Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hana Abdi Released from Prison!

Hana Abdi , women rights activist and student of Bijar University , released from prison .
Hana was arrested on October 2,2007 in Sanandaj . she was sentenced to five years of imprisonment in exile, but the court of appeal has reduced her sentence to 18 months.
Mohamad Sharif her lawyer said :she has been released today and is on her way from Tabriz to her home town Sanandaj.
Sharif added:Hana Abdi also has another case related to Kurdish prisoners hunger strike but the ruling is not issued yet.
He elaborated that Ronak Safarzadeh’s court will be held on Saturday February 28,2009 while she hasn’t received any ruling since being imprisoned ( one and half year ago).
S:Feminist School

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