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Latest IranNews Headlines: 4th September!

  • Smuggle of 14 Billion Liter from Country’s Fuel
An authority reported smuggling of 14 billion liter of fuel. According to this report which has been presented to high authorities, fuel situation has gotten worse in the country and despite all the searches and struggles, the results are poor. This report also talks about the interference of local authorities in smuggling fuel. According to this report, continues of this path could be harmful to economy and the country will face more difficulties. The report indicates that more than 2000 company’s clime to sell fuel related products throughout the country.
  • President’s senior Advisor: Ahmadi Nejad’s Election campaigns be prepared for future Elections
Appreciating ceremony of Ahmadi Nejad’s members of voting campaigns and with the presence of government authorities took place in Khuzestan. According to Mehr news, Samareh Hashemi addressed the members of AN’s elections campaigns in Sanate Naft College in Khuzestan and stated: All those participated and helped with the campaigns must remain united because we have another election a head of us. These meetings must be repeated in other cities, in which current political situation should be discussed in order to be able to take the next step even stronger.
  • Czech Republic not Selling Pepper Spray to Iran
Czech ministry of commerce announced; during the past year we have stopped selling weapon and tools which can be used for torture to Iran. According to Radio Farda, this ministry has announce they have stopped selling self defense tools such as pepper spray and taser gun to the Islamic regime since there is a possibility of using these tools in countries like Iran to torture or execute people. Information office of Czech, BIS in their most recent yearly report have announced, Iran, North Korea and Syria in 2008 wanted to purchase chemical, technology and other equipment which can be used in building other weapon of mass distraction.
  • Trail of a young Prisoner Charged with Moharbeh (fight against the god)
Human rights activists in Iran: Hamed Yarzloo, political prisoner was taken to revolutionary court from section 209 of Evin prison on Sunday and was put on trial for Moharebeh.

According to human rights activists in Iran, Hamed Yarzloo 28 year old was taken to branch 218 of revolutionary court and was put on trial by Mohammad Maghisei. At the beginning Ali Akbar Haidari Far, head of the branch 1 of security and prosecutor representative for Mr. Yarzloo asked for highest punishment, execution. Haidari Far charged Mr. Yarzloo with 12 crimes such as, Moharebeh, participating in family gatherings, gathering political prisoners information and news especially Hood Yarzloo (his brother), participating in mountain climbing and indoor soccer with family, participating in religious ceremonies, attempt to make connection with family members living outside of Iran, participating in student protests and some more crimes.
  • Workers of Slaughter Diagnosed with Crimea-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever
Currently 6 slaughter workers of “Tappe Salam” of Mashhad have been admitted to the hospital due to Crimea-Congo Fever. According to ILNA, this disease has been spread among the workers after domesticated animals import from Afghanistan. The workers of “Tappe Salam” reported to Dr. with high fever along with severe pain in all body muscles, headache and nausea; they were diagnosed with Crimea-Congo Fever.
Contaminated domesticated animals with Crimea-Congo Fever have been imported to Iran, while according to law, any import or export of animals must be authorized by the ministry of health.
  • The verdict of 3 years in Prison for Majid Makooi Student Activist
Majid Makooi shipbuilder student of Maleke Ashtar university in Isfahan and one of the student activist of Azerbaijan who was sentenced to 1 year in prison and 2 year abeyance , was arrested on Mordad 27th (August 18th) and transferred to Mali section of Tabriz prison. According to close family members of Makooi, this Azerbaijan student activist had reported to Maleke Ashtar University to receive his bachelor’s degree on Mordad 27th (August 18th) was arrested by the information officers and transferred to Tabriz from Isfahan by plane. He is charged with participating and forming illegal group to disturb national security and propaganda against the regime.
  • Declaration of Poets and writers in Iran against recent oppression towards people
148 poets and writes objected to recent harshness towards people by publishing a declaration. In this statement, pointed to “the true fact of oppression towards people and especially the young adults in recent incidents”; is so sad which can hardly be dealt with. They have also insisted on:” denying this tragedy by anyone is cruelty against human honor and will open the path to continue with such crimes”.
Poets and writers signatory of this declaration also wrote:” news of what happened to the young adults of this country after peaceful and legal demonstration at prisoners and detention centers, even though it had happened before, but due to it extend and severity has touched us more than before”.
  • Members of Islamic Association of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad were arrested
Amirkabir Newsletter :In a coordinated action in Tehran, Mashhad and Sabzevar five members of Modern fraction of Islamic Association of Mashhad Ferdowsi University were arrested.
Mohsen San'ati Pour secretary of students Islamic Association union of Ferdowsi university of Mashhad ,Shayan Saremi political secretary of this union ,Amin Riahi and Mehdi Khosravi journal activists and Eftekhar Barzegarian ,an ordinary member of Islamic association of Ferdowsi university are among those arrested.
  • Trial of a Baha'i couple was held
A baha'i couple after one year were tried in charge of their believe propaganda.Feizollah Qanavatian and his wife Noushin Rohani were arrested last year at their house and were released on bail on the same day and their trial was held on Monday August 31st .Their verdict will be announced in next couple of days.
  • Saharkhiz arrest was extended for another two months
Isa Saharkhiz, prominent Iranian journalist yesterday in a telephone call from court has said to his family :My arrest was extended for another two months and he has not given more opportunity to continue the conversation.
  • Minority faction of parliament demanded criminal prosecution of IRIB
Secretary-General of minority fraction of parliament in a letter to head of judiciary considered TV broadcast of reformers court hearing sessions as an illegal action and demanded criminal prosecution of IRIB.
Mohammad Reza Tabesh in this letter referring to footnote of article # 188 of criminal procedure law has considered the TV broadcast of detainees court hearing sessions as a "law violations" and demanded Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani to investigate in relation of this "clear violation".
  • Police attack to the people gathering in front of Evin prison
According to reports , police and security forces attacked to people who had gathered in front of Evin prison with invitation of Iran alumni association to Eftari (fast breaking in Ramadan)ceremony.Dozens of security guards who had positioned in front of Evin prison hours before evening prayer and breakfast time , exactly at the time of evening prayer attacked to to people and grabbed and pulled them on the ground to force them leave the place and till hours after did not allow anyone to join the gathering .
  • Final result of parliament votes to cabinet/Three ministers did not got the vote of confidence
Parliament's representatives did not vote for three proposed ministers .
Sousan Keshavarz , Minister of Education / Fatemeh Ajorlou ,Minister of Welfare and Social Supply and Minister of Power Mohammad Ali Abadi could not get the votes of confidence.
  • Criticism of «illegal performance» in summons of worker activists
Three of workers union leaders of Haft Tappeh sugarcane company summoned to news headquarters of Information ministry of Shoush city.In recent years,security and judiciary encounters with worker activists who try to achieve workers union demands , have intensified.
Mohammad Oliai Fard, lawyer of Ali Nejati,Fereydoun Nikoufard and Reza Derakhshan confirms summons of their clients and says " few days ago my clients informed me that they were summoned to Information office of Shoush-e Danial city by a phone call.And I told them to wait and see if they call them again or not and try to convince them to act legally.Summons over the phone has no meaning in law and should be by subpoena.
  • Torture of a deprived of education student
Omid Golbaz a deprived of education student in philosophy at Ferdowsi university ,school of theology on July 14th was arrested by security agents by using pepper spray and after severe beating and transferred to an unknown detention.He has been in jail since then and has been under brutal tortures that part of one of his fingers has been cut off and suffers from internal bleeding in his stomach and his bladder's capillaries are broken.
He's out of jail on sick leave and on USD 50,000 bail .


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