Monday, September 28, 2009

Demonstration in Tehran uni. 28th sep!

Thousands of Tehran University students staged a protest against Kamran Daneshjoo, the regime’s Science Minister, during Monday’s opening ceremonies. The protest started 10:00 am .

The students gathered at university’s main entrance and Alameh Amini Auditorium where the opening ceremony was to be held. They tore up the ceremony’s posters and called for the expulsion of Daneshjoo from the University premises.

Students expressed their anger by chanting: “Free student activists,” “Death to the dictator,” “Student dies but not humiliated,” “Coup-d'etat government, resign, resign,” “Sepah [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] and Ministry of Information are sources of scandals.”

The protest took place in the central streets of the campus, as large groups of students joined them. Suppressive forces closed the university gate to control the students.

Outside the campus, the suppressive State Security Forces clashed with students and the public who had gathered in solidarity with the students’ protest. They were severely repressed. The Iranian regime’s agents attacked those who were filming the protest breaking their cellophanes to prevent the spread of the news about the protest.



Welcome Saaed!!!

will always be with you!!!

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