Monday, October 5, 2009


  • Heavy sentence for Leftist students and publication editors

Upon the opening of the universities and continued movements dealing with social policies, several known student activists encountered heavy sentences from the Security branch of the Revolutionary Court.

Mehdi Guerailoo, student of Physics of Tehran University, Editor of the student journal, Akhgar, a member of the Editorial Board, was arrested and charged with ploying against security and cooperation in forming the Marxist group, he was sentenced to five years of prison.

Keyvan Amir Eliassi, student of Sanati Sharif University, charged with acting against security and contacts with inimical groups and also proclaiming against the regime was sentenced to five years of imprisonment.

Mehdi Alhyary, Chemistry Department undergraduate students at Tehran University and member of the student publication board of Khak journal was sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment.

The significant issue is these sentences have been forced upon these people by only summoning the to court and no protests was declared or allowed.

  • Baby selling for prices of 3 to 10 thousand dollars

The new born babies are being bought and sold in Tehran hospitals for the amount of 3to10 thousand dollars.
A nurse at one of these hospitals talked about this to Sarmayeh paper: "Brokers and middle men, after identifying the unwanted babies who have been born illegitimately , start the buying and selling process."
Maryam, the nurse continued "This happens mostly in large public and maternity hospitals. Due to the higher number of newborns in these hospitals in comparison with private and smaller hospitals, identifying these people is more difficult hence the high repetitive baby sale. "
She believed that the higher cost for delivering babies in the private hospitals is the reason for a lower chances of baby sale and mentioned: "The cost of delivery in private hospitals is anywhere from 3 to 5 thousand dollars while in the public hospitals with insurance is for free or in the absence of it , costs are $500." She added: " In some of the hospitals, the brokers buy the babies pre-birth by paying the cost of delivery as a deposit in advance and sell them phenomenally high to infertile couples."
She further added:" Some of the young girls who have been taken advantage of have no way to get abortion or in some cases are not familiar with the procedures so they get admitted to these hospitals in the last days of their 3rd trimester. These brokers also are ready to pay all the hospital fees to get them off the hook. The families of these girls are often not aware of their situation as they get admitted to the hospitals and deliver alone. They also leave their homes few months prior to deliver and mostly of the time also runaway from the hospitals after delivery."
  • A warning to:
The Amnesty International and Human Rights Commission of Europian Union
The UN Human Rights Council

Islamic Republic of Iran is planning the execution of political prisoners to Kurdistan!

According to the International Committee against execution, Recently, the Islamic Republic's judiciary system in Sanandaj, Kurdistan, have given a secret order the execute many of the prisoners in order to take revenge, create a safe environment and fear of the police.
Other reports indicate that three people are already at the risk of execution. Habib Latifi, a 26 yrs old student, Ehsan fatahian, 27 years old and Shirkoo Ma'arefi who has been charged with "an enemy of god" which is normally used for people with atheism and secularism view points, have been transfered to solitary confinement and anytime, their life being endangered due to execution.
Currently, more than fourteen political activists in Kurdistan are in danger of execution. The name list of these activists are: Farhad Ramazan Ahmad, Farhad Chalesh, Shirkoo Ma'arefi, Rostam Arkia, farzad Kamangar, Ali Heydarian, Fassih Yasamani, Farhad Vakili, Hiva Butimar, Anvar Hossein Panahi, Arsalan Oliayi, Habibollah Latifi, Zeinab Jalalian, Ehsan Fatahian.
The International Committee against execution believes that the number of people sentenced to death in Sanandaj and Kurdistan prisons outnumber the list above and many of their lives are in danger.
It is being said that Islamic Republic of Iran recently called the assassination of several government officials and representatives of the Shaykh al-Islam in Kurdistan Assembly of Experts as an excuse and a reason to slaughter many of the Political Prisoner. We are warning about the wave of political executions in Sanandaj and Kurdistan prisons and ask all human rights organizations to take immediate measures in order to prevent these crimes committed by the Islamic Regime.

The International Committee against execution

  • The IRI Minister of Science was faced with thousands of students protests at Sharif University

Sharif University students similarly toTehran University students, held gatherings and protests during Kamran Daneshju's visit. Based on the news recieved onTuesday, September 30, 2009, about two thousand Students gathered in front of the building where Kamran Daneshju was visiting chanting sloagans such as: "The political prisoner should be freed", "until AN is here, everyday is the same here", "artillery, tankers, Basiji's have no more affect" and "Degenerate (a**hole) get lost".
The IRI's Minister of Science, being guarded by the degenerate Basijis and civilian clothes forces, arrived at the university at 10am. The students gathered in the university prior to his arrival, chanting slogan and marching in the university area to show their dismay and objections.
Sharif University's students protests hand in hand with Tehran University's and Khajeh Nassir University's student protests in the past few days, since the beginning of school year, September 23rd, 2009, despite the heinous and criminal acts of the regime, has given a new life to this revolution as a continuation of the people's movement for the fall of this inhuman regime of Islamic Republic.
We call upon all students to attend these protests, widespread and unified, in every university against the present killings, rapes, repressions and intimidations of people, youth and students' demand on a) identifying the perpetrators who kill people and b) dismantling disciplinary committees and sexual segregation are significant steps in steering back the Islamic Republic Regime from the universities.
  • The Islamic Republic is planning to form hijab and chastity committees in universities and social environment. These committees overlook women's hijab and chastity status
Dr. Mohsen Eslami, in an interview with ISNA reporter (ISNA), regarding the measures taken in the field, by the Ministry of Science on Student's hijab committee to set up the veil and over look chastity said: All universities have been notified of this Committee's launch and are required to start these committees.

He expressed that even though hijab and chastity Committee in the Office of Cultural Studies Department of Social Sciences and active space is extensively promotional, also staed: So far the five chastity and veil Festival have been organized in universities and during,clothing formation from before and after Islam have been displayed.

At the end, Eslami reiterated: Veil and hijab committee in universities will be formed by cultural supervision and this committee's duties include, creating an entirely cultural space, it is only responsible for cultural understanding of appropriate clothing withing university's environment, and is also responsible for exhibition and promote cultural activities in universities.

Previously, the Ministry of Science of Islamic Republic had measured such actions like forming walls separating the library, cafe and classroom lessons which were faced by the student's sever protests. In such objective environment and even before that withing universities these actions can have sever affects on the government and it's rule.

  • Jelveh Javaheri, one of “One Million Signatures” campaign activist, have been accused of "collusion with the aim of consensus and acting against national security” by the Revolutionary Court, Branch 30 and have been sentenced to six months suspended imprisonment.

Mina Jafari, her lawyer has stated that Ms. Javaheri; was arrested on June 13th 2008 (23 Khordad 87) in front of the Silk Gallery accompanied by eight other women's rights activists due to joining the “One Million Signatures” Campaign, and have been sentenced, based on Article 500 of Criminal Code.

However some arrestees were acquitted of the charges the some day and their case have been referred to the General Court. . Unfortunately, charges were in contradiction with the indictment bill, and the verdict has been issued regardless of Ms. Javaheri and her lawyer's defense.

Her lawyer was never informed of the verdict. Despite several attempts to get the information from Head office of the of the Revolutionary Court branch 30, and even putting her request in writing, she was never given a straight answer, which forced her to study the court session's text, and that is against Article 213 of this topic criminal legal procedures.

Jelveh Jabaheri had also been arrested on December 1st 2008 (10 Azar 1387) due to het activities on “Change for Equality” website. After receiving a subpoena from a security branch of Tehran Public Prosecutor's Office, she referred to the Revolutionary Court and after the interrogation was charged with accusations such as "disturbance of public opinion, propaganda, lies through publishing false news in the Change for Equality". Her was given a 50 million Toman bail, which after the tolerance of 30 days imprisonment in Evin Prison her family had announced their inability to supply the heavy bail, she was released by a bank's 5 million Toman guarantee.

This women's rights activists was also arrested on May 1st 2009 (11 ordibehesht 1388) in her home. After her husband Keveh Mozaffari's arrest in worker's day gathering Security forces searched her house and Jelveh Javaheri was transferred to Evin prison. This women's rights activists charges were announced to be "acting against national security through the Membership of One Million Signature and gathering and collusion ". She was released from Evin prison on May 8th 2009 (17 Khordad 1388) on a 100 million toman bail.
Sakineh imprison in Tabriz and is about to be stoned any minut
  • Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani has been sentenced to stoning in Tabriz prison.
She is a mother of two children ages 18 and 16. Sakineh is accused of murdering her husband with the help of two of her friends. However, she has never accepted the charges against her. Sakineh is also being charged for adultery and has been sentenced to stoning. Her stoning verdict is in possession of International Committee against Stoning. Her verdicts read; due to adultery she has been sentenced to "stoning". At the moment her lawyers and children have acted to save her.
  • Ahmadinejad: Media is used as a tool to Overthrow

Mahmud Ahmadinejad is saying, today media is not a tool to inform, but is being used as a tool to advancing politics and publishing cultures. According to him, currently “it is a media battle era”.

Mahmud Ahmadinejad on Saturday October 3rd, in a speech in "The General Assembly of Union Radio and TV” in Tehran said, “media is the most important weapon of imperialistic system” in advancing their politics and plans.

He claimed:” our enemies main weapon against humanity is media… Media is a tool to overthrow independent system in the world”.

The term “independent system” in the recent years has been used by countries such as Islamic Republic of Iran, Libya, Burma and Sudan. In these countries informing via free flow of information is done with many problems and limitations. Their explanation in events when they face international criticisms is this is to protect their “independence”.

Activists in information field say, authorities of Islamic Republic by understanding the role of media in this way, have restricted the natural function of this tool. Radio and TV in Iran is government based and their activities are being completely controlled by the government. Majority of newspapers have the same situation and only very few critical newspapers are used by some authorities of the Islamic regime, which are not able to follow the policy of independent information.

Internet and satellite television networks are the two institutions, which the regime has focused and spent lots of money on to prevent and taking control over their role in information about Iran’s situation in the recent years and especially recent months.
  • Filtering 10 million Websites
Last week, Sarmaieh newspaper in a report about the regime of Iran’s efforts to harness Internet wrote: it cost 7 billion Toomans (7 million dollars) to filter 10 million websites in Iran.

During the winter of last year a judicial official said, in Iran more than 5 million websites have been shut down due to “inappropriate materials”, news websites also included. However, internet companies have reported filtering of more than 10 million websites.
According to Sarmaieh newspaper, in this double increase of filtering, majority are news websites and weblogs. The main purpose of filtering weblogs and websites are political and is to prevent their informing role. According to Sarmaieh, during the past 5 month, policies based on “countries security and interest” lead to filtering majority of news sites and has even affected the use of Internet.

The results of a research done by creditable universities about censorship of internet websites in 40 countries shows, China is at the top and also Iran is one of the top countries using filtering tools.
  • Sending noise waves over satellite networks
Iran’s regime uses noises system in dealing with satellite TV channels. According to published news in the recent years, this attempt is being done by the Iranian revolutionary guard. Preventing Iranian from accessing Persian speaking TV channels which are being produced from out side of Iran is the main purpose of their attempts.

According to some news, installing noise producers in Tehran and other big cities started at 2002. The reformist representatives reacted to this attempt of revolutionary guard, but despite Khatami’s command to stop, they continued to send noises over satellite networks.

Reports indicate that post election crises, sending noises over transmitters entered a new phase and the power of wave generators increased.
According to expert reports, these noise waves can have negative affect on human health. The news website of “Jaras”, by quoting experts and professors in electronic fields, issued warning of these noises waives and sated; revolutionary guard is putting the physical and mental health of country’s people in danger.

In addition of human health’s danger, noise waves interferes with hospital safety devices, bank and aircraft controlling systems.
  • Protest and gathering of some families of arrested detainees and student activists on September 27th in front of Revolutionary Court
According to some received news, families of arrested detainees on September 27th and also families of student activists of Jamshidieh Park gathered and protested in front of revolutionary court and demanded the freedom of their loved ones.

Today Saturday October 3rd, about 70 concerned family members gathered in front of the revolutionary court to get information on bailing their loves ones out. Even though, a small number of detainees were released, still a big number are in prison without any charges and uncertainty of their situation. It’s been two weeks since the arrests, but the name of some arrested people have not been confirmed by the revolutionary court yet.

Family members anxiously and furiously demanded answered by the revolutionary court authorities in regard to their loved ones situation.

One of the revolutionary courts ways to trap the protestors is, the police forces would keep the protestor’s identification card, or mobile phone and would let them free. However, after a while they will be contacted by the court to go and get their personal belongings at the third floor of security unit. These people were arrested and transferred to Evin prison after reporting to this unit.
People who have been trapped and arrested with this method of Hasan Zare Dehnavi known as Hasan Hadad are: Javad Jalalifr 27 married, Mehrnoosh Mohammadi 23, and Nariman Masoomi 21.

Also, families of student activists who were arrested yesterday at the Jamshidie Park, by the information agents; and were transferred to an unknown place, went by the revolutionary court. The names of these people have not been confirmed by the revolutionary court.
Yesterday until late at night, families waited by the information office to get a news of their loved ones, but they were not given any answer.

It’s been reported that 3 of the arrested students were released on Saturday morning October 3rd with out a bail, but there are no news of captivity place of others.

  • The representative of Tehran public prosecutor reported the arrest of 25 people in Azadi Stadium during the capital derby
Police forces arrested 25 people at the Azadi stadium during the Esteghlal, Perspolise derby game.
Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), by labeling these people as “bad audience” “creating conflicts” is the reason of their arrest.
Some objectors to the recent election results announced, on Friday we will continue to our protest at Azadi Stadium objecting to what they call “cheating” in elections. The police chief commander of Great Tehran on September 28th announced they will “deal firmly” with those who would try to bring politics into the stadium.

However, at the end of the game, people chanting of “down with dictator” and “we don’t want political soccer” were heard from Iran’s television.

According to judicial official, two judges were at the stadium to investigate crimes committed by audience. Fars news agency also reported the presence of 50 female police outside of the stadium. However, according to Iranian law, women are not allowed to go to soccer stadiums.

According to Fars news, the fans who wanted to watch the game at the stadium were searched 3 times by the security forces. During the past games, fans were searched once only.

On the other hand, simultaneously of Esteghlal Perspolise game, phone lines of west Tehran were impaired.
During the past 100 days, cell phones in Tehran have been impaired. Protestors believe phone lines are being impaired to prevent the protestors from informing and remaining in touch with one another.

During the past 3 months Iran has witnessed extensive demonstrations in object to election results. Protestors in the past few months by attending events such as Friday prayers or Ghods day have voiced their objects. During the past weeks, porters have attended sport games with green symbols.

This game ended in 1-1 draw. This is the 32nd draw of these two teams.


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