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Interview with Domagoj Margetic from:web magazine!

Interview with Saeed Valadbaygi

By Domagoj Margetić

Saeed, according to some information citizens in Tehran demonstrate because their doubts of the regularity of the elections. According to some information the authorities limited citizens communication with mobile phones, SMS, e-mail, and some informations are that they limited communication through Facebook. How accurate are these informations, what's exactly happening in Tehran, are demonstrations of citizens against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to be continued?

Bacause of all the complaints going around all over Iran, the Islamic republic has the fear that all these informations may be passed on to the international societies via sms and emails.

Therefore the government has decided to stop all communications either by sms or email.

Currently most of the websites are being filtered and the internet speeds are being decreased every minute. also most of the viewwers of satelite televison are also facing problems with the signals.

These limitations about passing on information is not only for those who live in Tehran, but its also for those who live in other cities of Iran as the disagreement about elections is also based in other cities as well as Tehran.

In Tehran, people have complaints against the outcome of the elections and they believe the fact that their chosen candidate should have won the tenth round of elections in the Islamic republic of Iran.

The amount of people who have participated in the elections this year is much extensive and is not comparable to the previous years.

This is because they want to form a union inorder to make a change in the civil decisions, and also by voting against Ahmadinejad they wanted to have social freedom.

However according to the results of the elections which was unbelivable and with the acquisition of 24 million vote in the interest of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, people unhapily decided to come out on streets and wanting votes back.

It may look as if these people are only unhappy about the outcome of the elections, however it has to be mentioned that these complaints are there for a reason and has vast background.

These complaints are for problems such as not having personal and social freedom, a miserable level and worring political situation, inconviniences made for the workers and also making trouble and not being able to manage the people and the community, by having discrimination against women and children in the time when the Islamic republic was in charge.

People in Iran may have started these objections because of elections, however as explained before the story inside is much different and much vaster.

In your opinion, why citizens of Iran went out into the streets demostrating against the results of presidential elections?

Beacause of the fact that many people were against Ahmadinejad, and because of all the complaints, against him, everyone were expecting anyone of the candidates to be elected as a president but not Ahmadinejad.

However after hearing the outcome of the elections, it was reasonably clear that the Islamic republic has the intention to make changes to the votes and bring Ahmadinejad back on again.

This would mean that peoples votes are not taken in to account and the government is making the decision on its own.

Therefore people in Iran decided to bring on the compliants by coming out on streets.

Are protests going on only in Tehran or there are demonstrations in other cities in Iran?

The breakouts firstly started in Tehran and was on the same day that the votes were announced, however at the moment all the cities in Iran, and i have to say in most of the cities in Iran the situation might even be worse than Tehran.

People even have started to attack the military guards and they have taken control over some of the cities.

It has been reported that in other cities, the military guards and the epeople are armed and that the students are being attacked intensivly.

In your opinion, was there really the election fraud, and is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad real winner of presidential elections as he claims to be, or these are a mounted and false results?

Yes, we also think that the outcome of these elections are wrong or in other words are not true.

The result of the elections is to the best interest of the government, and also its to their taste, its not what people have ever wanted.

Ahmadinejad is not peoples favorite president and also in the previous round the reason for him being elected was beacuase of the boycotts that it went ahead.

What are your findings on the irregularities during the presidential elections, which could point to irregularity of elections?

At the time of the elections, masive violations has been seen and reported, before the elections there were suppose to be observers present from the candidates, in order to observe the election boxes, however this never happened in practice.

As well as this, there were behaviours against Ahmadinejad in Iran which was welcomed by different generations in the community. with this excuse people were looking to expand the situation and would do anything for it so that Ahmadinejad would not be the president.

Therefore people believed at the time that anyone could become the new president of Iran but Ahmadinejad.

Is police arresting demonstrators?

Yes, in the past few days the police had extensive breakouts with people.

Police in Iran recklessly attack the complainants and until now they have attacked people with sticks, knives and other warm armours.

Many youngsters and middle aged people have beed arrested.

These days the police is even looking in to hospitals in order to arrest the people who have been injured.

We have the anticipation that in the next few days many people will be arrested and imprisoned.

How many citizens by your information are so far arrested, how many citizens were possibly injured in the conflicts with the police, and how many people has been killed?

At the moment there is no exact information in hand regarding this question

Today citizens of Iran called on friends in the world to come out before the Iranian embassies in their capital cities and give support to the demonstrators in Iran. What could be happening in the coming days in Tehran?

I'm sure that the breakouts will definitly be worse.

This would depend on the sovereignty and in the event that people dont get the answer to their complaints, then the situation can get become even worse.

However as the complaints become more serious, the massive spectre of people have wanted to remove their hijab and stand against discrimination which means that this will make situation even harder for the sovereignty.

Do you think people of Iran will continue protests?

Yes ,certainly

Do you think that to replace Ahmadinejad, to put him out off office is important for Iran and Iranian people, and why?

We don't think that by changing the president, there will be a difference in peoples lives and peoples claims in general.

Anyone of the candidates are trying to work in the interest, and protect the Islamic republic and these protections are exactly opposite what people want and their lives.

What were yours expectations from the results of Iranian presidential elections?

Massive number of people did not participate in the elections as they were expecting such an outcome or situation and i also didnt participate either.

Therefore i wasnt expecting a change from these elections.

However the candidates were announced by the Islamic republic, and according to peoples views and general union, there was an expectation that Mr Mousavi will be elected.

What is your opinion on the last Ahmadinejad term as president of Iran? Has he done more good or bad for Iran and Iranians?

We predict that Ahmadinejad is now trying to work on a miscellany.

He is an organiser who is planning to have the internal wings of the rejime to work in the interest of different zones and also the Islamic republic and make things clear.

He will under any circumstance will sacrfice people in the ineterest of inhuman behaviour, and to accept the sovereignty of the Islamic republic.

The new round is the scene of peoples account equilazation with the sovereignty.

What is your message to friends in the World? What is Your message from Iran today?

We do not want the Islamic republic to be the representative of the Iranian nation, as they do not have the competence.

As our companions have announced in the recent session of International labour organisation, the Islamic republic must be fired from all the international organisations.

The Islamic repulic is the sexual discrimination sovereignty and must be secluded and fired from the international conjunctions, just likethe racist rejime of South Africa.

However those friends and people who are in Iran, should still fight their falk and personal needs and should bring their claims into practice.

In this situation, union and power of human axis can open paths for the Iranian people.

Here, media reported that Mir-Hossein Mousavi is arrested by authorities and has not been seen since the election results. Is this true? And by informations You have, whats going on with Mousavi, is he safe, and did he make any public announcements and statements?

Mousavi is part of the sovereignty, he for many years was in the military and was with Ahmadinejad and the current leader, where he was making decisions.

At the begining when the Islamic republic was being formed,and when the political prisoners were being killed, Mousavi was the prime minister and was working for Khameneyi.

He has participated in all the inhuman behaviours of the Islamic republic.

Todays slogans, and also whats being heard does not mean that Mousavi is honest.

People are aware that by chosing mousavi they not making the situation perfect by thet are protecting it from getting even worse than it is.

Afterall no danger is threating Mousavi, and even now there are armed forces around his house and in case of anything serious from people, thay will attack.

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