Sunday, June 14, 2009

Iran:Riot in tehran streets after election day(3) second day!

URGENT: Today - All out in Support of uprising in Iran

Location: IN Front Of Islamic Republic Embassies Around the World
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isfahan today...


Anonymous said...

مطابق آمار، موسوی 19 میلیون، کروبی 7 میلیون و احمدی نژاد 8 میلیون رای داشته اند پس از مصاحبه مطبوعاتی امروز وزیر کشور که بدنبال پیام کودتائی رهبر جمهوری اسلامی برگزار شد، این آمار بعنوان آمار دقیق شمارش آراء در وزارت کشور برای انتشار در اختیار پیک نت قرار گرفت. به گفته ارسال کننده این آمار که هویت وی برای ما محرز و شناخته شده است، گزارش دقیق و تفکیکی این آمار مستقیما در اختیار رئیس دفتر رهبری “آیت الله کلپایگانی” قرار گرفته و به رویت رهبر نیز رسیده است.

Anonymous said...

بنا بر گزارش های دريافتی آيت الله صافی گلپايگانی نسبت به کودتا هشدار داد. همچنين گفته می شود مهدی کروبی لباس روحانيت اش را به نشانه عزا از تن درآورده است. گفته می شود آيت الله صانعی برای بست نشستن به تهران آمده است. او اعلام کرده که احمدی نژاد رييس جمهور نيست و همکاری با او حرام است

Alain said...

unfortunatly, I can not read this above!!!
take care

Anonymous said...

دانلود کلیپ رای من کجاست

Anonymous said...

چه کسی این شیشه ها را شکست؟ مردم یا گارد رهبری شده توسط نیروهای لباس شخصی؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

Anonymous said...

!!!!!R.Z.A!!!!! said...
بچه ها این سایت پر از نرم افزارهای فیلتر شکن است که بچه ها مرتب کردن که عموم از این بحران فیلترینگ استفاده کنن
این سایت رو برای همه بفرستید
سعید جان لطفن این لینک رو در صفحه ی اصلی هم قرار بده تا همه ببینند
درود بر قیرت شما مقاومت کنید

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely amazing, and I've been doing my best to spread your blog around so the word gets out about how bad the situation is getting.

I wish you folks all the best, and take care not to put yourself in too much danger. If you go out we lose an excellent source of information.

Sara said...

I want to tell you that what you are doing is absolutely wonderful and i applaude you and the people of iran for being so brave. Keep doing a very good job. We all believe that this is the islamic revolution 2009 is happening and we will get our freedom finally at last. I keep praying for all the people in iran. And one more thing I wanted to highlight is that when our revolution is happening and the regime will come down, i hope the people of iran knows that Mojahedin is no good, they are just as bad as the iranian regime are at the moment. Don't let the people be fooled spread the information along to the people. I have friends who have been in their so called army in iraq and they have the same islamic mind and want to put the women down even further than it is. So PLEASE dont be fooled by the mojahedin.

Keep up the good work, and i thank you for you courage and strenght. I keep reading your blog minute by minute ;)

Elisabeth said...

All the support from Sweden to your fight for freedom in Iran! Thanks for the information, for making us understand just how bad the situation is. There has been demonstrations at the embassy of Iran in Stockholm, Sweden also.

Anonymous said...

I feel very sorry for the Iranian people who were obviously so used in this charade of an election. It is obvious to all that the election was rigged. What is so surprising is that it is so obvious.

Many Americans like myself, no matter what they think of your government, hold the people of Iran in high esteem. Our hearts go out to you, and fear that your path only has one of two roads left to follow: Acceptance or Revolution. Both roads are filled with pain.

Tim said...

Thought you'd like to know...your blog got a mention in
(That's how I found it.)

Excellent blogging. Merci!

Good luck to you.

Stephane said...

Le Monde, first daily newspapers in France, selectionned the two best blogs of reference for pictures on the riots in Iran. One of them is comrade Saeed Valadbaygi's Revolutionnary road!


Anonymous said...

Will Obama be on Ahmadibejad side of Iranian people?? Obama's favorite dictator in trouble. Here is a great analysis by a well-known Iranian poet, sheema kalabsi:

It was supposed to be the perfect script. Mousavi’s victory was supposed to be hailed as the indication of Iranian rulers having “unclenched their fist”. It was supposed to be the perfect time for reconciliation with Mullahs. It was supposed to be the clearest sign yet of the success of Obama administration’s soft spoken approach towards the Muslim world. It was supposed to be the time for celebration of the Obama effect.

Ahmadinejad’s coup d'état changed the game altogether. It sent all the deal-makers and rapprochement enthusiasts of Washington think-tanks back to the drawing board.

The most important foreign policy implication is that the coup d'état government is dead serious about going nuclear. Any “grand-bargain” between Washington and Tehran under Mousavi would have led to concessions on Iran’s nuclear program. This would have been unacceptable for the Pasdaran commanders who will not be content with any less position than the one enjoyed by their Pakistani counterparts.

As the western governments and in particular US will be wrestling with the question of legitimacy versus negotiations, the coup d'état government will use the time to make as much progress as possible in its nuclear program. Unlike what many might think, the coup d'état government will in fact embrace doubts on its legitimacy to further complicate the issue and seize on it as an opportunity to blame the West for interference in Iranian domestic affairs. As the game continues, Israel will see no choice but to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities. What will happen next is anyone’s guess.

This is all obviously conditioned on the success of the coup d'état which by no means is a given at this time. The arrests made by the coup d'état government yesterday has no significance other than a show of force. Rafsanjani is the only person who, as the head of the assembly of experts, has the authority to remove Khamenei from power. He has the will but the question is whether he has enough number of votes (i.e. enough support among clerics). Many believe that he is in Qom to make such assessment. Additionally, such high risk move has a chance of success only against the backdrop of mass dissatisfaction with the election results and at least some support from the armed and security forces.

A velvet change is underway. Whether it turns out to be a velvet revolution or velvet coup d'état remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

viva la revolution!

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