Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Iran: Highlights from Islamic Republic' election TV debate (Part 2)!

The TV debates between Islamic Republic’ presidential candidates where the Islamic Republic’ secrets were revealed, is a turning point in the regime’s escalating internal feuding and a devastating blow to its entirety. The escalation of infighting and uncovering of internal secrets of the regime have deeply worried Islamic Republic’ Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

He allowed the debates between the candidates - approved by him personally - in a bid to warm up the already boycotted sham election. This was a miscalculation and a clumsy imitation of election campaigns in other countries. For the medieval regime with no capacity for such debates, the event was a blow to its entirety before benefiting one or the other candidate.

The following are highlights from Ahmadinejad-Karoubi debate on June 6, 2009:


• I believe if Ahmadinejad had been dealt with in a wise, rational and calculated manner since he took office, the reaction from high ranking officials had not been the way it is now.

• Your central bank said that the inflation rate was about 25 percent but suddenly, two days ago you lowered it to 14 percent by using strange calculations.

• You are giving us figures as if the country is flourishing, but the experts say that unemployment rate has gone up. I must add that the experts say the opposite to all the figures he [Ahmadinejad] presented to us.

• Ahmadinejad has given a loan of 40 billions of Tomans to Mahsouli who himself is a billionaire. The relevant documents on this are available.

• The supreme audit court reports that one billion dollars has been lost. You [Ahmadinejad] said there has been a mistake but again they said no this is not the case and one billion dollars has been lost.

• You say you have visited 100 countries and they have asked for your model of governing the country. Please tell us about your model, we like to know about it... Please name 20 of those countries.


• You accepted 300 millions of Tomans [from Shahram Jazayeri….]. You are a politician. Why you did not ask him what the money was for and why he should give you that money?

• When you [Karoubi] were in charge of Martyr’s Foundation, you built jails in there and imprisoned people and they [prisoners] were beaten up… Did you have permission from Imam [Khomeini] or the head of the judiciary for this?

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