Saturday, June 27, 2009

Iran updates...

Iranian riots...No Comment!

>>>Vahid the writer to"Vahid Online"weblog has been arrested. Ali Mosleh the writer of"The Mailman ring twice"weblog, has also been arrested.
Many bloggers and Human rights activist are still in prison and we have not heard anything on their condition.
Shiva Nazar Ahari, Ali Kalai, Somaye Tohid loo, Ahamd Zeid Abadi, Abdollah Momeni, Ali Mosleh, Emad Bahavar, Majid Dari, Mahsa AmrAbadi and Mohammad Ali Abtahi.

>>>At least three people were wounded in clashes between Tehran residents and the Islamic Republic’s Forces on Saturday in the city center.

The clashes occurred on Towhid Street and Keshavarz Boulevard as Police tried to stop people from entering Laleh Park to attend a rally called for by the mothers of those killed during the recent nationwide protests. They also planned to honor the memory of Neda Agha Soltan.

Meanwhile, the Bazaaris have called for a strike. Trading has come to a halt today and the Bazaar is virtually closed.

The carpet Bazaar has been closed today following the call for today’s protest.

>>>The Riot police & plain clothes attacked protesters today afternoon in streets leading to Laleh Park in Tehran. At least three persons were arrested.

“Since 5 pm (Tehran time), people have been going to Laleh Park in order to continue their anti-government protests. Riot police And Plain clothes have been stationed in all streets and alleys leading to Laleh Park including Enqelab Square. A large number of basijis are on the foot, on motorcycles and in patrol vehicles, in the square,” .

“The regime’s repressive forces attacked people who were chanting ‘death to dictator’ to force them to leave the area. Up to now at least three persons have been arrested.”

“In Enqelab Square there are a large number of plainclothes agents stationed.”

>>>Today at 6pm Tehran time, the people of Kermanshah in Iran have called for a rally to commemorate Neda and for 'freedom for all.

>>>Yesterday, 26 June 2009, hundreds gathered in front of the Islamic Republic of Iran's embassy in Stockholm, Sweden to protest against the Islamic regime of Iran.

Around 4.30pm the protesters surged forward, broke through police lines, broke down the embassy doors and entered it. The armed security of the Islamic regime attempted to stop the protesters. They were immediately unarmed; embassy staff then fled the buidling.

Swedish police arrived and fired shots in the air after which the demonstrators left the building.

>>>On Friday at 11:00am local time, residents of Janat-Abad District, western Tehran, held a protest, chanting "Death to the Dictator" &"Death to Khamenei". There were continuous clashes with the regime’s suppressive forces until 2:00pm. The suppressive forces arrested at least 11 protesters and transferred them to an unknown location.

Relatives and friends of those martyred in the uprising and thousands of Tehran residents gathered on Friday afternoon in Behesht-e Zahra Cemetery in memory of the martyrs.

Despite a heavy police presence, hundreds of people on Thursday lit candles at the burial site of Neda Agha Soltan in her memory and in remembrance of all the martyrs.

The Islamic Republic is preventing people from burying their loved ones in the family section of Behesht-e Zahra. It forces them to bury their relatives in a separate field.

>>>Islamic republic' suppressive police,went door to door in north of Tehran on Friday threatening people who have installed satellite dishes on their rooftops.In Niavaran district in north of Tehran, Security Forces warned home owners with satellite dishes to have them removed otherwise they would confiscated.

>>>Iranian regime used teenagers of 13-14 years-old to suppress the protests in Tehran, at least in three different locations in Tehran, near Ferdowsi square, in Shanzdah-Azar and Mofateh streets.

“They had uniforms that were too large for them, their hats were too big and they looked like kids,” one eyewitness said.

“They contributed to the high number of casualties in the protest of the past few days in Iran,” she added.

>>> The body of Kianoosh Asa, a chemical engineering student of Science and Technology University of Tehran, was found 10 days after his abduction, bearing signs of torture.

Kianoosh disappeared on June 15, 2009 from the university’s Majidieh dormitory.

His family found his body in a morgue. The Iranian regime is refusing to hand over his body, claiming the body has been marked as unidentified since the person had no identity papers with him when he was found.

>>>Despite a heavy police presence in various parts of Tehran including in Enghelab, Karegar, Jamalzadeh and Vali-Asr streets and in the vicinity of Baharestan Square, people and the suppressive forces clashed on Thursday.
Helicopters belonging to the Revolutionary Guards were circling these areas.

A group of Tehran youths protested in Vali-Asr Street, chanting “Death to Khamenei”. Groups of Revolutionary Guards and paramilitary Bassijis, including those stationed at Daneshjoo Park, brutally attacked the protestors.

People and suppressive forces clashed between Enghelab and Jamalzadeh streets. Hit and run clashes ensued in this region until 8:00pm local time.

Ambulances arrived at the scene in Laleh Park at 8:45pm. They rounded up the injured and took them to centers under the control of the Revolutionary Guards. The Guards have prevented ordinary people from assisting the injured.

photos from 20 june


Anonymous said...

Once again, thank you for your updates. It seemed from the news that not very much was happening but I know that the demonstrations continue - you are in our prayers and we will continue to try to get these updates out in whatever way we can - you are not forgotten!

Anonymous said...


Urgent, the following link is to documents reveled be an irania officer.

they have not been verified yet, but if real this is the plan's of the IRG on how to *kill* the protests and seem to have been in the works for 2+ years.

it has been sent to both Cnn bbc and ohter media and itel agencies, but if you have any contacts plz pass this on


fly high and free

Anonymous said...

Thanks, always thanks Saeed y thanks to all those help him!


Mr Sweden said...

again in swedish from a Gothenbourg Sweden based newspaper (

Demonstrations in Gothbourg against Irans regim. If you look at the picture you can see that they are in white clothes. They want to show that the demonstration is in peace and politically independent.

It's all about peace, freedom and human rights. So lets hope we can find that in Iran sooooon!

Anonymous said...

Don't download any videos posted in comments. It could be spyware, troyans whatever. If they want them to be seen, they can post them on youtube.
To western videouploaders: Mask the faces of protesters!

pb_theriddler said...

megaupload is just as secureas youtube you noob, and while we want this spead, there is no need to share it on site's like youtube before it is verified. if you don't trust it go to the source, and chek it out there( first 4 paragraps translated)

this is kinda sensity info, and if wrong will put some ppls lives in danger(it names the ppl behind the gov's violence, and if not true theese ppl are inocent), but if true this is of great importance.

Janetta said...

Thanks for all your updates. I follow them closely as less and less info is coming out of Iran.
My husband is from Iran and we are extremely worried about the situation.
Take care of yourself, keep telling the story of the iranian uprising, I will tell the ourside world. This is the least I can do.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
You talk about hundreds when you are talking about people who are protesting . Iran has more than 70 million . where are others ?
why hundreds ????!!!!
Tehran has at least 9 million young people ,where are they ?
even if 1 million protest all together,they can break all basiji's line and get their guns and then they become armed so they will be stronger and stronger .
My brother ,
If they keep on fighting with just trowing rocks it takes 60 years for them like palestine .
all of you young people , please gather together ,think about a perfect plan . you can defeat the cruel government .

Anonymous said...

I live near Enghelab st, I can hear people protesting, shouting ya hoein, Mir hosein right now. it happened after the regular Allaho akbar.
It gives me hope. I never thought I'd like to here people saying or shouting allaho akbar... as an athiest. now it has a now meaning.. it means we are together, it means that we are not going to give up no matter how brutally and savagely they act.

ps: saeed jan, the video of last post does not paly, may be it's because of the low speed conection we have here, but I'm not sure.
keep up good work and take care

Beppe said...

To the anonymous one who tried to put some fire on the comments: i just would like to let you know that we are in the 21th century and so Saeed don't need to know 5 languages to write in 5 is called "t r a n s l a t o r".

But i want to help you more, dear falsifier:

* Guys, do not believe the poor lies. We are with Saeed!

* رجال ، لا نعتقد يكمن الفقراء. نحن مع سعيد!

* Guys, nuk besoj të varfërit gënjeshtra. Ne jemi me Saeed!

* 球員,不相信窮人謊言。我們正在與賽義德!

* חבר 'ה, לא להאמין העניים שקרים אנחנו עם Saeed!

* Les gars, ne pense pas que les pauvres se trouve. Nous sommes avec Saeed!

* Rapazes, não acredito que os pobres mentiras. Estamos com Saeed!

* Ребята, не верьте бедных лжи. Мы с Саидом!

* Chicos, no creo que los pobres se encuentra. Estamos con Saeed!

* Grabbar, tror inte det dåliga lögner. Vi är med Saeed!

* Jungs, glaube nicht, dass die Armen liegt. Wir sind mit Saeed!

Wowww ahahahahaha i'm a fucking genius!! How many languages do i know!?
Sorry guys if you don't see yours language here but be sure that i know also yours ;)

Stay safe Saeed, as you see we have to keep our eyes open too! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Iran's Turmoil Opens Rift Among Shiites Across Mideast

This could become very meaningful. It is about the theological background of the split inside the regime.

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Question, what can I, as an American do to help out without giving the appearance that my country is "meddling"? What do you need us to do?

Anonymous said...

@ Sam

post pictures of the victems as posters in your home town, make the sky green with ballons, write sympathy msg to bloggers.

stuff like that, unless things take a much nastier turn this is a fight that only involve the iranians, but as all of man, i'm sure they find strenght in the support they recive from all of us

Anonymous said...

#iran election


Mina said...


I am not able to post information on your facebook anymore so I don't know if you do not want any new informational posts. I will post this article link and I hope that you are safe. Please know we are still following you and hope for the best for everyone.

larry said...

Can someone tell me how many Iranians died during these protests?

Out of the deaths does anyone know how many died of single gun shot wound?

Anonymous said...

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