Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Boycott of Khamenei's speech in Sanandaj despite pressures !

People in the western city of Sanandaj, capital of Kurdistan province, boycotted speech by Ali Khamenei, regime’s Supreme Leader, eyewitnesses reported. Iranian regime resorted to force to keep shops closed during the speech. City had been turned into a virtual war zone due to large presence of security forces.

According to telephone reports broadcast by NCTV, Iranian opposition satellite television, at 10:00 on Saturday all the communication lines to the city were cut off. “The state security forces rushed into streets threatening shopkeepers to keep their shops closed.”

“Members of Bassij Paramilitary Force have been dispatched to the city from other parts of the country. They put on local Kurdish costumes to attend Khamenei’s speech,” the reporter said.

Another caller said: “Close to eleven thousand security forces were dispatched to Sanandaj to reinforce Khamenei’s protection.”

Prior to khamenei’s trip extraordinary security measures had been implemented. The suppressive measures were adopted under various pretexts such as searching for smuggled goods, seizing banned satellite dishes. A number of youth were arrested during the raids.

On Friday May 8, the SSF raided a house and arrested a young man. They searched his house, seizing his personal belongings including his books and computer. There is no information on his whereabouts.

On the same day, the repressive forces searched houses and harassed people in Saeen-Qaleh City under the pretext of seizing satellite dishes.

“On May 10, the regime’s agents in Paveh, raided the Bazaar and searched the shops under the pretext of looking for smuggled materials causing public discontent. Sanadaj looks like a military base rather than a city, and there are five helicopters covering the air simultaneously,” a report said on May 10.

Islamic Republic had told the retired civil servants, Martyrs Foundation, welfare organizations, and Imam Relief Committee, that if they do not attend on time in the traverse from the airport and their surrounding streets they will not get their salaries paid, the report added.

The intelligence agents arrested Saman Mansouri, 23, inhabitant of Salavat village in suburb of Sanadaj and his properties were confiscated, Chipa Rahimi was arrested by the same agents and there is no information on them yet, said a report by an Iranian Kurdish Radio on May 11.

According to one report, over 15,000 Bassiji militia forces were stationed in Shahoo Mountain under the pretext of mountain climbing, they were mostly settled there with their families making the crowd of over 50,000.

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