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Not Even Nuclear Controversy Can Save The Islamic Republic !

After a long silence the discussion over Iran’s atomic program is now hot. New facilities have been discovered in the mountains of Qom, or previously discovered facilities have now been revealed. Talks and negotiations are once again underway, together with the guesswork and predictions and anxieties. And of course as usual the headlines and debates have been assigned to the Islamic government’s nuclear conflict.

Whenever the issue of Iran’s nuclear program becomes heated, the same questions parade before our eyes. Why is the controversy all about Iran’s nuclear program? What’s the reason for the nuclear controversy? How can both sides make apparently valid claims? What truths lie behind the claims of the lens? What ambitions are the west pursuing? What ambitions are the Islamic Republic pursuing? How will this conflict conclude? What is the solution to the world’s nuclear problem in general and the real approach for preventing the Islamic Republic’s nuclear capability? These are basic important questions that in this publication, in statements and party resolutions or leaflets have been asked many times before. The answers to these questions, given that the basic factors remain unchanged, are ones that have also been given many times before.
Looking at the overall picture, Iran’s nuclear issue, the Islamic Republic’s effort to be capable, and the effort against this capability, is a template for answering more fundamental questions. Issues relating to the polarization of global terrorism since the end of the Cold War and particularly after September 11. The problems of the West, particularly America on the one hand, who with the end of a bipolar world have landed on the table of the White House and its western allies, and become more cumbersome every day, and the problems of the Islamic movement. And on the other the Islamic Republic (a movement and particularly a government that once would not back down from becoming the only world after the Cold War, and even wanted to raise its flag in the White House itself, that today has transformed into a constant one stuck with its government like a rotten carcass).

This time as always the start of the nuclear controversy is not a storm in a cloudless sky. Not the atomic silence of yesterday, nor the fuss of today have been or are accidental events. Despite its casual appearance everything originates from a clear and logical political objective. America and its allies don’t want to allow the Islamic Republic – albeit in its current shape and form – to have nuclear capability. And the Islamic Republic is determined to be armed with a nuclear bomb. Of course both sides have completely understandable political motives.
America and its allies:
America doesn’t want - and cannot allow - the Islamic Republic to be armed with nuclear weapons (unless the Islamic Republic becomes domestic, meaning a metamorphosis into an Islamic Republic that is openly pro-West in its course, that is a contradiction in itself and impossible). A nuclear Islamic Republic means the armament of a very important state branch of the Islamic movement, in other words increased power of maneuver by the Islamic Republic in the region and in the world, in other words the destruction of political equilibrium in the region to the disadvantage of America and its traditional allies in the region, in other words providing a platform for the Islamic Republic’s momentum, and the sharpening of the knife of the region’s thug to collect its fortune. And in political terms all this means opening the hands of Islamic Republic for further sleuth in Iraq and Afghanistan and other countries in the region.
Although in the long term in strategic terms, America’s interest is for the Islamic Republic to be replaced with an openly pro-west government, but in the theory of this strategic goal, harnessing and domesticating this Islamic Republic is still in the command of the west. Especially in considering the revolutionary nightmare by the people and the possibility of the ascent of the Left, subduing the Islamic Republic has become more relevant. If it were previously possible to entertain such far fetched dreams that the Islamic movement and its Islamic government could be controlled by say Obama’s prayers in Egypt or at his White House dinner table, a nuclear Islamic Republic could not be tamed even if Obama, Sarkozy and Gordon Brown all three donned turbans.
Think back to 2007, when the White House cowboy was lone astride his horse and both sides were busy shooting at each other’s shadows. Suddenly America’s highest national security body made the discovery that the Islamic Republic had since 2003 abandoned any enrichment program for an atomic bomb. This was simple theatrics set in motion to fatten up one pole at the expense of the other and pave the way for concessions. Other curtain calls of this theatre was the attendance of representatives of the two poles at the discussion table for the establishment of so called peace and security in Iraq – by people who themselves turned streets and schools and work places into killing zones. In essence, today that same terrorist pole with the same old goals, is seeking a way to deal with the Islamic Republic. The discovery of nuclear facilities in Qom by Obama with the support of Sarkozy and Gordon Brown precisely one day before the Geneva meetings was a card thrown on the table to compromise the Islamic Republic’s power. It was a tactical trick to gain the upper hand at the Geneva talks. As to why Obama revealed the nuclear site in his supposed honeymoon period with the Islamic Republic, putting kindling in the furnace of the nuclear conflict, is directly related to Iran’s internal crisis. You can easily rely on this, that the Islamic Republic is still limping from the blows of June and July and that it must be pursued and made to take a back seat before it catches up with itself. This has happened in that it was decided that atomic energy inspectors of the United Nations would visit Qom and that the 20 percent uranium enrichment program on Russian soil would reach completion. All this with the drum roll of “another victory” for Islam against the blasphemy of progress.
The Islamic Republic
For a time Iran’s nuclear program (the development of nuclear weapons for peaceful purposes) presented possibilities of better advancement in political bullying in the region, new tools for gaining power, and a new opportunity for playing a bigger role in the equation of world politics. With nuclear capability the Islamic Republic’s path towards finding a more powerful role as a faction of world terrorism was smooth. This was a time that the Islamic movement and the Islamic government held position as an important pillar of this movement in contrast to circumstances today. The Islamic Republic has hitched itself as the dog of the Palestinian people and the leader of the Mostazafiin and in Iran had not familiarized itself with the wage scale in recent months. Today, particularly after the human and revolutionary movement as the world marveled, the Islamic Republic has transformed into a cursed and illegitimate being that is desparate and helpless and can only stand up with the use of bullets and rape and crime. A rusty rope for hanging. And a way of avoiding the dark future of the Islamic movement and Islamic government.
In Iran the revolutionary movement has unveiled a vast community.A movement for the complete overthrowal of the Islamic government. This movement has earned the respect of the world’s people, and their hatred for its enemy the Islamic Republic. Today the Islamic Republic because of this very movement is illegitimate not just in Iran but in the eyes of the world. The immediate goal of the nuclear controversy this time has been to take advantage of worldwide disdain for the Islamic Republic and respect for the revolutionary people of Iran and divert from this crisis and struggle.
The Islamic Republic knowing full well that an atom bomb cannot thwart the people’s movement, believes – as always foolishly – that with the nuclear controversy it can at least silence the trenches for while. The Islamic Republic that face to face in battle with the people was openly declared illegitimate, imagined that it could pose well by photographing its brokers with western brokers in Geneva. The Islamic Republic who was still shaking from the Death to the Dictator chants upon it, had relied on the fact that by appearing in Geneva, it could change the face of a destroyed and dead government for one that is in support of accountability to the West. It relied on convincing the people of the world that despite the great political quake in Iran, that the Islamic Republic publicly and in particular the Khamenei-Ahmadinejad band, still carries weight on the world scene. In truth the Islamic Republic tried to buy legitimacy for its illegitimate government from behind the microphone at the Geneva talks. From the perspective of a government under attack by angry protesters and hanging from the political precipice, the Geneva talks and socializing with western states, discussions in the name of the Iranian people, the very people who intend to drag it under, played the role of a clasp that one could almost hang from. It’s not without reason that Ahmadinejad has proposed that Iran talks take place with five permanent Security Council members and Germany at top leadership level. This means that Ahmadinjad whose photograph is defaced and torn in Iran and who people want to pull down from his podium, is still President outside Iran and can be photographed with Obama and Sarkozy and Gordon Brown and Angela Merkel. This is someone who with one hand holds up the hangman’s noose and can with the other dangle on the string of western states.
Meanwhile political Islam has ruptured and the Islamic Republic has attempted to open a new account with the “nationalistic excitement” of the people. From their point of view the nuclear struggle can grab the “nationalistic excitement” from the arms of the nationalistic movement and put it in the pocket of the Islamic movement. But hostility and hatred towards the Islamic government is so strong and widespread in Iran that no nationalistic gesture can overshadow so much as an element of this hatred. Especially as today’s hatred for the government is no longer a simple feeling, but a political force that has reached right to the Islamic government’s doorstep.

Who holds the key?
It is possible to put an end to, and an end must be put, to the nuclear conflict and the nightmare of a nuclear Islamic government. But freedom from this nightmare won’t come from the Security Council, nor from the rantings of two terrorist poles. The west’s propaganda on the dangers of nuclear power is not valid and nor are the Islamic Republic’s games of ignorance that its goals are peaceful. These are both part of the problem that is the world’s nuclear nightmare. America has been directly responsible for atomic war in present history, and the Islamic Republic, even without nuclear power has no meaning without blood and killing and is nourished by this political nightmare. (On balance let’s say, as with all other matters, that with regards to the atom nightmare too, the Islamic government as a whole is part of the problem. Ahmadinejad and Khamenei’s camp every night lay their heads down with the dream of nuclear warheads over Shahab 3 and setting ablaze the Israeli people. Its opponent’s path is not much better. Rafsanjani who supposedly belongs to a more “people” faction of the Islamic Republic, eight years ago said: “The explosion of an atom bomb in Israel would leave nothing. But it would damage the Islamic world and such an occurrence is not far from reason!” Islamic madness arising from the ideologies and political needs of the Islamic Republic, be they reformist or authoritarian.)
The solution to a world without the nightmare of nuclear armament cannot lie in the hands of two sides where one strides over 80 percent of the world’s atomic arsenal in boots bloodied from killing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the other wants to make a great bloodied attack with nuclear warheads on Shahab 3. The key to a world without nuclear armament is in the hands of a movement and force whose political philosophy and agenda is the safety of all people and one that does not have a need for genocide. This force is the third pole, standing against both terrorist poles, and one that the majority of peace loving people belong to.
An active and powerful head of this third pole, the people of Iran, have begun a huge ongoing battle with one side of this nuclear conflict, namely the Islamic Republic. The strongest, most progressive, most determined force of the third pole in Iran is determined to overthrow the Islamic Republic and take a major branch of world terrorism, together with its nuclear program to the grave of history. This movement is determined to pluck this historical misery from the world and build in its place a society in which human life is sacred, one in which human respect in every respect and every faith and every name and every religion and every ideology is paramount. A society where everything serves the welfare, peace, safety, comfort, respect, freedom and equality of human beings.

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