Wednesday, February 18, 2009

four students arrested by security agents of the islamic republic!

In continuation of the wave of pressure and arrest of students ,two other students are arrested on last Friday . These students are :Mr. Mohammad Pourabdollah is one of the leftist student and he is student of Chemical Engineering in Tehran University , Mr. Alireza Dawoudi is the student of free willing and equality . He is student of Isfahan University . He was deprived from school because of his activities .also kaveh rezaee shirazi one of activist students in university of hamedan arrested yesterday.these students are arrested in their home by security agents of the Islamic Republic.

Sahar Yazdanipour, the wife of a jailed student activist, has been detained by authorities.
Yazdanipour was arrested after she went to court to ask about her husband, who is reportedly on a hunger strike. During her interview with Radio Farda, she again called for the release of her husband, a Shiraz University student.
Student activists at the university have reported growing pressure there from
the authorities, and increasingly close monitoring of their activities.
Several students have been jailed or summoned to the university's disciplinary commission in recent weeks.

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