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Iran Uprising Blogging...Tuesday 1st September!

  • Joint declaration of three human rights organization :Free Shiva Nazar Ahari and other human rights activists
Iranian activists for defense of human rights in North America and Europe ,organization of Kurdistan defense of human rights and committee of human rights reporters in a joint declaration have demanded for Shiva Nazarahari , Mohammad Sediq Kaboud Vand , Keyvan Samimi , Ahmad Zeid Abadi , Abdollah Momeni , Mohammad Ali Dadkhah , Nasser Faridi , Saeed Matin Pour and dozens of human rights activists and journalists prisoners to be freed .Copy of declaration has been sent to UN Human Rights Council ,Amnesty International ,Human Rights Watch ,Reporters Without Borders and Council of Human Rights in EU.
  • Forensic Medicine:Roholamini's cause of death was not illness and meningitis
Forensic Medicine has officially denied any kind of meningitis infection as a reason of Mohsen Roholamini's death and has officially announced that his death has caused by physical stress, poor environmental condition,numerous impacts and hits by a hard object to his head and body.
  • Hamzeh Qalebi , Dr Zabihi and Dr Soleimani were released
Dr Mohammad Zabihi and Dr Abdolrahim Soleimani Ardestani 2 of pro-Mousavi clerics and Hamzeh Qalebi Head of youth committee at Mirhossein Mousavi's campiagn whom have been in jail for more than two months were released during two past days.
  • President of Shiraz University says that he will resign in objection to the "current situation"
President of Shiraz University announced that he will resign in a near future and after appointment of new science minister . Mohammad Hadi Sadeqi said his reason for resignation is "current situation" of big universities specially universities in other cities than Tehran and the heavy responsibility of being a president to one of the universities.Earlier in post-election events and during the attack of plain-clothes to Shiraz university dormitory he had resigned but after couple of days he took his resignation back .
  • Deprivation from studying master degree for three student activists in Azerbaijan
After the news of universities closure for at least one semester in case of protest continuous,education deprivation applied to bachelor and higher level degrees.Behzad Jeddi , Ebrahim Shahbazi and Shahram Showqi ,three of Azerbaijani student activists who had passed the exam for master degree recently ,were deprived from education .
  • Rooz online interview with political prisoners families :Ignorance, heavy bails and pressure to confess
Arrested political and press activists families after June 12th while are concerned about uncertain situation of their loved ones on the other hand have to tolerate with trial shows and be happy just to hear their loved ones voices once in while .In this situation issuing heavy bails for prisoners made families think that authorities do not want to let them out and that is the reason they are issuing such heavy bail bonds.
  • Five hundred million Toomans (USD 500,000 ) bail for Shiva Nazar Ahari
While Shiva Nazar Ahari is still in jail and under interrogation , interrogator Sobhani has informed her mother of a 500 million toomans bail for her releasing .Shahrzad Kariman , Shiva's mother has told that she can not afford this heavy bail but interrogator Sobhani has not let her continue her talk and just has said that " So let her stay in prison".
  • Releasing new parts of prisoners «confessions» by Sepah Commander
General commander of Sepah with accusing reformers of planning " post-election riots" released some new parts of detainees "confessions".He said "the largest incident in Islamic revolution history" has been recent riots. He accused Mohammad Mousavi Kho'einihaa , Atrianfar , Abtahi ,Mohammad Khatami , Tajzadeh of confessing directly or indirectly(for example in their speeches) to their goal of elimination of supreme leader and taking his power away from him by not voting for Ahmadinejad.
  • Nearly 50 students who are residing in Tehran University dormitory( boys and girls) have been summoned to committee of information follow-up
While Tehran university students are preparing for second semester exams of academic year 2008-09 and the exams will be held next week , nearly 50 students who are residing in Tehran University dormitory( boys and girls) have been summoned to committee of information follow-up.Subpoenas have been issued on June 15th and following the disaster attack of plain-clothes and special unit of police to Tehran university dormitory but as university has been closed during post-election events , subpoenas were given to students after re-opening of university .
  • Mehdi Karroubi 's Office: Person in charge for any kind of nuisance events that happens to on of the rape victims or his family, is Mortazavi
Following judge Moqaddami's talks in different parts of news on TV and radio and his claims about Karroubi , his office published a statement for public awareness and responded to those statements of Moqaddami.
This statement explains how judge Moqaddami treated one of the rape victims whom has been introduced to him by Mehdi Karoubi to follow-up the rape matter and also by explaining of how judiciary has tried to remove all the issues in that case announced that "the way that they treated this previously arrested guy whom had been harassed and abused in prison was that much ugly and repulsive that this person is now disappeared and person in charge for any kind of nuisance events that happens to him or his family, is Mortazavi , former prosecutor of Tehran or his representative.
  • Dismissal of 40 Islamic Republic's ambassadors in one day for supporting popular protests
40 of Iran ambassadors in different countries were dismissed simultaneously.In the first step of what Ahmadinejad has named it «fundamental reforms in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs» , these 40 ambassadors were dismissed on Monday for supporting rioters and he will appoint some believers to revolution basics in embassies as ambassadors.
  • Continues of detainees families protests in front of Revolutionary Court and Evin Prison
Despite of all threats, inhuman encounters and false promises to detainees families ,more than 100 people gathered in front of revolutionary court on Tuesday September 1st to follow up releasing of their loved ones whom have been in jail for more than two months now .Last week they were told that their loved ones will be freed by the end of week but despite of preparing the requested bail in some cases , detainees have not been released yet .On the other hand nearly 50 people had gathered in front of Evin prison but the prison's authorities forced them to go down under a bridge not to be seen easily by others.
  • Thanking Sepah intelligence service for Hajarian confessions
Hojatoleslam Ali Saeedi representative of supreme leader in Sepah thanked Sepah and intelligence service forces for being able to force violators such as Saeed Hajarian to confess to their false beliefs due to the Islamic and human behavior of Sepah forces and within a short period of time.

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