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Execution/Death Penalty/ stoning by the islamic repubic just in feb,2009!

>>It's Unbelievable we're in 21 century<<

Five people executed in Iran !
Five men were hanged in the prison of Isfahan yesterday February 17 according to the reports from Iran.According to the Iranian website "young Journalists Club" (YJC) three of the men were convicted of drug trafficking, while two were convicted of murder. One of those executed for drug trafficking was an Afghan citizen according to the report.According to the web-site "Acitivists for democracy and human rights in Iran" the men were identified as:
Hamid Babaei (35),
Mohammad Gorgi (25),
Omid Noori (27)
Yasin Jafari (27)
Abbasali Ghasemi (30)

Bahaism successors accused of espionage in Iran !
Seven leaders of Baha'i religious community have been arrested on charges of spying for foreign states in Iran. The criminal case against them will be completed and submitted to the court as soon as possible, Fars news agency quoted the Iranian Ministry of Justice as saying.

Three activists of the movement for rights of South Azerbaijanis arrested in Iran !
In Iran officials of the Ardebil department Ettelaat arrested three activists of the movement for rights of South Azerbaijanis, according to Mediaforum website.
Notably, the detained are brothers Mohammad Sadig Asl, Ibrahim Sadig Asl, Ramin Sadig Asl. The whereabouts of the brothers are not specified.

Further information on Death Penalty / stoning !
Kobra Nadjar has had her sentence of stoning commuted to 100 lashes. On 19 January 2009 her lawyer, Maryam Kiyan Ersi, told the Women's Field website that the Head of the Judiciary had finally issued the order for commutation, two years after she had submitted a letter explaining the details of the case and asking for an amnesty.

An adultry convicted man was hanged in northern Iran!
Abdollah Farivar Moghadam, who had previosly been sentenced to death by stoning for adultry, was hanged in the prison of Sari early Thursday morning February 19.The women web site Meydaan (women’s field) wrote that the music teacher Abdollah Farivar (53), who was arrested for adultry 4 years ago was hanged in the prison of Sari Thursday morning.Abdollah Farivar, married and father of two children, was sentenced to death by stoning convicted of having sexual relationship with another girl.Mr. Farivar’s mother told BBC (persian) that they were informed on Wednesday (one day prior to hanging) by the Iranian authorities that the stoning sentence of their son was converted to death by hanging.Shadi Sadr, lawyer and member of the stop stoning campaign, told BBC that this is the first time that someone sentenced to death by stoning has been hanged. She added :"there are at least 14 people sentenced to death by stoning in the Iranian prisons, an with the execution of Mr. Farivar, the concern has grown over their fate"
Two men were stoned to death in the city of Mashad (north-eastern Iran) on December 26, 2008.

Amir Khaleghi, another minor offender at imminent risk of execution in Iran!

One day after the scheduled execution of the minor offender Rahim Ahamdi was halted in Iran, we have received reports about another minor offender scheduled to be executed in Iran soon.
Amir Khaleghi (18) is convicted of a murder allegedly committed when he was 16 years old.According to a letter from
Mohammad Mostafaei, the defence lawyer of several minor offenders, Amir is scheduled to be executed in Tehran’s Evin prison on Sunday February22.
International pressure is often the only mean to stop execution of the minors.

URGENT: The minor offender Rahim Ahmadi is scheduled to be executed on Wednesday Fenruary 18!

The minor offender Rahim Ahmadi is scheduled to be executed on Wednesday February 18. wrote his lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei in a letter to Iran Human Rights. The letter is also published on Mr. Mostafaei’s blog.Rahim Ahmadi is convicted of a murder he allegedly committed when he was 15 years old. According to his lawyer Rahim had acted in self defence.
Rahim’s execution is scheduled to take place at Adelabad prison of Shiraz.The minor offender Behnam Zare was also executed in Shiraz in August 2008, convicted of a murder at the age of 15.Iran has ratified UN’s convention of children’s rights which bans death penalty for offences committed at under 18 years of age.

Execution of the minor Rahim Ahamdi has been halted!

The scheduled execution of Rahim Ahmadi, convicted of murder at the age of 15, has been halted. He was scheduled to be executed in the Adelabad prison of Shiraz today.Mohammad Mostafaei, Rahim’s lawyer wrote the news in a communication sent to Iran Human Rights. He also thanked all the human rights defenders helping to save Rahim’s life.The state run Iranian news agency ISCA news reported that the scheduled execution of "Rahim A." was halted after direct order from head of the judiciary.

Three men were hanged in the prison of Kermanshah (western Iran) !

Three men convicted of killing a businessman have been hanged in the western city of Kermanshah, The Iranian newspaper Jomuhri-Eslami reported on Monday.Naser Ahmadi, Saeed Jannati and Farzad Jannati had kidnapped and killed Nourali Shademani in 2005, the Jomhuri Eslami reported, adding the three were hanged on Thursday February 5.

URGENT: The minor offender Bahman Salimian is at risk of being executed in less than 48 hours!

Bahman Salimian, a minor offender convicted of committing an alleged muder (on his own grandmother) when he was 15 years old, is scheduled to be executed Thursday morning February 5., says his lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei.According to Mr. Mostafaei, the attempts to stop or postpone Bahman’s execution have not given any results, and he is now scheduled to be executed on February 5 in Isfahan’s prison.Bahman has been 12 years in the prison. Besides being a minor, he is suffering from mental illness and and was should not be accountable for the offence that day said Mr. Mostafaei to the web site Farhang daily. There are medical documents supporting this according to him. According to Bahman, he was not aware of what he was doing. "when I became aware of it I wanted to commit suicide" said Bahman according to the report.
International attention is the only way to save Bahman’s life now.

One man was hanged in Bojnord (North east Iran)!

One man was hanged in the prison of Bojnord (in the Iranian province of Northern Khorasan) today Februry 1, reported the state run Iranian news agnecy ISCA news.The man who was just identified as "H. H." was convicted of drug trafficking according to the report.Six others were hanged in the prison of Bojnord on January 25.


According to sources in Iran, the Iranian woman, Masoumeh Ghale Jahi, was executed yesterday morning January 29.Iran Human Rights had earlier this week reported that Masoumeh was scheduled to be executed in Thursday January 29.The news ahs not been conformed by the Iranian media yet.However the journalist and human rights defender Asieh Amini has also confirmed the news in her weblog.


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