Thursday, November 12, 2009

Latest Reports on Prisoners

(November 8th): Prisoners Denied Medical Care by Evin Officials

  • Mahsa Naderi, Davvod Soleimani and Fariba Pajooh are denied medical care
Prison visits were canceled for Hossein Nourani-Nejad, Esmail Sahabeh and Saeed Nour-Mohammadi.
Behzad Navai appeared before the court.
Farhad Pouladi, Habib Hajian, Hadi Haydari, Mohammad-Javad Mozafari, Mohammad-Amin Shirzad, Ebrahim Shirkavand and Maysam Vareh-Chehr were released.
Ehsan Fattahian has gone on hunger strike.

  • Behzad Nabavi in Court
Second court hearing for Behzad Nabavi, a senior member of the Mojahedin of Islamic Revolution organization, was held behind closed doors today. Nabavi had asked in writing and verbally to have an open trial to answer to charges brought up against him during the show trials. The court rejected his requests and he had to defend himself during a closed hearing. The court has recessed until Tuesday.
Nabavi was taken back to the hospital after the hearing. He was arrested in June, 2009 following the presidential election.

  • Fariba Pajooh in Critical Mental and Physical State
Fariba Pajooh’s family was able to meet her today despite the opposition of Evin officials, and after they showed an authorization letter from the tribunal. The family had to wait for a long time before the visit and was able to meet her through the glass divider the visitation cabin.
Fariba Pajooh has been detained for 80 days and is reportedly in critical mental and physical state. During her detention, she has been systematically mistreated and verbally abused by prison guards. Evin prison guards refuse to give Pajooh her medication and prison officials are ignoring her repeated complaints.
Fariba Pajooh was arrested on August 22nd, 2009 and has yet to be charged.

  • Saeed Nour-Mohammadi and Esmail Sahabeh Held Incommunicado
Saeed Nour-Mohammadi and Esmail Sahabeh, both arrested at Komail Prayer service, are still held in solitary confinement in Evin prison. They have not contacted their families since the arrest and are being held incommunicado.
This morning Sahabeh’s father went to the prison hoping to see him but was denied visit by prison officials. Sahabeh’s father had an official authorization to visit his son but the interrogator opposed the visit.
Saeed Mohammadi was previously arrested after the election but was released after 62 days. Both men are held in Evin prison since October 21st when they were arrested. Yesterday 10 other Komail prayer detainees were transferred to a public ward in Evin.

  • Mahsa Naderi in Critical Condition
The imprisoned student, Mahsa Naderi is being denied medical care despite suffering from a range of health conditions. Nadrei was arrested on Fabruary 20th, 2009 and sentenced to one year in prison. The judge has refused to grant her a sick leave. Naderi suffers from severe migraines, kidney problems and gallbladder infection. Her migraines have worsened over the past few days. Judge Moghiseh has reportedly told the Naderi’s parents to go and ask the MKO to free their daughter.
Mahsa Naderi is a 19 years student in economics. She is currently serving her sentence in women’s ward of Evin prison.

  • Parastoo Sarmadi was Denied Visit with her Detained Husband
Parastoo Sarmadi was not able to visit her husband, Hossein Nourani-Nejad in prison today. The family who had gone to Evin this morning was told by prison officials that Nourani-Nejad’s name was not on Evin prisoners’ list. The family then contacted the Prosecutor’s office and was able to get a visitation permit. After waiting a few hours, prison officials told the family they would only allow the visit if Parastoo Sarmadi left the visitation room. Evin officials claimed that Sarmadi was making too much hubbub over her husband’s detention and should remain silent till his release.
Hossein Nourani-Nejad has been detained since his arrest 60 days ago.

  • Hojat Sharifi Contacts his family
Hojat Sharifi contacted his family two days after being arrested. Sharifi who is a member of Adavar Tahkim Vahdat told his family he was unaware of his detention place.
Sharifi was arrested with his wife, Nafiseh Zareh-Kohan. There is no news on the fate or whereabouts of Zareh-Kohan who is a journalist and a member of the Iranian Alumni Organization.
Ahmad Zaid-Abadi, Abdollah Momeni, Mohammad Sadeghi, Hassan asadi, Koohzad Esmaili and Mousa Saket are the other detained members of the Advar Tahkim Vahdat.

  • Davood Soleimani in Need of Medical Care
In a phone call from Evin prison, Davood Soleimani informed his family that he suffers from severe flu. He told the family that despite his critical condition, prison officials are refusing to take him to prison’s medical facility where he can see a doctor.
Dr. Davood Soleimani is a former MP for Tehran and a member of the Participation Front. During his time in the parliament he was a member of the Majlis Culture Committee. Soleimani was also the deputy director of students’ affair at Tehran University. He was arrested on June 16th, 2009 and up until last week was held in solitary confinement. Soleimani is currently detained in a public ward in Evin prison.

  • Ehsan Fattahian on Hunger Strike
The Kurdish political prisoner, Ehsan Fattahian has gone on hunger strike to protest his death sentence. He is currently detained in Ward 2 of Sanandaj Central prison.
Fellow political prisoners have announced that they would go on hunger strike if Fattahian’s execution takes place.

  • 7 Detainees of 13 Aban Released
Hassan Hajian, member of the participation Front was released today on his own recognizance. He was arrested during 13 Aban protests in Tehran.
The AFP correspondent, Farhad Pouladi was released from prison today. Pouladi was arrested while covering 13 Aban protests.
5 detainees of Komail Prayer service were released from prison this afternoon. Hadi Haydari (cartoonist), Mohammad-Javad Mozafari, Mohammad-Amin Shirzad, Ebrahim Shirkavand and Maysam Vareh-Chehr were all arrested on October 22nd, 2009 during a Komail prayer service.

Source :
Human Right Activists in Iran


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