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Iran Uprising Blogging...Monday 31th August!

  • Khamenei’s Criticism of 2 Million university Students Majoring in Humanities
Ayatollah Khamenei, supreme leader of Iran by raising a concern about 2 million university students majoring in humanities said: Teaching humanities in universities will lead to doubts about religious beliefs. The supreme leader of Iran on Sunday, by pointing to the big number of 2 out of 3/5 million students majoring in humanities said:” This is a concerning matter because we do not have enough universities and professors capable of teaching courses related to this major (referring to courses related to Islam and Islamic beliefs). He was giving a speech among a group of university heads and professors. He added:” majority of courses related to this major are materialistic along with disbelieving God and Islam. Therefore, teaching these courses will result in not obeying god and Islam and will end in spreading religious doubts in universities. He asked Ahmadi Nejad’s cabinet, Parliament and Guardian Council to “pay serious attention” to this matter.
  • Wealth and Properties of Azad (free) University to endow, Agreed and supported by the Supreme Leader
Founders of Azad University announced in a statement: Wealth and properties of this university to endow.

Below is part of this statement:

Founder members consist of 1. Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, 2. Dr. Abdullah Jasebi, 3. Engineer Mir Hosein Moosavi, 4. Ayatollah Abdulkarim Moosavi Ardabili, 5. Hojatol Islam Val Moslemin Syed Hassan Khomeini, 6. Dr. Ebrahim Hasan Habibi, 7. Hojatol Islam Val Moslemin Dr. Mohsen Ghomi, 8. Dr. Ali Akbar Velaiati, and 9. Dr. Hamid Mirzade, with a purpose of making this huge asset for eternity in serving education and culture in Islam world, decided something new to do.
By researching all aspects and considering the importance of Islamic education and to be able to follow its main goal, it will be endow to protect this asset. By the help of God and his kindness, after confirming with the supreme leader and consulting with lawyers during the past year; after spending long hours to research the legal aspects and after preparing a complete endowment; on evening of Ramadan 5th 1340, Shahrivar 4th 1388 (August 26th, 2009) by the majority of votes and according to policies and procedures of the Azad Islamic University and by signing as founders and endower; the entire wealth and all properties related to Azad Islamic University inside and outside of Iran will be endowed.
  • Coroner office: Ruhol Amini’s Death not due to Sickness or Meningitis
Country’s coroner office denied the possibility of Mohsen Ruhol Amini’s death due to meningitis and in an official report announced the causes of his death.
A reliable source in an interview with Mehr news agency said: country’s coroner office on 05/25/88 (08/16/09) sent its final and official report in regard to Rhuol Amini’s death to law authorities along with other related offices. He added: according to this report, his death was due to physical stress, awful captivity place, frequent beating and getting hit by a heavy object on body and head; the possibility of suffering and dying due to sickness and meningitis was strongly denied. This reliable source in regard to his captivity place said: Mohsen Ruhol Amini was being kept at Kahrizak detention center and in an unfavorable physical condition and in process of being transferred to Evin prison while his physical condition worsened and got transferred to the hospital but unfortunately he didn’t make it. He was not registered at the Evin prison at all.
  • Teaching Forces on their way to being hired with no Insurance
The education ministry added a new policy in regard to new teaching forces hire, which based on that the new forces; will not have insurance and their working time will be only counted as 9 month. According to ILNA, Alia Hamdi minister of education, few days prior to presidential election reported all teaching forces will have insurance, retirement and will receive monthly salary.
Despite of insisting on all teaching forces will have insurance, in reality those who are being hired as contract to hire, will not be covered, which includes majority of these forces. On the other hand, some basic policies has been entered in regard to teaching time, which is different from the main policy. This means, teachers will be paid for a teaching year beginning of Mehr (towards the end of September) to end of Khordad (towards the end of June) which is only 9 months.
  • The head of Shiraz University: Resign in objection to “current situation”
According to Mehr news agency, the head of the Shiraz University announced; soon and after the new science ministry is appointed, I will resign from my position. Mohammad Hadi Sadeghi, the head of Shiraz University in a conversation with Mehr news stated: his decision is due to current situation of universities and especially universities in provinces. Mr. Sadeghi by pointed to managing universities in Iran vs. other countries said: there is not a clear understanding of universities in Iran and the head of the university carries a heavy load of different types of responsibilities. The head of the Shiraz University earlier and after the post election incidents and the attack of plain clothes to university dorm of Shiraz; had resigned from his position, but he took his resign back after few days.
  • 3 Masters Level University Activists in Azerbaijan deprived from Education
With the rumors circulating around about universities remain close in order of continues of protests, deprivation from education is now contagion higher education levels.

According to Sawlan, following the announcement of GMAT results in Iran, Behzad Jedi, Ebrahim Shahbazi and Shahram Shoghi; student activists of Azerbaijan whom participated in GMAT and had passed the test with good results are now deprived from entering university.
According to received news, Behzad Jedi Math student of Tabriz University with the rank of 380 in economics major, despite receiving passing grade in this major has been announced failed in his chosen university. It is essential to add that, while ago Azad university of Tabirz prevented Navid Mohammadi student activist of Azerbaijan (majoring in computers) from enrolling. During the past few years, other student activists of Azerbaijan, such as Ebrahim Rashidi, Ghader Kiani, Nader Mah Ghare Bagh, AMin Emami, Samad Pashai, Mehdi Haj Mohammadi and Nahid Babazade have been deprived from education at the master’s level.
  • 2 Death and Wounded in continues of Murdering Frontiersmen
Toady on Shahrivar 9th (August 31st) a 22 year old young adult porter name “Salah Kurdi” from “Saif” village around the border city of Mariwan was killed by the police forces. After this incident, his body was taken to morgue of Booali in Mariwan.
It also has been reported on Saturday Shahrivar 7th (August 29th) a 21 year old young adult was killed by police forces shooting, his name was “Delir Golzari” from “Mir Aabad” village. He was shot dead while working and porter on his horse, his horse was injured in this shooting. He is also at the morgue of Booali hospital in Mariwan. Killing citizen of frontiersmen and porters continues while the people of cities around Sardasht had extensive protests against this situation during the past few weeks. Some of the people were either wounded or arrested after the head of the sentry post was killed.
  • Hamze Ghalebi, Dr. Zabihi and Dr. Solaimani are released
Dr. Mohammad Zabihi and Dr. Abdul Rahim Solaimani Ardestani two of clerics supporters of Mir Hosein Moosavi and Hamze Ghalebi head of the election campaign for young committee of Mir Hosein who were in detention for a long time were released yesterday.
Hamze Ghalebi, head of the election campaign for young committee of Mir Hosein Moosavi and member of Jebheie Mosharekat who was arrested on Khordad 31st (June 21st) at his house, was released close to 70 hours ago. Just like any other detains of “greens” such as Shahab Tabatabai and Mohammad Reza Jalalipoor was under lots of pressure to confess.
  • Dr. Zabihi is released, but Taha Zabihi remains in prison
Dr. Mohammad Zabihi the head of the cleric of Moosavi campaign who was arrested 2 weeks a go at Ghom, was released by bail. His son, Taha Zabihi supporter of Moosavi who was arrested at the same time with his father, remained in prison.

Release of Dr. Solaimani, Detained Cleric arrested on the 40th mourning day of dead People of recent incidents
Also, Dr. Abdul Rahim Solaimani Ardestani member of Ghom cleric who was arrested on the 40th mourning day at Beheshte Zahra and was beaten down and tortured by the officers was released in the past days.
  • Rafsanjani: China one of our Best Colleagues
The head of the Expediency Council by pointing to background of Iran and China’s cooperation in the post revolution years said: We always believe China is one of our best Colleagues. According to Fars, the head of the expediency council, Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, in a meeting with China ambassador said: Surly your point of view of Muslims in China has a direct affect on China’s relationship with 60 other Muslim countries whose population is more than China and Muslim have proven in history that they can be easily content. The head of the expediency council talked about his journey to China during the beginning of the revolution and stated: in that journey I had our Imam’s message to extent the two countries cooperation. He also pointed to China’s presence in Iran’s nuclear program and said: the base of cooperating with China in nuclear program was done during this time. He added, even though Chinese did not help us during the later phases, but their good start helped us tremendously.
  • Common statement by 3 Human Rights Organizations: Release Shiva Nazar Ahari and other human rights Activists
Iranian activists in defending human rights in Europe and North America
Human Right organization of Kurdistan
Committee of Human rights Reporters

It has been 77 days since the arrest of Shiva Nazar Ahari, human right activist, journalist and web blogger. During this time a side from few short conversations and a short visit with her family, she has not been able to see her family and especially her lawyer. Her situation and interrogation in prison is unknown to us and some published reports about the situations and interrogation in prison has made us even more concerned.
Shiva Ahari’s unforgivable crime because of which she has been kept in isolated cell in prison for more than two months; is her continues defense of human rights.
Arrests, summons, deprived from education, threatening phone calls and now more than 2 month in prison in unknown situation and in an isolated cell is a result of her continues fight.
Shiva Nazar Ahhari is one of the ten journalists and human rights activist who have been in prison after the beginning of people’s protest; to prevent them from reporting truth. Therefore, we believe that her main crime just like any other human rights activists and journalists is her frank attitude in reporting truth.
We by condemned the violation of human rights in Iran, and repression and pressure on human rights activists; raise our deepest concern about situation of Shiva Ahari and other social and human rights activist and ask for the attention of the world, international organizations and supporters of human rights to this situation and ask for their decisive and effective action.
  • Uncertainty Situation of Arrested Worker Activists in Kamyaran
According to received news, Shoaib Saberi, Afshin Nadimi, Kave Golmohammadi and Azad Monirinia; 4 worker activists of Kamyaran who are kept in Sanandaj prison; have been to the court many times, but there has been no answer or clarification in regard to their situations.
It is vital to add that 3 other worker activists of Kamyaran with the name of Mehrdad Saboori, Reza Golmohammadi and Farough Monirinia go to the courts everyday, but are being ignored by the judge.
  • Ali Kantoori and Farhad Mirzaee’s Second Court Session
According to received news, Trail of Ali Kantoori and Farhad Haj Mirzaee who were summoned to the court on Mordad 31st (August 22nd) to present their last defense, happened in their presence along with their lawyers. Ali Kantoori and Farhad Haj Mirzaee were arrested back in 1386 (2007) with a crime of attempt against national security; were able to defense themselves during court session and denied the charges presented by the prosecutor. Ali Kantoori after his illegal arrest in front of his house on Day 22nd 1346 (January 12th) was transferred to Evin prison and after being under severe physical and mental pressure was transferred to Ghezel Hesar of Karaj and was released on Day of 1387 ( a year later) by bail.

Farhad Haj Mirzaee, human and children rights activist was arrested illegally on Day of 1386 (January of 08) at Sanandaj. After being under severe torture at the section 209 of Evin prison and Rajaee City of Karaj prison was released on Mordad 1388 (August 09) by bail.

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