Friday, May 22, 2009

Students question Moussavi about his role in 1988 massacre !

On Tuesday, students of Qazvin University protested against Moussavi, chanting slogans of "'88, '88," and demanding Moussavi to provide explanations in regards to his role during the political prisoners' massacre.

Some of the placards held by students read: "Mirhossein, '88!," "Free university students," and "Evin now accepts university students," in a reference to the increasing number of students being held at the notorious Evin prison in Tehran.

Mirhossein Moussavi, Islamic Republic’ former Prime Minister in 1980s, was one of the high ranking officials of the regime during the eight-year Iran-Iraq war. He was responsible for the death of a million Iranian youth in the war and played a key role in export of terrorism and execution of political prisoners including the massacre of 30,000 prisoners in summer of 1988.

On Monday students at the University of Zanjan (northwest Iran) disrupted a speech by Mirhossein Moussavi and demanded explanations about his role during the 1988 massacre of political prisoners.
"Where were you in 1988, and how many people did you kill?" some students asked Moussavi. One placard read "Khavaran's soil is still red," referring to the Khavaran cemetery, where thousands of political prisoners have been buried.


Jon said...

thanks you for writing and for taking a stand... best luck for the coming election...

Mousavi all the way!!!

Holly said...

I'm glad someone is actually saying the truth... Everyone keeps assuming Mousavi is going to be so wonderful and bring "change" well what change? He's no better than the rest!

Anonymous said...

Neither have I ever believed before, nor do I believe now that Mousavi is the answer to all of our problems. I do remember though back then Khomeini was a live and those orders were issued by him and it is for that very reason that Montazari spoke up and was placed under house arrest.
Mousavi at this point is a vehicle for us toward reform, relative freedom for the youth and a better international standing than the alternative.
Thanks for raising the issue.

NateIowa said...

You have to be completely stupid. They shouting '88 because that's this year on the Islamic calendar. Election '88. And they're shouting '88 and Mousavi because they want to elect him this year. DUH!!

Azadeh said...

my family members were executed as part of the 30,000 mentioned - Mousavvi is no different to the rest of them, lets not be fooled into thinking it!

Anonymous said...

This is how low the Iranian freedom-movement has sunk, they actually voted for this massmurderer.
It seems that Iranians unfortunatly have no problem of voting for killers and murderers, whether its the monkey Ahmadinejad or some other garbage. They do not understand that by voting in the islamic republic, they only encourage the existens of the illegal regime.
Boycott the totalitarian regime and morn its unholy birth on April 1st.


nimad said...

NateIowa look at the picture of the students holding the banner. The banner says in Persian: because of the massacre of 67 (1988) Mir Housain Mousavi is guilty in the court of the people. The reporter is accurate and you are wrong.

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