Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No bad No worse, only A Better World !

"Statement of the association of journalist and writers for freedom in regards to the recent affairs"

Peoples objections to the results of the election of islamic republic in Iran, resulted a broad movement within the country. At last, after thirty years of suppression and despotism ruling in the country, the objections and protests of people in the streets, has started to shake the foundation of the Islamic Republic in Iran. Their politics have not been affective on the people, and has resulted Iranians to start a wave, moving towards a serious change for their country. Their political movements as well as their protests, are ways for them to show their haterate towards the Islamic Republic of Iran. In that respect their voices have been heard worldwide and many people and politicians around the world have kept their eyes on the recent events of Iran.

Over the past couple of days the chants such as “Death to Dictator”, “death to Khamenei” and “stand tall Freedom” have been heard around the country, and has unveiled the despotism of the government of Iran.

Many deaths and more than a hundred of injury cases, have been the price they have paid, to be able to taste their freedom once again.

Suppressive factors with the leadership of Khamenei have added much pressure over the past couple of days, but this time the Iranians are filled with unity and are willing to fight to the last drop for the much wanted change in their country's political and social status.

Straight shooting towards people as well as the discovery of late Parisa (Zohreh Pishdadian)'s body, one of the scholar activist, shows that with identifying and targeting the human right activist, the regime's agents are going to continue their daily massacre. Street clashes, and the killing of youth have forever signed the freedom bill for Iran.

The powers and the mechanism of the regime have been excited towards the broad protests and the possibility of repetition of 1360's massacre and group executions, shows the necessity of people's intelligence on showing their objection towards the Islamic republic of Iran.

Association of journalists and writers for freedom, severely condemns the savage suppression of Iranians, and supports the people of Iran and is asking for the freedom of all those, whom were recently arrested and were taken as political prisoners.

Association of Journalist and Writer for Freedom

"To People of the Free World"

Today Iranians have courageously decided to uproot a radical and fascist mindset that not only routinely infringes upon their basic human rights, but also endangers world peace with its antagonistic attitude towards policy.
We, Iranian Artists and Writers in Exile, condemn the brutal repression of people in Iran and do not recognize a coup d'├ętat government born out of electoral fraud.
We ask people all over the world not to allow their governments to recognize a coup d'├ętat regime by supporting the just desire of Iranians to hold a new and fair election under the observation of impartial international monitors.
Abbas Bakhtiari , Abbas Maroufi , Abbas Milani , Abjeez (Melody Safavi, Safoura Safavi, Sufi Safavi) , Aida Ahadiany , Amir Shishegaran , Anahita Bastani , Arash Sasan , Behrouz Vosoughi , Ebrahim Nabavi , Erwin Khachikian , Esmail Khoi , Faramarz Aslani , Faranak Zarinabadi , Farhad Shah-Hosseini , Fariba Taghavi , Fereidoun Farahandouz , Hamid Saidi , Kaveh Yaghmaei , Kiosk (Arash Sobhani , Babak Khiavchi, Ardalan Payvarm, Ali Kamali , Shahrouz Molaei) , Kourosh Taghavi , Luna Shad , Mamak Khadem , Maz Jobrani , Mehdi Jami , Mehrnoush Arsanjani , Mohsen Makhmalbaf , Mohsen Namjoo , Morteza Negahi , Nasser Zerati , Nassir Mashkouri , Nikahang Kowsar , Omid Memarian , Partow Nooriala , Peyman Salimi , Reza Deghati , Reza Ghassemi , Samsum Kashfi , Shahrzad Sepanlou , Sheema Kalbasi , Sheila Arastoopour , Shirin Neshat , Sohrab Mohebi , Soosan Ghahraman , Ziba Shirazi, Sheyda Shafiei,

Iranian Artists and Writers in Exile


Anonymous said...

What's needed here is for the Independent Workers Union to mobilize the Nation to Hartal. All factories, oil refineries, transport, businesses, schools and colleges must shut down. The People must not show up for work or for classes and instead either continue with the demonstrations or stay home with their families and hold prayer vigils so that Allah SWT will free Iran from the Evil Mullahs. Spread this message to all in the Name of Freedom so that Neda's death is not in vain. Continue with the Hartal until the Islamic Regime is on it's knees and succumbs to the Will of the People....More

Anonymous said...

"...and discharge the immigrant workers." What is that about?

from Denmark

Anonymous said...

if you are really in Iran, how are you not in jail by now?

Anonymous said...

haha im in the USA. im just curious if he is really in Iran

Giancarlo said...

An embrace from Italy. maybe this information could be useful:

Anonymous said...

I think a general strike will break the knee o tis goverment.
The question is, who is willing to take the most casulties?
The young poeple or the old regime?

Roby said...

This is the only blog gives us information day by day. That's important.
I think it's clear this blog causes serious damages to the image of the damned teocratic system.
To whom says "if you are really in Iran, how are you not in jail by now?". You're a slave of the ayatollah power.
Freedom for Iran.
An embrace from Italy

Anonymous said...

European countries must stop their relationship with this government and close their embassis in Tehran. Push your governments to put Coup deta government of Iran under real pressure.

Roby said...

This afternoon a protest under the iranian embassy in Rome organized by "Left & Freedom".

Andrea said...


It's a shame read

He was killed during the demonstration on saturday in Tehran and morgue officials are asking for reimbursement to the family of projectiles. The nineteen Kaveh Alipour Saturday was in the street when he was shot in the head. Seeing him return home, the family members have started the research in hospitals, police stations and then all'obitorio, where they finally found the body of the boy. But before you take it away, officials are asked to pay $ 3000 for the "tax on bullets" used by the security forces.

Andrea from Italy


Anonymous said...

copy and paste the adress.
be useful and send a lot of pictures or film to UN
International court of justice

Dear, I suppose that hezbollah make a trap and gather people in one place and chock people with their attack. be careful. I don't understand where is Mosavi? he should via one embassy in Tehran contact with international court for ransacking iranian illegal regime.

I don’t know why people surround the world keep it silence. It can be expensive for the world, as like as now, when people in Iran were silence during 30 years over all crime, under cover. Today we can see the dangerous crime officially via Iranian regime over their own people. What is the guarantee that these idiot don’t do this with the people in world. During 10 day after Iranian election, people in Iran has sent a lot of evidences in form of pictures and films in any website, not for watching. Of course that you in international court act and arrest Iranian illegal president and illegal government and Khamenehei (“called supreme leader!!?”) and ransack them, because of their unbelievable crimes each day. It is too late for new election, because people disappear daily. All communication instruments like mobile, internet and parabola is out of function. Even people who filmed and take picture of the happening in Iran is under control and these idiot brush or delete them via the tele-communication organization. People in Iran was already hostages and now over hostages.
I really complain US, UK and other countries, who can see via their satellites what kind of massacre the Hezbollah, Basij, Pasdaran, polis and military do on Iranian people, who want the justice, freedom and democracy. Today 24 june 2009, they have made a trap and called people in front of Iranian parliament and attacked people by guns, tear and pepper gas. They followed people and attacked them with axes and injured or killed them and put them in trucks and drove away. This is over any boundaries. These idiot call themselves Muslim, but we know that these idiot are the most dangerous existence in the world. Please react before it is late.
Iran doesn’t need to Pendle between monarchy and republic of Islamic regimes.
We Iranian have seen both regimes, which are dictators. We need republic of democracy, in which any group are welcome.
I saw, Reza Pahlavi, the former Iranian Shah's son, sending a message from US, which is the mistake. We don’t want any monarchy or shah in Iran. Iran need democracy to survive with side of the world peacefully.

Anonymous said...

FREEDOM IS VERY WELL WORTH FIGHTING FOR! DO NOT GIVE UP PEOPLE OF IRAN! THE FREE WORLD SUPPORTS YOU! we are so sad you must go through this fight, but, please do not give up! From Mr. Brown, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA!

Daniel said...

I support you all the way, both you Saeed, and all the people of Iran!

I hope for the people to bring the horrible government of Iran to its knees, begging for its life. They deserve no better than to die to be honest...

FREEDOM COSTS BLOOD, lets not spill any more blood from our brothers and sisters in Iran, its time for the people of Iran to spill the blood of those who are opposing the freedom.

hou said...

if you are really in Iran, how are you not in jail by now?
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