Thursday, November 12, 2009

Setareh From Evin  

  • A report from Evin prison on 14 Aaban (5 Nov)

I have just returned from Evin an hour ago, my mind is not functioning and I just want to scream. It was around 3pm that a friend told me about the protest of detainees’ families in front of Evin prison. We immediately joined them there and were greeted by some 400-600 family members and humans rights activists outside the prison gates. About 10 minutes later, several guards and soldiers rushed out of the main gate and started pushing people away from the scene. At this time a car pulled up by the gate and several people, who were all handcuffed got out. Seeing this, people started chanting and the situation became charged.
After paying close attention I realised that some of them were my friends. It was obvious they were brought in from other detention centers and traces of pain were evident on their faces. At this time some of the detained friends started chanting too. I saw Yashar and Raha's faces. They were showing the peace sign with their hands in the air and chanting “Death to the Dictator”. My eyes welled with tears and I felt my heart sinking. I heard from a friend who was with them that Raha never stopped chanting as she was transferred to the security forces' car.

Although I didn't know everyone, many faces were familiar. It felt like I had known them for years. I was upset that my friends had been captured by the devil and there was nothing I could do about it. I decided to start chanting with the others. At this point security forces started threatening everyone to leave the premises, but nobody was paying any attention to their threats of arrest. We stayed there with continued threats from the security forces for another 30 minutes after the gates were closed, until darkness fell. But I feel I left my heart back there, behind those closed gates. I will suppress my anger until future protests. I will wait to release all my anger towards the reactionary forces.

We have been also been notified that many detained friends were taken to the office of the Intelligence Ministry behind Reza's Computer Bazaar.
Until future events...

Down with the dictator of the Islamic regime


Raz said...

OMG, Your words made me feel as if I was there too :((((
Thousands of miles away, our hearts are with you and your friends.... I wish I knew what else I could do besides protesting when you guys do :(((

Anonymous said...

thanks for your awesome job

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