Friday, October 30, 2009

Shirin Ebadi and Defending the Rule of Islam

Shirin Ebadi in a recent speech at the Naropa University of Colorado announced that the only way for Iran and other Islamic countries to be relieved of authoritarian governments is with the correct interpretation of the Qur’an and that especially among the Iranian people the phenomenon of refuge in “Secular Islam” does not have any followers.
Ebadi's speech was in answer to three questions that she raised herself:

Is Islam compatible with human rights? If so, Why does discrimination, especially against women exist in Islamic countries? Finally, Can a secular Islamic democracy be created and human rights be achieved through a more correct interpretation of Islam?
Shirin Ebadi's reply to these questions was that Islam is compatible with human rights and to prove her point named some Islamic countries such as Malaysia and Morocco, that prohibit physical torture. Of course she promises us that Iran and Bangladesh are presenting similar bills for approval! She also insists that the root of discrimination is not in Islam but can be traced to male leaders’ use of the law to remain in power. She also maintained that the discussion of a Secular State is not worth being introduced to the people, that achievement can be attained through a correct interpretation of the Qur’an.
Why does Shirin Ebadi oppose secular power and defend the rule of Islam instead? The answer to this question must be investigated in the negative contents of the people's revolution. After three decades of bloody ruling by a religious government, society is facing a tremendous renaissance. To quote Hamid Taghvai the petrified and inhuman Islamic regime of political opposition, has a fully modern and human resistance that is mobilizing its own team and the majority are the Iranian people who don't want an Islamic regime. Not only do they not want an Islamic regime but they even want religion to be excluded from thoughts, art, culture and formal and social rankings.
Society is undergoing huge intellectual, philosophical, artistic, political and social developments and this flag is in the hands of the people. The people who have started a huge revolution to overthrow the Islamic Republic. The social, cultural and human result of this revolution and the overthrowal of this Islamic regime cannot be anything but a renaissance. But the 21st century renaissance, is speaking of a leftist renaissance, the socialist renaissance which is deeply breaking down the intellectual, social, scientific, artistic, philosophical aspects of religion and discards it in museums as a preliminary and elementary point of view of a way of life.
Shirin Ebadi who is among the Islamic critics of the Islamic regime, like other factions of the Islamic government fears such futures. That is why they are struggling to remove the basis of an Islamic government from the people's protests and their revolution. They are struggling to change the view towards “kings” and “people's filth” and “corrupt people” to in their own minds save the rule and retreat of Islam. Shirin Ebadi and her partners by resorting to “benign Islam” are trying to gain the respect of western governments on account of putting the brakes on the revolution.
Today’s people of Iran are laughing at Shirin Ebadi's shameless speech on the “sweetness” and “wonderfulness” of Islam. They are laughing because over the past 30 years they have seen how much the religious and Islamic regime has disrupted their lives. They have experienced the Islamic regime's hostility towards culture and science and any dealings of humanity. They know that the government of the Islamic religion is a government of torture and execution, flogging and stoning, amputating hands and feet, of terror and rape and chain murders. They know an Islamic government means the rule of poverty and ignorance, superstitions and brutal exploitation of workers and blatant discrimination against women. They have discovered the true meaning of religious rule and know the Islam's capacity for most rabid and most reactionary tendencies of Islam in decadent capitalism. The Islamic regime does not even have a grain of origin in humanity. Islamic rulers’ performances not only in Iran but in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and north Africa is before everyone's eyes. One must be in oblivion to conceive that with all this hatred and loathing accumulated over 30 years of religious rule in Iran, that people would even think of a second Islamic regime. No! The Islamic Republic has been illustrative and informative enough. Another “less wild” version of Islamic government is a fantasy and delusory concept.
But don't doubt that Shirin Ebadi is hiding behind religious beliefs of the people and is hostile against a secular government. All this is in itself is an old trick of religion, to obtain legitimacy. All religious governments and institutions from the church to the Islamic Republic try to justify their crimes and disasters in the name of “religious people”. And here Shirin Ebadi is using the people's religious beliefs as an excuse to condescend with the Islamic Republic. But everyone knows that Islamic Republic is not a product of people's religious beliefs, but a counter-revolution from the West to ruin the Iranian's revolution. This government has been able to remain in power with its out of control suppression, and the tormented people are using every opportunity to hold protests to express their hatred towards this regime. Don't doubt that these people, even the ones with religious views are trying to clean out this Islamic barn.
If Shirin Ebadi had lived during the struggle against church and religion in Europe, she would probably have joined the campaign to justify the church. Pioneers of those days, who had clearly understood the painful realities of their time and the urgency to change this ugly truth, came together and were able to separate church and Christianity from politics and relieve European societies from religious rule and its medieval disaster of the Church. Their movements did not have any roots in religious views. They had seen humanity's captivity at the Church's bloody hand in medieval times and were only asking for the respect and civilization of human beings to be recognized. The results that humanity has accomplished in western societies owes to years of struggle and perseverance and separation from superstitious religious and non-religious thoughts.

Today, capitalism all around the world is preserving most reactionary and decadent institutions, including the train of religious superstitions. Religion in a place like Iran is driven by crime and in other parts of the world by the military, police and other repressive organs and is playing a supplementary role in people's captivity and slavery. Religion, in today's world is an industry that provides the right to take from the most septic areas. The Iranian people's revolution against the Islamic regime is most definitely going to blow a worldwide anti religion whistle. The establishment of a secular system and separation of religion from politics is the least Shirin Ebadi can expect. This demand is a cry from within Iranian society. If something does not agree with the people's point of view, it’s simply Shirin Ebadi and her colleagues.

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