Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thank You U2!

October 14th, the crowds were packed into Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas that can house over 60,000 people. Concert goers were from all backgrounds and had come together for one magical event,to witness U2, one of the greatest bands of our time. Before the concert started, we all marveled at how brilliant the stage was. It had towering pillars and the look of a spaceship, none of us had ever seen anything like it. I knew with a stage like that, I could expect the concert to be mind blowing.

Out came the band we all had waited for, and as U2 rocked one hit after another, the crowd became more charged and more mesmerized. Thousands of people were up on their feet, singing with Bono (the lead singer), and in these moments they truly became one with the melody. Young and old people danced, lovers hugged and kissed, and friends joined hands through the songs that brought back so many memories for them. Then, the lights turned low and these Persian words from Mollavi came on the jumbo screen: Beshno, Beshno, Beshno (Listen, Listen, Listen). I knew it was time for Sunday Bloody Sunday, the song that U2 so generously dedicated to Iranians on their 360 tour.

Green overtook the entire stadium and the images of protestors flashed before our eyes. The moment was far too grand and emotional, and I could not help but have tears in my eyes. We sang in unison with power: “Cause tonight...We can be as one…Tonight!” I do not know how many Iranians were in the stadium that night. It does not matter though, because for those 5 minutes while U2 performed Sunday Bloody Sunday, the entire stadium was converted into a Sea of Green. The roof was open, and we were under the naked night sky. It was just us and the gods. It was perfect.

Thank you U2 for continuing to use your voice to raise awareness for those in Iran. Here’s to the future, a time when our friends and family in Iran can join us in these magnificent concerts. V
Poem by Mollavi:
بشنو ازنی چون حکایت می کند

ازجدایی ها شکایت می کند
کز نیستان تا مرا ببریده اند
از نفیرم مرد وزن نالیده اند
هرکسی کودورماندازاصل خویش
بازجوید روزگا روصل خویش
آتش است این بانگ نای ونیست باد
هرکه این آتش ندارد نیست باد
گرنبودی ناله نی را اثر
...نی جهان را پرنکردی از شکر
با لب دمساز خود گرجفتمی
همچونی من گفتنیها گفتمی
ما همه شیریم لیک شیران علم
حمله مان ازباد باشد دم بدم
حمله مان ازباد وناپیداست باد

جان فدای آن که ناپیداست باد

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Anonymous said...

I watched a video about this from Youtube and it brought tears in my eyes. Beautiful. <3

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