Friday, May 8, 2009

Iran news in brief : Workers Protests!

Kermanshah, western Iran:
Workers from the Bus Drivers Union staged a protest gathering on Tuesday across from the Iranian regime’s office of Labour Organization in Kermanshah. They protested against lay offs and demanded continued employment in addition to receiving deferred salaries.

Khorramshahr, southern Iran:
More than 50 former employees of Khorramshahr’s municipal government gathered in front of the city hall on Tuesday, in protest to lay-offs and to demand their deferred pay.

Abbasabad Tonkabon, northern Iran:
Close to 400 people from the city of Abbasabad held a protest gathering on Monday to demand the status of a township for Abbasabad. Protesters blocked off the main street. On April 15, the residents had staged another protest gathering in front of the regime’s city hall to convey the same demands. Abbasabad is currently part of the township of Tonkabon.

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