Friday, June 26, 2009

Latest News & Videos From Tehran!

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Latest News

URGENT>>>>IRI embassy in Stockholm was occupied by Iranian revolts,Once we receive more information let you know!

>Committee to Protect Journalists: In the past 2 days 40 journalists arrested in Iran!

>National security commission have met with Mousavi & Karoubi!

>Families are charged 5-14 thousand dollars to receive the bodies of their loved ones.They also need to sign a waver that they won't sure the police or other attackers.In a written undertaking, they need to say Mousavi is the reason & we have not complaints against police.

>No place is allowed to hold a funeral for these martyrs.The baloons were in memory of the victims & in objection to recent events and the coup.

URGENT>"Saeed Mortazavi", prosecutors general of Tehran, is put in charge of investigating recent detainees.

>Seyed Ahmad Khatami lead this Friday's prayer (since no one else was available!!),He said whoever violates the leader, violated Imam's orders & that means violating god's order! "These riots are against the law & since [Khomeini] has prohibited them, they're against Islam."Islamic jurist (i.e., Khamenei) is not a political leader, he's a proof of religion"he said "UN is created by dictator governments & other governm.

"He said "A woman died in the riots(NEDA) & any sane person can tell it was done by rioters" !!"

>Brigadier-general Fazli: Eight Basiji's have died in recent events.

@20 June!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your country, it's terrible and heartbreaking to see all what's happening.
Hope the best fearing the worst!

pb_theriddler said...

thou' we all much appricite the vidio uplinks and share them with friends/media as fast as we can, i think alot of us are worried about you, plz upload an account of how you are doing:)

and in case you are wondering, it seems like you are winning, the Gov seem to begin to run out of mony(they pay basji 200$ a day) and the holy city is getting rdy to make it's move

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your invaluable blogging from Iran. My heart is with you and the Iranian people. There is not much information on what is going on in Iran right now. We are very worried but we wish you the best! Stay safe! No pas(d)aran!

Anonymous said...

Hard to get news now of what's happening in Iran. We can only hope and keep praying for you to be strong. Don't give up. We try to spread the news as much as we can.

Anonymous said...

Please, give us the latest updates. We are hearing that the demonstrations are over and that things are returning to normal. Is that true?

ehsan said...

no its not true. people are gathering their strengths after 2weeks of breathtaking demonstration, we are not super man you know! soon it will start again.

Beppe said...

Nice to hear you Ehsan, you are not Superman but sure the best that a man could be!
Saeed let us know some news as you can and help your people to pass the censure in internet..true information there is maybe more important than here for us.

Always with you!

Anonymous said...

Ppl have so shot a memory, remember last time it took 1year.

Change is slow but what has been started will not stop, listen to the mood of the reports comming out, ppl are tired but there is not sence that they are anywhere near giving up... quite the opposite in fact, more and more are saying, that they are becomming more agitated.

and while news fromoutside theran is sparse, it seems like most of the contry is up in arms, and that *kurdistan* have the upper hand

Anonymous said...

accounts of the spirit is really important along with the "physical" reports.

and it's good to read, that you are prepared and ready for a long struggle, cause some of us have a memory, and know, that in most cases, that's what it takes.

take care

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous at 4:57.

" seems like most of the contry is up in arms, and that *kurdistan* have the upper hand."
I'm not sure if I understand this correctly. Are people armed...with guns? and ready to ... do as the Kurds?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I understand this correctly. Are people armed...with guns? and ready to ... do as the Kurds?

no, it's an expression, they are firmly behind the protests

Anonymous said...

no, it's an expression.....


Anonymous said...

its just first page, we need to turnover a book

Anonymous said...


take a breath... but keep the thing going. The last two weeks were much too fast. Reorganize and think about the next steps and strategy. Don't go too fast but with persistence. Constant dripping wears away the stone.
It will take some time to overcome the gov. and system.
In Eastern Germany 20 years ago for an example, the big rallies only took place once a week and it took month too force the gov to its knees.
If Iranian people don't give up but follow the change with patience and periodical and steadily actions, you will be successful. You will get rid of the suppressors.

Hold on ... we're on your side.

Stay save. Supporting you from Germany.

Barbara from Frankfurt/ Main

Kristina said...

Good luck. Keep fighting for what is right.

Kristina, England

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth I think that the longer this goes on, the more chance you guys have of victory. Just be as careful as you can, we are all worried about you.

Zendehbad Irani said...

Here are some simple ways of defending yourself when attacked by Basij or Security forces.

Anti riot attacks
Once caught by security forces, the best way to break free is by swinging relentlessly in all directions. Keep in mind that security forces have to hold on to you, which means they only can use one hand to deflect the blows. Brass Knuckle is extremely effective when trying to break loose from the grip of security forces. Wooden brass knuckle is strong and simple to make. The image above is a sample of a basic wooden brass knuckle that can be made with a piece of wood, a cutter and a drill. It should not take more than 30 minutes to make a wooden brass knuckle. Wooden brass knuckle is extremely strong, light weight and versatile. Make sure that the top edges are sharp and round.

Motorcycle attacks
Iranian Basij motorcycle units use attack and retrieve tactics which is meant to create fear more than anything else. The same tactic was used by US police forces on horsebacks when confronting the civil right protestors. The advantage of utilizing motorcycles in urban environment is obvious: motorcycles can go places that cars can’t. However, motorcycles have disadvantages which can handicap the force that uses them.
The most effective way of disabling motorcycles is using tire spikes. Though made of carbon cratnor material, the Basij motorcycle tires cannot withstand multiple punctures. The easiest way to spike Basiji’s tires is by using a simple tire spike system called Iron Caltrop. This simple device can be made in a matter of minutes by wrapping two pieces of nail together in a 65 degree angle. By dropping a handful of Iron Caltrop on the ground, you can deflate the tires of Basijis’ motorcycles in a matter of minutes. If you ride, you know how difficult it is to steer a motorcycle with two flat tires.

Tear gas
A fabric socked in vinegar can very well protect you against tear gas. Cover your nose and mouth with the fabric and keep plenty of water around to wash your eyes if you come in direct contact with tear gas. Urban Legend: burning tires will reduce the effect of tear gas. Not true, it actually increases the effect and it smells bad too.

Riot police is trained to use batons. They understand that it’s easy to hit a stationary target and much easier to hit a target that is running away. Hitting somebody with baton is a matter of timing. The worst thing you can do is to run away from baton whirling security guards because it allows them to time the strike perfectly. The most effective way to counter a security guard with baton is to throw off his timing by going directly at him. That’s right. Run away and turn and go directly at him. When you go directly at the guard and close the distance, you completely screw up his timing. A boxer cannot hit a person that is standing 2 inches away from his face. That’s why boxer bounce around. A baton whirling guard is just like a boxer, he needs to time his strikes. By going directly at the guard and closing distance you mess-up his timing and might even be able to take him down.

Riot formation
Basij and police security guardsmen perform best when crowd disperses and becomes separated. The worst scenario for the riot police is when the crowd is together and inseparable. South Korean labor protestors in the 90s were the best organized units in history of rioting. Thousands of them held on to each other (locked arms) and no matter what, they did not let go. It made it impossible for the riot police to disperse them.
Just a few tips. Please translate and send it back to the youth in Iran. This can save their lives.

aria said...

Please keep posting. People like you are the only resources we have here to let others know what goes on in Iran. We have to keep people informed.

Be safe dadash.

Mr Sweden said...

If you have contact lenses stay far away from tear gas. It can burn the lenses on to your eyes

Thuan said...

good tips but none of them works agaisnt the police thats willing to use their guns on the people. What kind of government taxes family members of victims that were killed by the police? And now the yare trying to force detainees to testify against Mousavi as a spy? What the fuck? Do they really think people will believe that? Its 2009 for gods sake, that kind of tactics dont work anymore. Or maybe they do in Iran. Maybe the protesters we were seeing is jsut a small number of people in Iran who is not stupid.

Anonymous said...

Merci for your reporting. It is invaluable and we have been following it to show the world what has been happening. We are thinking of you all the time. There are vigils planned today across the world. We are here by your side even though we remain far away.

Anonymous said...

From Rome,
I every day looking for news from Teheran, because you, boys and girls of Iran, are a hope for the world. When I see images or video about your protests and demonstrations I think that a man or a woman couldn't be so brave and proud of his life and his sense of justice.
I know that it isn't so much, but I know many people that supporting your protest with disseminations of videos and images, and that organized demonstrations for support your revolution under the Embassy of Iran in Rome. Now all of my friends and companions of the university know your blog.
Go on, the world change.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the tips from Zendehbad Irani are quite good. Reread the part about caltrops. These can be made by the thousands, with simple nails, thrown from balconies, etc.
Do a youtube search on krav maga baton disarms; rush your attacker, grab the baton arm. Vinegar against tear gas. These are simple, yet effective techniques that will save lives... GREAT post, Z.I.

RogueRon said...

We ache for your difficult, dangerous struggle. God is truth and love. He is with you. Fight injustice and oppression, and be proud of your example to all freedom loving people. The oppressors will be judged both now and forever.

RuelD said...

I wish you all the best of luck and wholeheartedly commend you for your courage. Stay strong and together. In time your justice will overcome your oppressors. We in the U.S. support you.

Anonymous said...

To the bravest humans in this world, our heart and soul is with you even though we are not doing anything for you. This EVIL regim will go but the price you are paying is very dear, you are fighting with your blood and these evil animals aim to finish every one of you!. No one understands your pain but your own people. we just want to say we are one of you and die for you and for our country and its freedom from
ISLAMIC FASCHISM. we do not think you are going quiet since no one will ever forget these innocent loss of lives let alone you who are with each other in this battle. We wish one day these EVIL ANIMALS, THE EVIL KHAMENEI, AHMADINEJAD, AND ALL OF REGIM ANIMALS be handed over to the family of those martyred so that they and only they know what to do with them. We live with the hope of seeing that day but history repeats itself and that day will come not so far away, be sure of that our dearest freedom fighters, we love you, we cry with you and pray for your safety every minute of the day. Long live the spirit of all innocent lost lives.

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