignity?’[...]

>>Torture, execution, imprisonment, and repression continues

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