Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Interview with keren betzalel from Channel 2 News "israel"!

1) we would like to tell a little about you and your blog:

My name is Saeed Valadbeygi and I was a student at the poly technique university in Tehran. Its been many years that I have been involved in the workers, women and student movements. I have been arrested and imprisoned several times because of my political activities. I have also been pursued and harmed many times. It’s been a number of years that I have started to write blogs, however I have been facing filtering problems from the sovereignty. The blog ‘revolutionary road’ is organized and written In order to bring out the news of Iran and its complaints to the international societies, however people living in Iran do not have access to this blog.

2) what is the situation in Tehran ?

Tehran is the stage of harsh miscellany between people and the Islamic republic. In the past five days Iran has been facing difficult situations. At the beginning people had complaints about the results of the elections and also complaints about the fact that Ahmadinejad was going to take over again, however not long after these people started to complain about the Islamic republic’s sovereignty. People, who for many years have lived under the inhuman and fascist regime of the Islamic republic and have been punished, are no longer willing to have the Islamic republic sovereignty. At the moment the complaints are against Ahmadinejad, however these complaints and disagreements are actually against the Islamic republic. The police and the military guards are out on streets and they are attacking people with warm and cold weapons. Buses and trains are on fire and the public transport is facing a serious problem. Banks and government authorities are being demolished by people and the city is almost standstill. At nights when it starts to get dark, the city is lighted up with massive fires and the voices which say down with dictator is heard from all the houses. In some of the cities, people have taken over some of the government authorities and also they have put the military service stations on fire. However the armed forces and the military guards have killed several people in different cities of Iran.

3) can you describe how it was or if you were not there what did you hear?

The rally today was taken place against the results of the elections was located at the azadi square in Tehran. The objecting candidates such as Mirhussein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi were also present at today’s rally and all the time during the rally they were trying to calm people down and were persuading people that they will take legal actions in order to sort out the upcoming problems in Iran. It is important to mention that the objecting candidates had visited the supreme leader, hours before arriving at the rally. They were told by the leader that they should inform people that they should stop their protests as soon as possible. In today’s rally thousands of people were present and there were giving slogans against Ahmadinejad and also against the system in which the country works. After the rally and just when people were heading back home, they were harshly attacked by the Basij forces in the azadi square. There were also reports of guns against people and at least one person has been killed and many have been injured and taken to hospitals. People’s complaints and putting the governmental authorities on fire was continued until the end of the night.

4) how do you think it will end, will there be a recount of the votes or president ahmadinejad will stay in power?

This situation and peoples complaints might at first was to have the votes counted again or have Ahmadinejad removed from presidency, however these days because of people being killed and attacked they actually want something more than just removing Ahmadinejad or counting the votes. We doubt that anything will happen or there will be a change in the sovereignty of the Islamic republic, even if the vote were counted again. All the official compositions and also Iran’s supreme leader have congratulated Ahmadinejad becoming a president again and they know this as a historical epic. Even today ayatollah Shahrodi, has also congratulated Ahmadinejad in his message, therefore any action that would put an end to Ahmadinejads presidency is a loss and a back out in general for the Islamic republic and therefore this command is possible.

5) can you expline our viewers what is it in Moussawi that represent a big change for Iran? cn he bring for a change with us?

All together Mousavi is not supposed to be doing a lot. The only reason people have decided to support him is because they do not want Ahmadinejad to rule using Islamic fascist and Hezbollah forces. Between all the candidates, it was only mousavi who knew how to treat Ahmadinejad in a serious way. In the previous years when Mousavi was Iran’s president, he has also announced Ahmadinejds subjects about Israel and also relationship with its government and in general he is keen about the inhuman political issues in the Islamic republic on this ground. Also he was involved in the execution of the political prisoners and because of this matter people know him as a criminal. No one of the selected candidates can take the message of peace to Israel on behalf of the Iranian people and this is because we can see in the previous years that their opinions do not match the opinion of the Iranian community. It’s only their religious and inhuman views which is announced in the international communities and its known as the acceptable politics.
I on behalf of all the people in Iran and with full confidence will announce that we do not have any problems with the people in Israel and we believe that religious belief is a personal right and has no place in today’s century and at last we expect the same thing from Israel.

Channel 2 News :http://www.mako.co.il


Anonymous said...

You are a brave man!

Best of luck to you and the peoples of Iran!

Anonymous said...

We support you 100%, from Canada.

Down With the Dictator(s)!
Long Live Freedom!

Anonymous said...

With Love from Tel Aviv!

we hope you will succeed. we hope also we will succeed and get rid of the right wing in Israel!

Anonymous said...

Hi from France

All democrats of the world are with you

Go for your freedom you deserve it

Anonymous said...

with hope, admiration and support from malaysia,

we want u to succeed n we pray taht u will.

ur cause is similar to ours.

may the people & democracy prevail.

shmulik said...

to the pepole in iran!
we are with you, witing for the day we cab live in peace.
fight for your rights!!
shmulik, israel

Anonymous said...

Peace from Venezuela, brave people of Iran.

Anonymous said...

Good luck iranian brave people!
We hope you'll win your freedom and get the rights you all deserve as human beings!!!
Don't let dictators to win and religious war to happen anymore!!!
All countries of the world must change the frightening regims to ones of love, help, understanding and friendship between people and countries!!!

Anonymous said...

Great news regarding the bazaar strike.

If the workers from the Iranian Oil Company join the strike, it will have additional serious repercussions for the theocracy.

Payandeh Iran (Long Live Iran)

Anonymous said...

Love and hope to the Iranian people!

Payandeh Iran!

Solidarity from Canada

Anonymous said...

Fight and be wise. I'm with you.

Catherine said...

solidarity from washington DC

Anonymous said...

We Israelis support 100% in your right protests, whishing and willing to your success. Israel love you and hopes impatiently to get rid of you dictator. Iranian people were always our best friends and we miss you!

Tel Aviv

Rejear said...

Du Canada: Amour, respect et solidarité.../// From Canada: LOVE, RESPECT AND SOLIDARITY ...

AriGreenblatt said...

Don't give up !
We in Israel are praying for your success which we hope will lead to a more sane middle east for us all.

May Almighty G-d reward your efforts!

Amy in Florida said...

We are with you in the United States, no matter how tepid or equivocating the official response from our President and government.

I will continue to color my index and middle fingers green in your honor, and am having my toenails painted green tomorrow as well. Would that there was more I could do than a mere symbolic gesture.

Solidarity with my Iranian brothers and sisters!

"Freedom isn't free."

Anonymous said...

I hope peace prevails and the real rsults shime through. Keep the pressure on our it will all be for nothing.

I love the people of Iran.

From the USA

Anonymous said...

Democracy and freedom is not won by bombs unless forced. America won its independence in 1776 only AFTER forced into war. Until then, we declared our freedom. We won with words.

YOU WILL WIN WITH WORDS. The USA is now under leadership of a man who believes in words and not war. YOU WILL WIN WITH WORDS.

From the USA... and I hope to visit you in freedom someday.

Anonymous said...

From Venezuela: Force for Iran. They will be our example for reach the liberty. God is with them

Anonymous said...

From. Glory at Iran brave... Out the dictator
World's eyes looking as reach the freedom

Anonymous said...

The democratic world is with you.......Don't stop fighting for your freedom........From Canada

Anonymous said...

I pray you to win. 100 % supporting.
Greetings from Poland

Laura said...

In Torino, Italy, plenty of people follow the news, take to the streets in solidarity, pray for your safety and hope that the Iranians will soon be a free people in their free country.
When you fight against the mullahs, it also prove to the whole islamic world, that democracy and political freedom are not against the culture and values of islam.

Let's give honour - and if possible also help - to the Iranians who are fighting for their freedom!


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