Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Nobel Peace Prize: Interpretations, Fantasies and Realities

Barack Obama’s award of the Nobel Peace Prize raised different reactions and evaluations worldwide, especially from different levels of Iranian opposition. What are the interpretations, facts and fantasies? How can one evaluate these assessments? What are the objectives and principles of the Nobel Peace Committee's efforts? Finally, what are the conditions for real and lasting peace?
In America, the ultra right-bourgeois wing consider this measure a sign of advancing policies that move the middle ruling class in this country worldwide and a step in strengthening this policy. It is enough to deal with this action and show power. Obama is accused of "failure" in the "war against terror" in neo-conservative' circles, causing irreparable damage to the "peace" process and impacting America in the fight with "Islamic terrorism”. The demand to utilize the American giant military exists in every corner of the world. There was another theme of reactions in the left-wing ruling class. Many believed Obama was not deserving of this prize. Furthermore, they believe that this choice by the Nobel prize Committee is due a fall in standards and a snap selection. They claim that Obama has not yet fulfilled his promises. There are much greater expectations of this committee.
However, in the ranks of the right wing pro-west opposition and the trends of the National Islamic of Iran, the reactions are more or less identical. The pro-west right wing currents have in essence similarities to the American ultra right wing. An important pillar of their political strategy against the Islamic regimeis based on the conflict between the two terrorist poles of the contemporary world. The military intervention and complete economical sanctions towards Iran is part of their political strategy.On the other hand, National Islamic currents also rejoice in these measures. They consider this fact as a step towards achieving an equilibrium in the conflict and confrontation against the Islamic regime and international policies. They know that theIslamic regime, in a military confrontation, will lose control of events. Furthermore they wish to maintain the Islamic system and its equilibrium. Their issue is Ahmadinejad's government. They welcome any transactions and dealings that may occur between the west and the Islamic regime. Calming the tension is one the fundamental pillars of the 2 Khordad general policy of this group. At the same time , they want western governments to exert pressure on the ruling faction within the Islamic regime. They emphasize the fact that Obama in talks with the Islamic regime, should not ignore the "Human Rights" issue.
Reactions from the leftist populist forces is more or less closer to one of the two currents, with the addedattitude that the more the matters get a "Leftist" and "Radical" shape, the expectations from the Nobel Peace Prize Committee will also become more "Radical". Some have even already considered the list of people who are "qualified" to receive the Nobel Peace Prize!
Prior to any judgement and evaluation, it is necessary to observe the objectives of the Noble Peace Prize Committee. The Noble Peace Prize Committee is an intellectual and political entity dominated by Capitalism. The execution of the policy of the dominating class is the basis for the selection of the candidates by this intellectual entity. Not only are the candidates in political and literary fields chosen according to political objectives, but the candidates in science are also favored by this selection process. The Nobel Peace Prize is a Bourgeois organization. They are subjective and by no means objective!

Lets take a look at the list of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates from Franklin Roosevelt to Jimmy Carter, De Clerk (President of the SA apartheid government), Lech Walsa , Yasser Arafat, Yitzhak Rabin, Nelson Mandela, Shirin Ebadi, all the way to Barack Obama. There is a common perspective that they all share. They are all figures who have put in effortstowards reducing conflicts within the ruling class and rival groups. Achieving an adjustment of internal conflicts within the ruling class is their thought process.
Why Barack Obama? The selection o f Barack Obama should be analyzed within the framework of calming the tensions between the two terrorist poles. After the September 11 attack, the world entered a new phase of deadly conflict between these terrorist poles. Wars, massacres and terror attacks in this period have made the latter become the darkest period of contemporary history. Failure in state terrorism policies in the last decade have caused part of the ruling class to change their strategies in order to achieve the same objectives. Negotiations are the other side of militarism. The general strategy however is constant and unchangeable, only daily methodologies and policies have changed. Obama is where these two efforts cross. His policies based on dialogues and negotiations with Islamic politics, in recognition of this force as a regional power and creation of equilibrium between the two poles are among factors that qualified Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize.
The prizes of this committee belong to those who flag the general policies and objective of this international trend. The winners of the Nobel Peace Prize are not the leaders and figures emerging from the Labor, Liberty and Equality movement. They are not those who struggle for endless peace. The Noble Committee is a private political club belonging to the ruling class who praise and recognize their kind. Any expectations from this in terms of opposing values and factors are indicators of poisonous presumptions in this analysis and the general ruling policy of these organizations.
Yet, the analysis of these currents without the evaluation of their "peaceful" objectives is incomplete. The fact isthattrue, constant and endless peace is subject to ending the everlasting war in the contemporary world i.e. the war between social classes, the war between the two main social classes being the workers class and the capitalists. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee struggles in order to achieve "peace" between rival capitalist factions to obtain more power. However, true peace lies in the condition of ending the war between the contemporary classes.
This war's main issue is to end the exploitation and suffering of workers resulting from contemporary Capitalism. One of the targets of this war is to eliminate the wage work and the gap between the classes.True worldwide peace is subject to ending the rule of capitalism over laborious human lifestyles. Everlasting peace is subject to destruction of the giant military schemes and the elimination of weapons of mass destruction. Peace for humanity is based on the ending of the inequalities and disparities of the contemporary world.As long as Capitalism rules the world and as long as the majority of human beings are forced to sell manpower to provide for vital daily needs, this war will continue!

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