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Latest IranNews Headlines:2 and 3 September!

  • More workers from Iran Khodro and Iralco will be dismissed and would join worker protests
Consequences of high debts of the largest car manufacturer in Iran and middle east "Iran Khodro" would be so heavy ,in case of continues the current method.The high number of foreign and local currency debts has put this company in threshold of bankruptcy.Main part of company's sites out side Iran have been closed and those number which have not been closed yet are not profitable .Iran Khodro directors policy tries to keep the region market alive and active and brings up overseas sites to minimum profitability .

Anyway the possible bankruptcy of Irankhodro will cause unemployment of lots of workers and car industry activists( piece maker companies ,car bourse market , car exhibitions and so on).And recession in car market along with recession in housing market will cause unemployment issue more and more , day by day.

Also according to some reliable reports ,Iralco company has some plans to close 70 of its industrial pots and production line No.1 & 2 will be closed by end of October ,so, many workers will be unemployed and would join protest flood.
  • Suppression organs involved to inhibit workers protests of Pars Wagon factory
Following the strike of workers in Pars Wagon factory in objection to not getting paid for several months and blocking the entrance gate not to let the managers of factory get in to the factory , Governor office , Sepah ,anti-riot police and judiciary involved in workers protests.
Economical pressures have made the workers who had never participated in workers protests join the gathering this time and even work Islamic council has supported workers protests for the first time ever.

After protesters workers threatened authorities to go out of factory and march to Governor office in case their problem not get fixed ,political deputy of governor office in central province held a meeting with factory authorities and threatened them to solve the problem in any possible way and do not let the protesters to go out of factory however anti-riot forces and Sepah units had positioned at one of the entrance gates of city to suppress workers .

After this meeting Pars Wagon authorities asked Iran Khodro and Raja companies to help them with their financial hardship so now they can pay delayed salaries to workers .
  • Haft Tappeh worker activists were summoned to Information office
Three members of workers union of Haft Tappeh sugarcane argo-industry company were summoned to ministry of Information news organization.
These three -Ali Nejati,Fereydoun Nikoufar and Reza Rakhshan-have been informed by factory security guards of prosecutor's subpoena and subpoena has not been given to them just they have been able to see the letter .They were told to go to information office on Tuesday September 1st and if not the arrest verdict will be issued for them.
  • Iran khodro workers condemn the attack to Pars Wagon workers
Dear Friends and colleagues,

Comprehensive attack of repression forces has started to break the resistance of Pars Wagon workers .
We ,workers of Iran Khodro condemn the attack to Pars Wagon workers and along with support true demands of workers ask management of Iran khodro to respect workers demands as soon as possible and do not let them get damaged more than this.
Long live movement of Pars Wagon workers
A group of Iran Khodro workers

  • Poor condition of Bus union leader in Rajai Shahr prison

Mansour Osalou chairman of Tehran bus company workers union ,on Saturday and following the attack of prison agents to his jail cell and beating up his cellmates ,has had a heart condition ,however his lawyer denied the news that had been on some sites due to Mansour getting beaten up by agents but the problem is since last year and the time that he has been transferred to Rajai shahr prison in Karaj city ,his cellmates are regular criminals and not political prisoners and on Saturday agents had came in to their jail cell to look for drugs and just have beaten up his cellmates but due to his heart problem ,he has had the heart condition .
  • Mansour Osaloo,Transferred to isolated cell of Section 1 known as Doghouse
According to received news from section 4 of Gohardasht prison in Karaj, Mansour Osaloo Executive Committee of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company, on Wednesday Shahrivar 11th (September 2) afternoon was suddenly transferred to isolated cell of section 1 known as doghouse for those close to the very end (execution). Situation of this section is horrifying and political prisoners who get transferred to this section faces savagery tortures. Currently, Behrooz Javid Tehrani is being kept in this section.

Mr. Osaloo is suffering from many sicknesses and his transfer to an isolated cell known as doghouse puts him even more in danger.

Savagery attack, torture and transfer of political prisoners was ordered by the information ministry and processed by Ali Haj Kaze and Ali Mohammadi prison’s head and chief, Kermani head of protection and information, Nabiollah Faraj Nezhad chief of protection and information.
  • One year imprisonment for Varya Morovati , political student
Varya Morovati student of Payam-e Nour university in Bijar condemned to one year imprisonment in appeal court.He had been condemned to six years imprisonment some time ago in Sanandaj revolutionary court but in appeal court his verdict reduced to one year .His accusation is co-operation with opposition parties and now is in prison of Sanadaj city.
  • Murder of some other border-line citizens by police forces
During past few days in different parts of west of Iran 3 Kurdish citizens got shot dead and some other were injured.The shootings have taken place in Marivan ,Saqez and Oshnuyeh cities and their country sides .One of those whom has been killed by forces named "Karim Bangini" and after transferring to hospital died of shot wound .
  • A report on seven new Christians believers in Evin prison
Following the arrest of a group of Persian speaking Christians in north part of Tehran , 7 of these arrested people are in an unknown situation .
According to christian committee of human rights activists in Iran 25 new christian believers were arrested in a house-church in north part of Tehran and seven of them are still in jail and in solitary and under interrogation and mental pressures.
  • Two Mendicants of Nematolahi Gonabadi Summoned to Information office

On Monday Shahrivar 9th, (August 31st) police station of Baidokht; Mr. Abasali Zare Haghighi in charge person of Soltani graveyard in Bidokht was summoned to Gonaabad information office via a phone call. He was interrogated by the information officers.

According to this news; questions asked from Mr. Haghighi were all to complete the search about prohibition of bodies’ burial at Soltani graveyard. He was threatened; they will take serious actions in case of another burial at this graveyard. Also on Tuesday morning, Ali Kashanifar another Mendicant of Gonaabad was summoned to the information office of this city. He was interrogated about recent incidents in Gonaabad, clashes and legal protest of Mendicants in front of the justice office.
  • 700 Lost their Jobs after Sand maker Company’s closedown
While ago, the planning committee of Isfahan stopped activities of sand mines around the area of “Segzi” 23 kilometers away from Isfahan due to air contamination because of chalk and lime mines activities.
Mehdi Madahian told Iranian news agency on Wednesday: according to the researches, authorities have confirmed that sand mines are not contaminated; however, due to air contamination because of chalk, bricks and lime this mine activities; sand mine has been also shutdown.
  • Rasoul Badaghi Arrested
Rasoul Badagh member of teacher committee and human rights activist was arrested by the information officers.
During this week, information officers went by the house of Mr. Badaghi, attempted to search the house and taking some of his personal belonging, hand writings, books and etc. Afterwards they arrested this human rights activist and took him to an unknown place. There is no information of Mr. Badaghi ever since his arrest, also the reason of his arrest remains unknown.
  • Summoning of 10s of Tabriz University Student, Issuing heavy Verdicts and Deprivations
Numbers of Tabriz University students were summoned by the disciplinary committee; some were issued heavy verdicts such as deprivation from dorm and education.
According to news, following the announcement of fraudulent results of elections and protesting of the students at Tabriz University, disciplinary committee of this university summoned more than 30 students, 8 of them are deprived from using dorms for 2 years and deprived from education for 2 semesters. This report also indicates majority of these students are members of Islamic group of Tabriz University, which was shut down by the guards of the university with out a warrant.
  • Identity of another Dead Person Confirmed /Mahmud Raisi Najafi
Mahmud Raisi Najafi, another citizen who was beaten down at Azadi Sqr after post election incidents lost his life.
It is vital to know that his name has not been announced amongst the dead people.

According to Saham News, widow of Najafi talked about how she lost her husband:” He was a laborer. He would leave the house everyday at 6am and would return home early evening. On Khordad 25th (June 15th) he did not return home until 10:30, we were all concerned about him. Around 10:30 someone rang the door bell. Since my husband had a key, I though a stranger is at the door. I asked who is it, and I heard my husband’s voice. He stated because of some problems happened to him, he is not able to open the door.

I went downstairs and opened the door. He was not in a good situation, he was injured and bleeding. I helped him to get in the house. He told me: after work today, I was coming back home from Azadi when I saw people running and some were being chased down. I saw armed forces with batons chasing and beating people. I was going my way when they start beating me down with baton. I told them many times, I’m just returning back from work, I have no idea what’s going on, but they did not listen to me. I went unconscious and when I opened my eyes next time, I found my self in a car.

I tried to find out about my situation when I noticed there are other people with my situation around me which I think they were all dead or were unconscious and I was thrown over their bodies. I start hitting the doors and made some noise when they noticed I was a live. They stopped the car and opened the door. I begged them and told them I have a family and I was returning back from work and I don’t know what has happened to me. It seemed like one of them felt bad and pulled me out of the car and they left. I wasn’t able to stand on my own feet. By making noise and moving my hands I got the attention of some people and asked for help. After a while few people came to me and I asked them where I was. I was told, this place is Hakimie. I told them about my situation and asked for their help to get me a car and take me to my house.

Khadije Haidari added: Mr. Najafi was a live for another 13 days. His body was severely injured, his feet were swollen, and his hands were paralyzed. His stomach was also swollen. We were scared to take him to the hospital; we did not want to get in trouble. During this time, his situation worsened by day. On Tir 6th (June 27th) my father in-law came and we decided to take him to the hospital of Tarafe. We were told sicne they are extremely busy and don’t have any bed available, take him home and bring him back tomorrow. He slept that night, but did not wake up the next morning when we wanted to take him back to the hospital”.
  • Alireza Beheshti: 3 more names has been added to the recent incidents death list
Even though it has been weeks since the post election incidents; there are still debated about the numbers if dead people.
While the head of the revolutionary guards announced in a news conference that the number of dead people of recent incidents are 29 of which 20 belongs to the Basij forces; the spokes person for the searching committee about dead and prisoners post election incidents stated, 3 more names has been added to the list of 69.

According to “Kalame” news reporter, Syed Alireza Hoseini Beheshti spokes person of searching committee for prisoners and dead, post election incidents said: there are families who have not reported to this committee about the death of their loved ones due to the current atmosphere. He by pointing to the recent statements made by the head of the revolutionary guard stated: If the list presented by the respected head of the revolutionary guard is accurate, then the number of dead people is a lot more than what we have in our list since the names in our list does not consist of any Basij members.

He added if the respected head of revolutionary guard has the complete list they can send it to us to be compared with the list of 72 prepared by the research committee.

“Hosein Taaeb” head of the Basij had announced previously that the number of the dead Basiji during the recent incidents is 8, which does not match the number presented by the head of revolutionary guard.
  • Mortazavi: Public Justice Office of Tehran has an acceptable Grade Book during the Recent Crises
According to Fars news, the former public prosecutor of Tehran in farewell and introduction of Judges of revolutionary court of Tehran by appreciating the trust of Ayatollah Larijani for selecting him as a judiciary chief stated: Even though I’m amongst the high position judiciaries, I would like to present a short report of my performance during 7 years as public and revolutionary court prosecutor.
He stated revolutionary court of Tehran formed while compare to now we only had 1/3 of what we currently have and faced many issues and difficulties.

He added, unfortunately at the beginning of my position at the revolutionary court of Tehran, we faced the incidents of Tir 18th (July 9th) and Khordad 20th (June 10th), which during these times, Mojahd judges took action quickly and reviewed the cases.

Former prosecutor of revolutionary court of Tehran added: Towards the end of my time as public prosecutor, unfortunately we had to deal with post election incidents and therefore, with the help of judicial authorities we tried to research and face the crisis, which was a huge sedition. As result we can say that the public prosecution office along with revolutionary court of Tehran has an acceptable grade book during the recent crises.
  • Continues of detainees families protests in front of Revolutionary Court and Evin Prison
According to received news, gathering of detainee’s families in front of Revolutionary court and Evin prison still continues. Despite of all threats, inhuman behaviors and pressures by these two suppressor organizations, the families will not rest until the release of their loved ones.

On Wednesday Shahrivar 11th (September 2nd) more than 100 family members of detainees gathered in front of revolutionary court and asked to stop with the court exhibitions and release of their loved ones. The employees of the revolutionary court attempt to bother the family members here and there by not providing them with the phone number of Hadad and Haidari’s office to find more information about their detained family member’s case. Since family members are not allowed to visit and phone calls have been limited; even though a big number of detainees have been issued a release order with bail, but since the families are not capable to get in touch with them they remain in prison.

Also about 30 family members gathered in front of Evin prison, majority of which are mother of detainees asking to visit and release of their children.
  • Trial of Nader Ahsani, Arrested on Azar 16th (December 7th) by Maghisei member of Death Squad
According to received news, Nader Ahsani who was arrested during the ceremony of Azar 16th (December 7th) was taken to branch 28 of revolutionary court this morning.
Wednesday morning Shahrivar 11th (September 2nd) at 9:00 am, Mr. Nader Ahsani was supposed to go on trial at the branch 28 of revolutionary court by the Mohammad Maghisei (known as Naseryan) member of death squad, responsible for the massacre of political prisoner in 1367; began by 45 minutes delay with out the presence of prosecutors representative, not in court but in his work office.

Maghisei after opening the case of Mr. Nader Ahsani began to shout out loud that your entire family is leftist. It seems like you don’t want to change and will remain the same until you die. He also presented all the charges loudly. In regard to the ceremony of Aazar 16th, 1385(December 7th) asked Mr. Ahsani, what do you want? Mr. Ahsani replied back to Maghisei, freedom of speech!

Mr. Ahsani is charges with: attempt against national security, propaganda against the regime, not believing in women cover-up, disturbance in university, attending illegal ceremonies at university, not believing in Islam and Islamic republic’s policies and other charges added by Maghisei.
  • Another Sailor Arrested and given back to Iran’s Embassy in Czech, Prior to Refuge
A reliable source told IRNA: A member of Iran’s sailing national team of Dragon Boot was arrested by the Czech police and given back to Iran’s embassy. In regard to absence of Mina Alizade which apparently has not returned back to Tehran along with the team and has asked to refuge by one the European countries said: her absence was a scenario planned by her and her brother who lives in Germany. She left Czech immediately along with her brother and now she lives in Germany. He added her husband also left for Germany the day before.
Gholamreza Amini vice president of Iran’s sailing federation in an interview with IRNA news reporter in regard to unknown situation of other national sailing team member said, these news are not true and “Hagh Shomar” will enter Tehran today.
  • No Information of Mohammad Sedigh Kaboodvand’s Situation

Mohammad Sedigh Kaboodvand, detained head of human rights in Kurdistan because of building this social organization and with a verdict of 10 and a half year in prison, has been kept in Evin prison for the past 26 months. During the past few days he has not been in touch with his family and therefore, his family and the organization members are extremely concerned about him. According to his family, Mohammad Sedigh Kaboodvand has not been in touch with anyone outside of the prison and based on information collected from his cellmates, he was taken out of his cell on Saturday to be transferred to Mahabad prison to attend the court session. Ever since, there has not been any news to indicate his presence at Mahabad prison either.

Human rights organization in Kurdistan, by announcing the his unknown situation, transfer with out informing his family or lawyers to Mahabad prison; has raised their concerns and ask authorities to let his family to have a phone conversation with him.

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