Thursday, November 12, 2009

Street journalists and Barbaric regime!

By Mojtaba Samienejad

Mr Zarqami, Head of Media and Broadcasting in Iran, with your permission citizens have also made their reports; of their massive protests, of the violence of the security forces and baton wielding Basij militia at the hands of the government. Of course they don’t have the facilities of your vast organization and they‘re not allowed to film. And yet you filmed the people who were brought in front of the “den of espionage” (the Islamic Republic’s description of the American Embassy) with astonishing organization, from every possible angle. Our people can’t show the faces of the 16 and 17 year old kufiya wearing Basiji children who don’t even know their left from their right, and say that they took to the streets “by order of their leader” on the day of struggle against global arrogance, later broadcasting the “America America…”(anti U.S. ) anthem.

But, with the permission of your anti-people media, the people have also reported from the streets of Iran, reporting that on the official day of struggle against global arrogance, the arrogant inside our own country were beating our sisters and mothers at the approaches to Hafte Tir Square. The people also reported that the batons of “your leader’s” soldiers inflicted a great deal of pain. If you don’t believe this ask the boy whose head was smashed, he knows that pain well. The people reported tear gas, they reported how enthusiastically they greeted Karoubi, and people reported how the leader’s anonymous, violence seeking soldiers who are sympathizers of Ahmadinejad’s government have put Moussavi under house arrest.

With Mr Zarqami’s permission, the people have also reported, that child Basij were planted in front of the American Embassy and other loutish Basij at the entrances to Hafte Tir Square so that they may attack people with unprecedented violence. With the permission of Mr Zarqami and other lying media of the Islamic Reublic’s government including IRNA and Fars who placed the Basiji among the people to pummel and beat them, the people have also made their reports, a fragment of which we present for your observation.

  • Today in most cities showed scenes of discord with the government of “Seyed Ali Khamenei” and there are reports that students of Esfahan University had a very bountiful gathering, all the time singing the revolutionary anthem “Yare Dabestani”. We draw your attention to it now
  • According to reports from the city of Rasht, the people marched against your conditioning government and raised your attention to this with the “Yare Dabestani” anthem
  • 1000s of people in Tehran with conclusive judgement of him as a murderer, declared the authority of your conditioning leader - whom you recognize in your media broadcasts as the “substance of the muslim world” – void. The protestors in these images available to the public in Iran and the world, they chanted: “Khamenei is a murderer, his jurisdiction is void!”. Rather than the American flag, it was his image that was torn down and trampled on. The images are broadcast here for you. Experts have attributed this behaviour to the continuation of the dictatorship and the excessive practice of murder by government forces.
  • According to the people’s reports and images posted of each person who made up millions, members of the Ahmadinejad’s government and its supporters, the level of violence by the baton wielding Basij was unprecedented. The level of violence was such that many women were left with fractured heads and many women fell unconscious after the blows they suffered in punishment. The level of violence of the arrogant within Iran on the official day of struggle against arrogance is clearly evident in these images that have reached the public of the people and the world.
  • The posted images that have not been broadcast in the anti-people media and never will be unless we show them, speaks of the people’s desire for the formation of a “people’s government”. Thousands who are clearly visible in these images, were shouting “Independence, Freedom, a People’s Government!”
  • Special forces who swarmed the streets to create violence and beat people were in the end not able to stop the sea of people, and in the end people were able to embitter the taste of the coup government and stand in hope of future days. The presence of the guards generating violence is evident in these images.
  • Although US controversy was one of the aims of the Islamic Republic and the leadership, pronounced day and night even at football matches where stadium billboards are covered with “America, depraved substance of the century”, people pay more attention to the government and people of America than to your propaganda. People in this clip are expressing this in the simplest way with “Obama, Obama, It’s them or us!
  • In contrast to people’s view that the government wants to introduce America as the enemy of the Iranian people gathering a load of people outside the American Embassy, equipping them with flags and spending a sizeable sum on their anti-people ceremony, people all over Iran went for simple hand clapping and sloganslike “The Russian Embassy is a den of espionage”. Word on the street suggests that the government and leadership are extremely angered on hearing such slogans. One government member in a historic speech, forgetting that Ayatollah Khomeini has been dead for years, quoted on his behalf, saying “With the intention of misleading people, they’re chanting Death to Russia”.
  • Protest against domestic arrogance took place in different points of the country. With this direction, the people of Shiraz did not deny domestic arrogance, shouting “Death to the Dictator!
  • The people of Esfahan in unison with the country’s other cities sang “Yare Dabestani” against the coup d’etat government.
  • The people of Kerman too want Ahmadinejad’s coup d’etat government to step aside, and called “Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein” lobbing kicks at the abusive government.

It’s exactly five months that the Islamic Republic has resorted to “open violence” showing this in the worst possible way, by even killing its protestors and opponents. As to which forces and which people, and how, they have been reared and trained such that what we have seen on 13 Aban (4 November) and witnessed before that is an example that must be pursued and a proper reaction shown to it.

On 13 Aban, savage forces of the coup d’etat government proceeded to the extreme of fracturing heads and rendering others unconscious and the women who stood at the front of the queue to try and save people were treated in the most ruthless and cold-hearted way. That which has been published in photographs and footage and that which has been conveyed by objective witnesses describes a violence that one must question the angry and confused state of the government.
Although the coup d’etat government has assigned another game to the people and sees it as an occasion for propaganda against the waves of protest of thousands of lost citizens and the media and governments and people of the world have been witness to an absolute objection to the government, the anger and promotion of violence is astonishing after two days of talks and statements. Such that anyone would think that the coup d’etat forces remain only for the massacre of the people.
But how can this “open violence” be stopped? The Islamic Republic according to the country’s current constitution and with attention to international covenants that it has signed and must commit to, does not have the right to subject the citizens of Iran to such savage beatings and injury.

Firing tear gas such that the heads of Karoubi’s caretakers are injured, firing plastic bullets such that several people ended up in hospital, bleeding on Qods Day, beating people’s heads and faces with batons such that people are fractured and rendered unconscious, are indications of extreme violence that Ayatollah Khamenei and Ahmadinejad and the heads of the three branches must be accountable for.
In Iran today because of corruption in the daily workings of the judiciary imposed by institutions affliated to the government and the leadership, the citizens of Iran are not permitted to question their rights in respect to this open violence. The representatives of the Islamic Council do everything in parliament except defend the rights of the people they claim to represent. Public and independent institutions with supervisory roles that have the power to perform are non-existent. In such circumstances there is little that can be done against this dirty violence and forcing the government to put an end to it. The soldiers reared by the government have the power to carry out any act with iron immunity and newspapers like Keyhan promote this.

The only solution against this violence is pressure on the Islamic Republic in every possible way (to the extent of this open violence) on behalf of foreign governments, international institutions, the United Nations and international groups defending human rights.. This mission that must be undertaken very quickly and forces outside the country must put all their efforts into it. Supporting the people of Iran isn’t simultaneous gatherings outside embassies. They must do all they can, using every possible resource to put the maximum pressure on the Islamic Republic to stop this inhuman behaviour.

The bodies of our mothers should not be subjected to batons that descend and strike to silence the rights of the people. Our mothers and sisters suffered the most brutal treatment from the government trained security forces on 13 Aban and the days preceding it. We must show severe disgust towards this savage treatment and security forces outside Iran must view this problem as their fundamental responsibility. This behaviour by the government can only be compared to barbarism. Dealing with such a government in this age is the responsibility of each and every noble and democratic human being whose heart beats for humanity


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