Sunday, February 22, 2009

Intelligent forces of Islamic regime threaten the firends and family members of the jailed university students!

All of the arrested students are now kept in solitary confinements in different prisons in Iran, namely the security ward 209 of Evin prison in Tehran, the central prison of Dastgerd in Isfahan, the prison of intelligence headquarters in Shiraz and the central intelligence prison of Hamedan.

The names of jailed university students in Iran are listed below:
1- Koorosh Daneshyaar (Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran)
2- Alireza Davoodi ( University of Isfahan)
3- Bahman Khodadadi ( University of Isfahan)
4- Younes Mirhosseini ( University of Shiraz)
5- Mohammad Pourabdollah ( University of Tehran)
6- Kaveh Rezaiee shirazi ( University of Hamedan)
7- Esmaeel Salmanpour (Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran)
8- Majid Tavakkoli (Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran)
9- Hossein Torkaashvand (Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran)
10- Sahar Yazdaani ( University of Shiraz)

The MI has not allowed the mentioned students to be in contact with their families and lawyers yet.
According to the obtained reports Mohammad Pourabdollah, Majid Tavakkoli, Younes Mirhosseini and Alireza Davoodi are in a horrible situation and under mental and physical torture. Particularly the illness and Hunger Strike of these students have made their families worried about their health condition.
On the other hand, the MI forces threaten the jailed students’ friends and family members by telephone contacts to force them not to spread out the news of the new wave of university students arresting in Iran. Sahar yazdani ,Younes Mirhosseni’s wife, who had interviewed with some broad casting agencies to report her husband’s bad situation in prison, is now jailed only because of spreading the news about her spouse.
Moreover, MI forces have menaced the families and friends of arrested students that if they do not answer the MI forces calls, they will also be in danger of being arrested.
This vast arresting of university student activists along with calling so many students’ for the university's disciplinary commission in recent weeks, show the systematic policy and program of the Islamic regime to strangle all the opposite voices before the upcoming presidency election in Iran.


leila said...

Thanks for your blog and keeping every one informed.I hate what these clergymen are doing to my beloved country once so powerful,so rich in art and culture.No matter what people think about the regime,all of us should pitch in and try to make a better future as hopeless as the situation may seem.
The one thing we can do now is to vote and not let this so-called pious nation-loving president take control of our life for another wretched 4 years!

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