Saturday, September 5, 2009

Two weeks with Female Ministers

By :Ali Abdi
  • Ahmadi Nejad, President
1- Women are disciplinary material and therefore, we chose a female for Ministry of Education
2- To handle and research women heath and remedy, we chose a specialist woman for Ministry of Health
3- Women presence will force the men ministers to act polite, manner and stay away from inappropriate subjects.
4- 50 out of 313 main comrade of Imam zaman (referring to the 12th Shiite Imam who according to Shiite religion will be coming back at the end of time) are women whom will participate in managing the world.
  • Monireh Nobakht: Executive Secretary of Social-Cultural Council
1- It is not a big deal if the women ministers are not approved
  • Mohammad Javad Larijani: Head of Human Rights in Judiciary
1- Our view towards women is not eastern or western, but Islamic.
2- We first need to decide what justice means towards women. 3- Westerners (liberal secular) are saying law shouldn’t differentiate between men and women. We do not agree to this at all. 4- Not acknowledging gender differences is unfair.
  • Ayatollah Elm Alhoda: Mashhad Friday Prayers Imam
1- In this world there has been no other woman like Fatemeh (daughter of Mohammad prophet) capable of managing, but she was never put in charge to manage Medina (city of prophet).
2- In Islam, social responsibilities of men and women have been divided, and Islam religion doesn’t believe in gender apartheid.
3- Intelligence and experts must sit and define responsibilities of men and women.
4- Some feminist atheist shouldn’t get excited because we have chosen few female ministers.
5- It is not true that 50 out of 313main comrade of Imam zaman are women, they all are men.
6- Men and women equality is innovation.
  • Ayatollah Tabatabi Nezhad: Isfahan Friday Prayers Imam
1- Ministry is an important with high demands; women won’t be able to handle working there.
2- Choosing female ministers is against Islamic rules.
3- Women would have to constantly work with men in ministry office, this is not right.
4- A ministry is not women’s job.
5- We are not against women and we do respect them.
6- Women are gentle and attractive, house members must stay focused.
  • Hojat Aleslam Rajabi: Chief of introduction to Imam Khomeini Group
1- He should’ve chosen female in his cabinet only if we were lacking experienced male.
2- Women have “relationship” with people in their circle (referring to relationship with men); this could be against religious laws.
  • Hojat Aleslam Malek Mohammadi: People Representative of Damghan
1- Imam Ali never asked woman to be governor or minister
2- Greatest god based on wisdom, has given different potentials to men and women.
3- Women are not capable of handling a minister’s position
4- Women in ministries might end up having relationship with other males not related to them.
5- Responsibilities such as managing women hospital and universities is more suitable for women
  • Hojat Aleslam Rahbar: People Representative of Isfahan
1- Choosing women as ministers brings doubts to religious jurisprudence.
2- Some religious authorities believe that ministry brings power and leadership to women, which is not right according to religious laws.
  • Hojat Aleslam Tabtabi Nezhad: People Representative of Ardestan
1- Islamic republic is not lacking men to have women as ministers
2- In health and education ministries, male ministers don’t have acceptable results, how could women be successful?
  • Fatemeh Rajabi: Wife of Sates Spokes Person
1- Women presence in government positions is innovation of Imam zaman’s appearance.
2- Women more capable than men still shouldn’t be considered as ministers.
3- Women presence in future cabinets will bring feminism and secularism.
4- In Islamic tradition and according to Imam Khomeini, women are not put in high government positions.
5- Giving women important positions will bring conflicts to their roles as wife and mother.
6- Women ministers who will have to go to smuggled medicine warehouses day and nigh; what type of relationship can they have with their house, family, husband and children?
7- Women ministry is only a political gesture.
8- Women don’t have motive to move or to speak, they look at everything positively and therefore, they will be careless towards their responsibilities.
  • Ali Motahari: People Representative of Tehran
1- My guess is the proposal of considerable number of women ministers are suggested by Rahim Mashaie.
  • Hojat Aleslam Salman Zaker: People Representative of Orumieh
1- Men are not ready to obey women
2- Working hard and doing Jihad works is out of women’s league.
3- In case of failure in ministry, it is possible that women could lose control in managing other responsibilities.
  • Hojat Gharvi: Member of Religious Education Society
1- Religious authorities believe that such high positions are not suitable for women.
2- Some of these ministries require powerful ministers as few men.
3- Hard and heavy duties are not wholesome with women’s physical and mental texture.
4- However, women like men have godly and human values.
  • Reza Rahimi: People Representative of Khoram Aabad (Proposed for ministry of education)
1- Defending Mrs. Keshavarz is defending majority of women.
2- Women due to carefulness, sensitivity and elegancy, are able to plan and perform accordingly.
3- Behind every successful man, is a woman.
4- Not voting for these three ladies could bring doubts about their position in the society.
  • Abbaspoor: People Representative of Tehran (Apposed proposed Ministry of education)
1- We shouldn’t select based on gender
2- Mr. Ahmadi Nehjad should bring powerful staff to his cabinet, they could be all women.
  • Dalghi Poosh: Astara Representative (Agreeing with proposed Ministry of education)
1- We must defense the rights of men and women equally.
2- To bring the best to the cabinet, we must look further up than gender issues.
3- Islam is proud of powerful women such as Fatemeh (daughter of Mohammad prophet) and Zainab (grandkid of Mohammad prophet)
4- Imam Khomeini pointed Mrs. Dabagh as chief of revolutionary guard in Hamedan.
5- Education domain is an area of sensitivity, elegancy and kindness, therefore; we must appoint people with such morals.
6- We need to give women chance to participate in leadership discussions so they can practice their talents.
  • Fazel Moosavi: People Representative of Khodabande (Apposed proposed Ministry of education)
1- My objection is not due to opposite gender selection for ministry of education.
  • Marandi: People Representative of Tehran (Agreeing with proposed Ministry of Health)
1- Certainly, majority of women activities is indebted to Islamic revolution and support and guidance of Imam Khomeini and supreme leader.
2- Active and Motivated role of women will bring progress in society.
  • Behrooz Jafari: People Representative of Samirom (Agreeing with proposed Ministry of welfare and social security)
1- Women’s leadership is in wholesome with welfare and social security ministry’s goals.

Falaht Pishe: People Representative of Western Islamabad (Opposed the proposed Ministry of welfare and social security)

1- How could you hand over a big ministry of welfare and social security to a respected woman who doesn’t have enough information in since levels?
  • Farhad Bashiri: People Representative of Pakdasht (Agreeing with proposed Ministry of welfare and social security)
1- Until after the revolution, not enough attention was given to women
2- Government by proposing 3 women as ministers has answered the demand of half of the people in society.
  • Vahid Dastgerdi, Proposed Minister of Health
1- I feel like women have reached their long time dream
2- I think about higher ministry positions


Anonymous said...

"In Islam, social responsibilities of men and women have been divided, and Islam religion doesn’t believe in gender apartheid."

Self contradictory piffle.

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Anonymous said...

for the first comment, I also picked up on that phrase. But the whole lot just made me sick 'cos I realize just how backward and far from any form of modern society these authorities are. It's simply mind-boggling.

How can there be such things on this little planet today ? So much difference, between countries ? All in the name of religon, unfortunately that use it for brutal types of regimes to keep their powers and various privileges, it will stop someday, but how ?

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