Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Live from Baharestan Sq...

>More than 10.000 Bassij Milittias get position in Central Tehran, including Baharestan Sq.

>25 journalist were arrested last night.

>Arrested journalists have been threatend to write in support of Ahmadinejad and his government and not to support popular gatherings anymore.

> Mohsen Rezae popular communications office, in an open letter criticized him for getting back his complaint from the Guardian Council inregards 2009 Iran election

>Army Helycopters flying over Baharestan and Vali Asr Sq.

>'Larijani pressing for Mousavi to be given airtime on IRIB to discuss elections'

>Thousands of detainees family members have gathered in front of Tehran's revolution(Enghelaab)court. The force police has surrounded them.Fervent atmosphere in place and conflict is possible at any moment.

> Emad-e-din Baaghi was served by Enghelab court & warned for interview with Persian media outside Iran.

>Conflict at Baharestan Sq.Even police attack pedestrian by tear gas.

> The Islamic Republic of Iran does not allow under any circustances any form of mourning ceremony for NEDA AGHA SOLTAN

>The streets, squares and around BAHARESTAN (Approx. South-eastern of Tehran) is swarming with military forces, civilian forces, the security motorists

>Baharestan sq and surrounding streets are filled with force police and motorcyclist plain clothes(Basijis)

>Today, as there are demonstrations and gatherings in central areas of Tehran, people's mobiles are being controlled in order to find pictures and videos of current violations

>In Baharestan Sq. in the Police shooting, A girl is shot and the police is not allowing to let them help

>Cell network down in Baharestan & nearby area

>Conflict still in Baharestan Sq they even people who talk with their cellphone

>The girl who was shot was taken to a private clinic, not known yet of her well being...alive or not?

>People gathered in Baharestan but police & plain cloths don't let the core of the rally to form

>All shops and Passages are closed at Baharestan SQ, Gunshot being heard from Jomhori St

> Gunshot being heard at Baharestan Sq.

>About 5,000 Protesters gatherd at Sadeghieh Sq, Bassij and Hezbollah attcking them

>Hezbollah Attcked to some people trying to gather at Tajrish Sq

>Army Helycopters flying over Enghelab Sq. Army Vans moving toward Azadi St with heavy Machine Guns.

>Hezbollah Attcked to some people trying to gather at Tajrish Sq.

>Protesters gatherd at Sepah Sq

>Heavy conflict between protestors and special guards at Sa'adi cinema intersection

>Jomhuri Street peak of conflicts... protestors crowd of Hafez St arrived to Jomhuri St and gathered together.

At Baharestan Sq plain clothes are between people and whoever talks they arrest him/her

saw 7/8 militia beating one woman with baton on ground - she had no defense nothing

So many people arrested - young & old

>Some unrest at Naderi intersection reported from Ahvaz

>Protesters in Jomhuri St make police and Suppression forces retreat

>The croud have moved to the south of baharestan, the situation is bad, the shooting has started

>Vanak, tajrish and enghelab square are in very bad situations, the basij and riot police are paced every 10 feet and they react quickly to any stoppage and arrest right on the spot

Fighting in Vanak Sq, Tajrish sq, Azadi Sq - now

>In Baharestan we saw militia with axe choping people like meat - blood everywhere - like butcher

About 10 special forces vans are manoeuvring in Sharak-e-Gharb

>Lalezar Sq is same as Baharestan

>Militias and plain cloths acts as they will do any thing to suppress ppl gatherings under any under any circumstances,even if they have to kill ppl to do that !

>The military plain clothes have entered the crowd with high speed on bikes, they are beating people with cable and batons, almost everyone in the crowd is injured, there is blood everywhere!

>Islamic republic in Iran are trying to put a cap on their recent crimes, and are trying not to give any documents to the UN and human rights groups,They have ordered the general hospitals not to confirm the shot guns or baton injuries by Revolutionary Guards & basij militia!

Gunshots Being Heard From Aazadi St.

>Political prisoners and jurnalists were taken to critical condition in 209 Evin, washington times's jurnalist was arrest!

>The central Tehran is still Inflamed and militia nad plain clothes and motorcylist are all over the city,almost in every street . Medical centres are full of todays's injured people.

1 shotdead and more than 20 injured at Baharestan SQ.

Clashes at Sadeghie SQ continuing for more than 5 hrs

More than 10 family members of detainess arrested in front of Rev. Court, Security forces crack down Protest.

Right now!

Today,24 june!

Live from Baharestan SQ


>>>Mercredi le 24 Juin: Il y aura une réunion devant le “Islamic consultation house” à Baharestan.
Université Mazarandan-Pendant que 11 étudiants sont encore détenus et sans information sur leur situation, dans les 2 derniers jours deux étudiantes, Marjan Fiazi et Sogand ALykhah ont été arrêtées.
Selon leur copines, Marjan fiazi et Sogand Alikhah, pendant que les deux filles se trouvaient dans la cour centrale de l’université, ils ont été attaquées par le molai. Elles étaient poussées dans la voiture officielle du molai. Depuis ce moment on n’a plus appris de l’information sur leur condition.
Par notre correspondant, les familles des deux filles nous ont informé. Apparamment elles sont détenues par la force de sécurité et transportées au bureau d’intelligence de Babolsar. Ces actions repressives à Mazandaran se passent pendant que alireza Kiani, siavash safavi, Milad Hosseini Keshtan, Ali Nazari, Rahman Yaghoubi, Maziar Yazdani, Ali Abbassi, Shovaneh Merikhi et… sont encore détenus. Les étudiants de l’université sont refusés d’entrer et il y a encore des mesures de sécurité extrèmes.

>>>On n’avait pas entendu parler d’une étudiante de l’université de Bandarabbas, et maintenant on a cofirmé que la fille a été en effet tuée. On lui a tiré dessus par la garde de sécurité devant l’université le 18 juin. On a essayé de faire disparaître le corps de cette fille sans avertir la famille.

>>>Hier lundi le premier juin: Des centaines de membres de famille des étudiant en détention ont protesté dans les dernières journées devant le “Central Courthouse of Tehran”. Ils demandent la libération de leurs familles. Cette protestation a lieu parce que les autorités refusent de donner de l’information sur les étudiants. Jusqu’a aujoud’hui il ny’a pas d’information sur leur situation.

>>>Des centaines de démonstrateurs du Sari protestent contre le régime Islamite. Mais la police a attaqué et arrêté les démonstrateurs.

>>>Lundi le 22 juin, 2009, beaucoup de voitures à Teheran ont roulé dans la ville avec les lumières allumées en solidarité avec les victimes, tuées par l’armée du gouvernement.

>>>Aujourd’hui, plus d’un mille de démonstrateurs et presque cinq cent membres de l’armée se sont réunis à la place Haft-e Tir. Là on a voulé demonstrer contrer les résultats des élections présidentielles. Quelques participants ont démonstré en silence avec des bougies mais l’armée du gouvernement les a attaqués en essayant de séparer les démonstrateurs. Des témoins ont dit que les démonstrateurs ont été attaques par des soldats qui portaient des armes. Comme les dernières journées, le gouvernement a utilisé du gaz et a battu les démonstrateurs.
Lundi à Teheran, presque 200 anti-démonstrateurs ont ferme/bloqué le parc Laleh. Là ils ont fait leur camp dans le parc et les clubs de sports.

Des témoins ont dit que, avec des hélicoptères en dessus, les soldats ont tiré dans l’air pour mettre fin à la démonstration et pour que les autres ne puissent pas participer.

Dans les dernières journées, environ 800 individus ont été arrêtés et beaucoup de gens ont été tués par les soldats du gouvernement. C’est dûr de vraiment savoir les nombres exactes des blessés et c’est difficile d’aller à l’hôpital parce qu’ils ont peur d’être arrêté par les patrouilles.
La télévision nationale d’Iran continue de référer à ces démonstrateurs comme terroristes.

Photos from Last few days!


Anonymous said...

I hope our military go and assist the people of IRAN, instead of being passive spectator

Anonymous said...

I suspect a small minority of Iranians would support that. saeed, are you considered an extremist even among normal Iranians?

Anonymous said...

Remember the lessons of history, the arch of the universe is long and it bends towards freedom.

if you persist you will prevail

stay strong

Anonymous said...

for every blog like this, there are 100 other comments about zionist/jew/CIA. where do your views really fit in in Iran?

Carl in Jerusalem said...


I agree with Anonymous. I'd love to hear from you where you see this going and what you believe the best outcome would be.

A couple of days ago, I blogged an interview from the US media with a revolutionary leader in which he said, "We don't deny the Holocaust. We support Israel."

Would the average Iranian involved in the demonstrations agree with those statements? I have my doubts that Mousavi would (at least with respect to Israel).

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what we European citizens can do for you struggling Iranian partisans for freedom. How can we help you ? May God ( whoever he/she is ) bless you and your righteous battle. We are with you, dear boys and girls of Iran.(Italy )

Anonymous said...

Praying for protection for the Iranian freedom fighters - so brave.

Anonymous said...

As much as the world wants freedom and justice for the brave Iranian people we don't want anymore blood to be spilled.

Just seen pics of hoardes of brutal police in riot gear.

Don't clash with them - use your superior intelligence to keep the world informed of your protest.

There must be other ways to get the better of a regime that is too STUPID to come up with a solution other than to rely on BRUTE FORCE.

IRANIAN MILITARY please take care of YOUR people - it is your divine duty to do this. You have the power to change. PROTECT YOUR PEOPLE from the regime.

Anonymous said...

No surprise

islam is ruthless

Muhammad was ruthless

all muslims have to imitate Muhammad

it is written in HIS Quran

Islam must GO

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the updates. They are so important and are letting the world see what is happening. Please stay safe.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous June 24, 2009 5:45 PM

Is that the best you can do, really?

Anonymous said...

Today's protest must be the anti-UK rally that Iran would not approve. I read about it on PressTV.

Rostam said...

Some of the comments above are quite stupid and whoever posting them has no knowledge about Iranian people.

Leonardo said...

From Italy,i'm with you!!

Anonymous said...

one another film of today:

Anonymous said...

digg this !!!

Anonymous said...

Even if you believe these comments are not being seen in Iran keep posting.

It shows the world is behind the people of Iran.

It shows we support freedom and justice.

It shows we REFUSE to forget these bave people and what they are suffering.

Anonymous said...

To Carl in Jerusalem

With all due respect this is not about Israel it's about the serious situation in Iran and people dying right now.

Do you really think these people believe what the fake president of Iran says? They are literally dying to get rid of him.

Anonymous said...

saeed jan faghad mobaseb bash ! be careful..they will find u if you dont mask ur face in profile..and dont tell anyone where u are..please be careful, please..

Anonymous said...

con voi x Libertà di scegliere...stiamo informando anche qui

Anonymous said...

Stand up Iran!
I'm unhappy for your situation.
What can we do for you?

Barbara from Italy

Amos said...

Aren't there decent people in the Iranian army and police who can see that the "government" is a bunch of MURDERERS hiring thugs to kill Iranian citizens?

even if they were right about the elections (and i don't believe that) they have lost all legitimacy by those massacres.


Anonymous said...

This is a government of dehumanized savages whom Muhammad himself wwould repudiate in a nano-second. They have besmirched the good name of Islam and of the ancient Iranian civilization. Shame!

Anonymous said...

From Italy. I'm with you, I hope our government support your cause.
I link your blog in my forum, we have a lot of contcts a day...
What can we do to help you?

Claudia from Italy.

Gray Kane said...


Delete your photo and change your profile's info, especially your name.

Mississippi, USA supports you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog. We are watching intently, and praying for your victory. There is talk of a schism within the religious elite, and possibly deposing Khamenei and Ahmadi. Iranians won't be getting this news, of course. But the whole world realizes that this cruel regime must be stopped. Do not listen to your government's propaganda. Please be safe, and do not lose hope!

~~Cheryl in USA

Janetta said...

I cry, I cry, I cry for you. First I had good hopes, now I feel hopeless.
How can a government call itself Islamic treat its people in such an unislamic, unhumane way. These are no humans, they aren't even animals, they are lower than dirt. May Allah give them the same treatment as they give the people.
Saeed, please keep us informed, but be very carefull. Don't let them silence the bloggers, tell the world the story of Iran's greatest hero's since the times of Korosh and Dariush.
I pray for you all.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous June 24, 2009 6:50 PM

I'm afraid it is the best I can do.

You see, I'm sitting in a very safe home in a very safe country. I don't have to go out on the streets to battle morons. I don't have to suffer injuries or death.

All of us who are commenting are safe and we don't have the right to urge Iranians to face danger.

Do you understand what I am writing? I'm not sure if it's a language difference or intelligence difference.

Anonymous said...

We all pray every day for you! You are in our hearts, as if you were our brothers! You are not alone...God bless you all!An Italian friend.

Anonymous said...

June 24, 2009 9:30 PM
Anonymous said...
"This is a government of dehumanized savages whom Muhammad himself wwould repudiate in a nano-second. They have besmirched the good name of Islam and of the ancient Iranian civilization. Shame!"

Uh, no. Muhammad pillaged, plundered and murdered himself. He even raped little girls (Aisha was 6 when she was married to him and 9 when he penetrated her) and had all those who stood against him murdererd.

And remember, islam means "submission". Islam has no good name. It's a backwater ideology for fascists. Hitler liked islam a lot. Guess why. And Hitler is still well liked in muslim countries ("Mein Kampf" is still a top seller in Turkey, for example). Guess why. They are alike. Islam is pure and utter fascism. Intolerant to the bone (if you say "no!" now, show me one muslim country that has democracy and liberty like any random western or eastern civilized country, you won't find a single one.)

Anonymous said...

Or ti piaccia gradir la sua venuta:/
Tu 'l sai, ché non ti fu per lei amara
in Utica la morte, ove lasciasti
la vesta ch'al gran dì sarà sì chiara. (Dante Alighieri, Purgatorio, I, 70 ss.)

*I’m looking for freedom, which is very beloved by who dies for it.


Anonymous said...

Or ti piaccia gradir la sua venuta:/
Tu 'l sai, ché non ti fu per lei amara
in Utica la morte, ove lasciasti
la vesta ch'al gran dì sarà sì chiara. (Dante Alighieri, Purgatorio, I, 70 ss.)

*I’m looking for freedom, which is very beloved by who dies for it.


Beppe said...

Everyday here, just to let you know that we are still watching you, that we care so much about you all, that we are proud as human being for your courage.

It's true, our States can't do so much..they must condemn aloud this violence but they can't intermeddle (also cause you don't want it) and the situation is so damn hard with police around all the European Embassies and the Hospitals, to arrest who is going there as a demonstrator. I hope in the minds of police officers and the rethinking of the Guardians of the Constitution.

However Saeed i agree with Gray Kane, delete your name-surname etc.
Keep on fight, stay safe!

Anonymous said...

@ANONIMOUS 9:30, we are not here to talk about islam. We all should support these young iranian friends who cry and die!Think about this: a whole country on the road, risking injuries and death, rather than living submitted to a bloody governement! I don't know where you are writing from, I write from EU and I think that none of us should forget that we our freedom is just the last step of a long way passed fighting against slaver and injustice! We can't forget it! The day we will forget it, we'll loose our freedom! That's why we have to support our young iranian friends, even if we are catholics, protestants or jew!

Anonymous said...

In Iran, beautifull and brave people from all over the country,have to fight, without weapons, against murderer call bassij, bassij-plain-cloths, pasdaran, anti riot police and others, because they have been betrayed by their own governement who call them now "terrorist" and "criminals"
The only absolute real criminals
are this bassij (and their governement) who, extremely brutaly, beat, torture, kidnap and kill anyone just because this anyone walk in the street to ask for justice and respect
I feel sick and very sad to see the suffer of these proud and so courageous Iranian
I strongly and deeply hope with all my force that you will win ! please Be carefull ! Iran will never been like before ! I love you people in the street ! I hope to come and see you free in your country - Patrick 51 year old (from belgium)

aria said...

For those of you want to help:

1) Make sure these information is spread around. E-mail it to your friends, relatives and ask them to pass them around. As long as news is being flushed out of Iran, the regime cannot go apoplectic.

2) Call your official or representative and ask them to pressure Iran to stop resorting to barbaric treatment of protesters. Tell them stories that you read, images you saw, and videos you viewed.

3) Do not talk about how your government should invade Iran. They are waiting to bait you over this then pin the feigned violence on the protesters and label them as foreign agents. Be smart. Talk about human rights violation, talk about an inalienable right to free speech and assembly, talk about stop of brutal tactics and unnecessary arrest of dissidence.

Adam Moses said...

From Maldives and we are with you...

Mr Sweden said...

I dont know what to say, I dont know what to do.

It's hard to be so far away. I cant do anything. I can only watch the videos and pictures. So many Iranian girls and boys on videos getting beaten up without respect from it's policeforce.

In a way I want you to stop fighting, I dont want to see any more of you being killed and beaten. It's so hard to see.
I have trouble to sleep and the last night I did not sleep at all. Just thinking of you and the videos and the pictures.

But I dont know what to say and I dont know what to do.

Please stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Quran=Mein Kampf of der prophet chairman muhaMAD

Anonymous said...


14 centuries resisting Arab imperialism=islam

Iranian is not a muhammadan muslim

Marg bar eslam

Andrea said...


It's a shame read

He was killed during the demonstration on saturday in Tehran and morgue officials are asking for reimbursement to the family of projectiles. The nineteen Kaveh Alipour Saturday was in the street when he was shot in the head. Seeing him return home, the family members have started the research in hospitals, police stations and then all'obitorio, where they finally found the body of the boy. But before you take it away, officials are asked to pay $ 3000 for the "tax on bullets" used by the security forces.

Andrea from Italy


Anonymous said...

Andrea from Italy

this is not new

they always asked money for the dead bodies

Simple as this:



Andrea said...

Exatly anonymous

Anonymous said...

I'm from iran,and one of the Musavi Supporter, We don't support Israel but it's none of our business that deny Holocaust and you can be sure that we want to help middle east to be in calm but ahmadinejad and his leaders such as russia and etc. don't let to you be in calm this is war for calm in middle east....

"Come with us Dear"

Andrea said...

Dear anonymous

We hope that the day will soon arrive in which the mullahs will be hunted for the sake of Iran

Andrea said...

Moussavi, however, is not a saint. You must topple the regime to establish a true democracy. But to these things it takes time

Anonymous said...


la pena di apostasia e' morte in Islam

altrimenti tutti saranno apostati
e liberi

morte all'islam il culto della morte di dimmi di jazyeh di jihad di taglione di opressione delle donne di schiavitu' di barbarie ...

Andrea said...

Certo è proprio cosi..Islam è sinonimo di oppressione. Se potessero tornare indietro gli iraniani rivorrebbero lo Scià. Sono piombabi nel più cupo Sky tg24 si sta parlando d'Iran

Anonymous said...

You Persians need to start murdering police. Follow one and isolate him, then murder him in an alleyway. Take his weapon and use it to kill more police. Take their weapons and distribute them to your friends. Continue this cycle of discreet murder until you are strong enough and well armed enough to fight openly. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Agli amici italiani, non facciamo polemiche sterili, la polizia segreta dello shah non manca a nessuno..gli iraniani si sono buttati tra le braccia di Qom per uscire da quelle dello shah ma hanno trovato un altro shah...a tutti consiglio la lettura di "shah-in-shah" di kapushinski...this is not a struggle against islam, this is a struggle between a kind of islam against another kind of islam...there is, there can be a different islam (see Ayatollah Sistani), there is and there can be a different islamic republic and we all have to pray, hope and work for it!

Beppe said...

I don't think so Anonymous, i don't see this Revolution as a war ruled by the conquest of weapons cause Government will have always more weapons, always more bullets. It will legitimize police to kill the one with a weapon in his hand and it won't finish.

I admit that i don't know the way to win this battle, i have no experience..but i feel the truth when i see hundreds of people who meet themselves in a square for manifesting and i feel the truth when -after the police attack- i see them again in another square screaming for their rights, winning their fears.

That's what (for me) people ask: the right to manifest and to criticize and not to die cause of this freedom. That's also what the world will always condemn, free people oppressed without weapons in their hands.
Iranian people must be unite.

Mr Sweden said...

RE: Anonymous June 25, 2009 1:44 AM

They are students. Do you suggest that they start to murder?. If they can I think it would be smarter to NOT kill anyone. It gives them more power when they show they are not like the police that murder.

However I am far away from Iran beeing safe. It's easy to say what is smart or not.

Beppe said...

Mr Sweden is nice to see you here everyday, as a friend! You know it's all we can really do and i hope you'll sleep these days i'm listening the words of Martin Luther King that a guys posted in a comment and believe me that it helped me a lot, cause his battle wasn't easier but he won and people after him continued on his thoughts (i write you here the link ).

Hugs to you too

Claudio said...

we are with you! i would like to help you!

friends from italy

Anonymous said...

Agli amici italiani, non facciamo polemiche sterili, la polizia segreta dello shah non manca a nessuno..gli iraniani si sono buttati tra le braccia di Qom per uscire da quelle dello shah ma hanno trovato un altro shah...a tutti consiglio la lettura di "shah-in-shah" di kapushinski...this is not a struggle against islam, this is a struggle between a kind of islam against another kind of islam...there is, there can be a different islam (see Ayatollah Sistani), there is and there can be a different islamic republic and we all have to pray, hope and work for it!


there is only one Islam
cult of muhammad the butcher like ali in one day beheaded 900 Alladeena hadoo=giudaized arabs of Medina (a jewish word and NOT arab)

Quran is a hoax a book of hate

republic and islam are ossimorous

islam has khalifa

islam is pogrom genocide dhimmi no rights no golden rule

I will construct a huge mosque ugly of Rome (bastard figlio di puttana di Portoghesi)

BUT no churches in Arabia why??
no golden rule

hijab in western countries ok but when western ladies go to islamic countries they have to cover themselves ....

none of the dozen of the Muhammad's wives covered herself

first of all khadijah

bla bla reform islam is impossible

kill any non believers wherever you find them :Alquranulkarim


marg bar eslam

Iran Junkie said...

Dear Iranians,

All Americans are with you. But many of us are asking President Obama to stay out of it, not to get involved. We are afraid that Khamenei will use US involvement as a pretext for mass murder. We are also afraid that if the US helps to topple the regime, the new government will not be legitimate, but be a US puppet. We'd love to help, but there's nothing we can do. But we are watching from afar with broken hearts and many tears.

Modulus said...

Keep staying strong! Our hearts are bleeding for you brave Iranians!

Anonymous said...

don't give up!!! don't give up!!!

Indiana USA said...

I have read 3 live blogs every day since the demonstrations began. I have prayed for your safety more times than I can count. I bought a shirt last weekend and picked the green one for a reason. I wore green for you on Monday. I believe that Ghandi and Martin Luther King created great change through peaceful protest. I cannot tell you what to do, sitting safely at home, but I still believe in you. You must have time to organize, by word of mouth, so that you can have a BIG crowd - safety in numbers. I believe that peaceful protest in large numbers is your key to victory. I don't know how to help you. What can I do to help you? I know this about you and me -- our governments can lie to us to feed their greed and lust for power, but they cannot change the truth, best said by the poet Maya Angelou: "We are more alike, my friend, than we are unalike." Iran, I carry you in my heart.

Roby said...

Per prima cosa un saluto a Saeed e per il coraggioso lavoro che sta portando avanti.
Penso che nessun paese estero debba interferire, soprattutto gli Stati Uniti. Già lo hanno fatto una volta nel 1953 e sappiamo tutti come è andata a finire.
La loro politica estera non porta la democrazia ma l'occupazione militare, l'imperialismo.
Con questo non voglio dire che tutti gli statunitensi siano daccordo con questo tipo di politica.
Un intervento non farebbe che aiutare il regime teocratico a rimanere invita.
Solidarietà al coraggioso popolo iraniano perchè conquisti la libertà dal tiranno.

First of all a big CIAO to Saeed and many thanks for the news.
I think that any foreign country don't have to interfere, above all the United States. They have already done it once in 1953 and all of us know how the hystoiry ended you/he/she has gone to end.
US Army doesn't bring the democracy but the military occupation, the imperialism. Examples? Serbia, Iraq, Palestine, Chile Argentina, etc...
I don't want to say that all the U.S. citizens are agree with this type of politics.
I think a military operations over Iran would help another time the islamist.

Solidarity to the brave Iranian people; I'm sure you will conquer the liberty from the tyrant.

Roby - Italy

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous June 24, 2009 5:45 PM

Please excuse me, I quoted the wrong timestamp - when i said "is that he best you can do?" I was referring to the post AFTER yours, the troll making inflammatory comments comments about Islam.

My mistake, sorry.

Joy said...

Personally, I am a Christian, but the unecessary comments defaming Islam have no place here. I know there have been plenty of Christians who have acted in un-Christian manners, and it would be unfair to judge me for their misdeeds. Same here. Please stop with the hate and stereotypes. What I see is a group of people who are being threatened, tortured, frightened, and bullied into submission by a group of people who lack respect for their fellow human beings. I see many brave people standing up and willing to put themselves in danger to make a better life for their brothers and sisters.
Any religion, or any intelligent person, can tell you that those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing, and no man has the right to force their opinions and beliefs on another. I would want my individual rights & beliefs to be respected. I want the same for anyone else.
I am an American who is watching atrocities against humanity. I want to help in any way I can. I do not want to stand and watch as innocent people are killed. For all that is good in the world, let me know how I might be able to help, and I'll gladly do it.

Anonymous said...

Right on Joy! Down with hate!

I'm an Atheist and my partner is a Muslim. He is the kindest person I know. Any my policy is mutual respect for all people, "live and let live".

There are always rogue elements in society and this simply does not correlate with your religion, or lack of.

USpace said...

Great post, it should be put it in rotation in

Effin evil, GDamn monkeys, barbaric savages, but BHO doesn't want to pass much judgment. Cowardly Leftist.


absurd thought -
your Supreme God says
MAD mullahs MUST be in charge

beating students and children
and freaking over tweets

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says

because you hate dictators
and don't blame America

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
advocate for appeasement

dictators don't respect force
but they like tea and cookies

absurd thought -
your Supreme God

it will just educate
way too many sheeple
All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon

Anonymous said...

m from a vry peaceful place so its really hard for me to believe all do u people survive in so mch violation...
hope all this ends up soon..

Anonymous said...

Just giving you some advice. Flood internet with hundreds of possible rally points so that police have trouble locating the real ones. Spread out and burn unprotected business districts, but only enough to show that you are willing. Don't clash with police. If they show up, just simply go somewhere else. It costs Khamenei a lot of money to keep those police out there. start mapping the city where you know police are, and go where they aren't.

vib said...

filter against censorship

It's called "freegate".

from Italy

Anonymous said...

"Mr Sweden said...
RE: Anonymous June 25, 2009 1:44 AM

They are students. Do you suggest that they start to murder?. If they can I think it would be smarter to NOT kill anyone. It gives them more power when they show they are not like the police that murder.

However I am far away from Iran beeing safe. It's easy to say what is smart or not."

Mr. Sweden,

That is incredibly naive! By letting yourself be slaughtered you do not demonstrate more control. Violence has solved more conflicts in the course of human history than any other factor! In Colonial America, the British crown was the government, and we rose up violently to overthrown them.

In 1940's Poland, a band of Jewish partisans in Warsaw held off the Nazi Death Squads for months- They began with a few pistols and a hunting rifle.

The Police and military are acting so brashly right onw because they are largely unopposed. That would quickly change if their co-workers suddenly started being murdered as they stepped out of their front doors on the way to work.

Comments like yours just demonstrate that you were made to be controlled.

An armed society is a polite society.

Take heed, my Persian friends: Arm yourselves and take freedom by force!

Anonymous said...

The Iranian police and military should be PROTECTING it's people from the Basij and Hezbollah, not helping attack innocent civilians! Have they no soul!? Break free from the evil, power hungry, Khomeni and stand with the people.

My heart breaks for the suffering and barbarism.

The international community needs to help these brave Iranians somehow!! Immediately.

Anonymous said...

Back again to wish you well, brave Iranians. We are watching very closely and praying for peace and justice to overcome.

~~Cheryl in USA

Persian Girl said...

Every day, MOHSEN SAZEGARA (Journalist in VOA) is sending a 10mns video message to Iranian insie of Iran - The aim is to help in the leadership of the Green movement/Moussavi - He started this since Thur 4th of tir 1388 = 25th of June 2009.
Please follow it every day from Youtube, search for "Mohsen Sazegara yearmonthday Independent Video"
PLEASE PASS THE VIDEOS TO ALL FRIENDS YOU KNOW IN IRAN ... God bless all of you.. The WORLD is supporting you ...

Thur, 4 tir, 1388/25 june 2009

Friday, 5 Tir, 1388/ 26/June/2009), Part 1

Mohsen Sazegara, message to Iranian (Friday, 5 Tir, 1388/ 26/June/2009), Part 2

Adwaith the Prabhakar said...

Comrade Saeed, be careful... protect yourself... this is 1905, not 1917..

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